Taco Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu Launching Nationally on Monday, August 18th

On Monday, August 18th, Taco Bell will be launching a new value menu nationwide called the Dollar Cravings Menu.  There’s a nice mix of new items and some familiar favorites. There are 11 items on the menu, all for a buck.  ***UPDATE: Here’s my review of the entire menu***

Dollar Cravings Menu Taco Bell Here’s the rundown:

  • Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla: Made with marinated, all white meat shredded chicken, shredded cheese and a signature creamy chipotle sauce, grilled and melted to cheesy quesadilla perfection. This is the first Chicken Quesadilla to be on a value menu at Taco Bell.
  • Beefy Fritos Burrito: Knowing Taco Bell consumers’ love of Fritos mixed with traditional Taco Bell products, this item brings together seasoned ground beef, cilantro rice, warm nacho cheese sauce and original Fritos for crunch. (Not to be confused with the Beefy Crunch Burrito)
  • Triple Layer Nachos: Each tray of Triple Layer Nachos is made with our freshly fried nacho chips topped with our hearty beans, zesty red sauce and our ultra craveable and much beloved, warm nacho cheese sauce.  (Read GrubGrade’s Review)
  • Cheesy Roll up: Made with a heaping portion of a three cheese blend and melted to gooey cheesy perfection. (Read GrubGrade’s Review)
  • Cinnabon DelightsA perfect bite to satisfy the sweet tooth, these craveable bites of Cinnabon cinnamon and sugar on the outside and cream cheese frosting on the inside are available in a 2-pack. (Read GrubGrade’s Review)
  • Spicy Tostada: Made with hearty beans, zesty red sauce and topped with spicy creamy chipotle sauce, fresh lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese and tomatoes.
  • Beefy Mini Quesadilla: Appearing for the first time on a Taco Bell value menu, made with seasoned beef, shredded cheese and our spicy creamy chipotle sauce.
  • Cheesy Bean & Rice BurritoA hearty vegetarian option, made with cilantro rice, hearty beans, warm nacho cheese sauce and creamy jalapeno sauce.
  • Spicy Potato Soft Taco: A flavorful meatless option, made with crispy potato bites, fresh crisp lettuce, creamy chipotle sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. (Read GrubGrade’s Review)
  • Caramel Apple Empanada: A crispy golden pastry pocket filled with chunks of warm apples in creamy caramel sauce.
  • Cinnamon Twists: Crispy, puffed corn twists, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. (Read GrubGrade’s Review)

26 comments on “Taco Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu Launching Nationally on Monday, August 18th

  1. jay says:

    Yea! The return of my fav item, Triple Layer Nachos. The bean & cheese burrito sounds good. I have not tried the new rice yet. Definite overkill on the chipotle sauce. It’s on almost everything listed.

    • Monica says:

      The chipotle sauce is just to make things spicy, it’s either the chipotle sauce or green chili. It’s not a new product.

  2. Alex K. says:

    The Frito burrito they’re coming out with is a slap to the face of BCB fans. Ridiculous.

    • Bubbsy says:

      For those of you who are not Gold Members of the official Taco Bell Fan Club or have not memorized every item on the Taco Bell menu: a “BCB” must refer to a Bean & Cheese Burrito. Or maybe a Beefy Cheesy Burrito. Or a Beany Cheezy Beefarito. Or a Beef and Chicken Beanarito. Or…

      • JF says:

        I’d assume he is referring to the Beefy Crunch Burrito as that actually had Fritos in it.

        I would still love to see them make a taco shell out of Chili Cheese Fritos. I think that would put all of the DLT’s to shame.

      • Alec says:

        BCB stands for Beefy Crunch Burrito. It was similar to this “Beefy Fritos Burrito” but featured “latin rice” instead of cilantro rice and Flamin’ Hot Fritos in place of plain Fritos. It was godly.

  3. scram says:

    Glad to know this exists. When I’m constipated, instead of buying a $4 pack of Ex-Lax, I’ll just swing by the Bell and order from their $1 Cravings Menu.

    • rob says:

      You should have that checked out by a gastroenterology specialist, because the vast majority of humans can eat Taco Bell without any sort of digestive problem, it could be that you suffer from advanced stage colon cancer.

      Seriously, get it checked out ASAP, next week might be too late.

      • Elise says:

        Hahahahaha but seriously, yes. Why do people always think the TB/ diarrhea jokes are so spot-on? I’ve never gotten sick after eating it and neither has anyone I know. Unless you never ever eat fast food and then do, it generally doesn’t make people sick. Ugh.

  4. james says:

    I wonder how tiny the beefy fritos burrito will be? The beef quesarito started out priced at 1.99 and was quickly bumped up to 2.29 – I can’t imagine the BFB will last at $1 very long before becoming 1.19 or 1.29.

  5. Robert says:

    Cheesy bean and rice is back!!! Although missing fiesta salsa. Can’t wait to try most of this stuff out.

  6. Robert says:

    Although… the potato taco has replaced baja sauce with something spicier. Now the only item on the TB menu that uses baja sauce is the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. So I’m guessing its days are numbered. WAAAAAAH

  7. Sherry says:

    Two Cinnabon Delights are now a dollar but does that mean the four pack is no longer going to be offered?

  8. sandy says:

    Nice line-up for $1. I don’t get folks hate towards TB. Don’t like it? Don’t go there. SMH

  9. Sascha says:

    I’m a dollar menu type of eater, and I say, this looks good. Especially interested in the quesadillas and the tostada.

  10. Heather says:

    Really was hoping for the chili cheese burrito….love love love those things….cant wait to try out the new menu though!!

  11. Riley Martin says:

    Wait, since it isn’t listed, is the bean burrito not gonna be $.99 any more?? That would suck if they raised the price on it.

  12. Shana says:

    If onl the chipoltle sauce wasn’t disgusting

  13. Shawn Jenkings says:

    People still put this into their bodies? We really need Americans to start eating healthier. No wonder so many people are fat.

    • TJ says:

      Have you not heard of exercise? I eat at Taco Bell once or twice a month and I’m perfectly healthy, why don’t you just visit blogs you can relate to and leave us alone?

      • Jack Collins says:

        I agree with him 100%. Taco bell is the lowest of the low in terms of fast food. I can’t believe people still eat it. Is it a money problem with most people? Because you can go into a mexican restaurant and eat on the cheap.

        • Bubbsy says:

          Actually the sanitary conditions in most “cheap” Mexican restaurant kitchens is MUCH worse than any Taco Bell chain which gets at least minimal regular sanitizing and corporate/franchise oversight, inventory rotation, prep guidelines, food storage conditions, food safety of highly processed ingredients, etc.

  14. Ryan says:

    Decided to go try out both the Fritos burrito and the Mini Chicken quesadilla.

    The burrito was good. Plenty of Fritos and good beef/cheese/frito ratio. Seemed a but bigger than a loaded griller. Good value here.

    However, the quesadilla was 100% inedible. I couldn’t stand another bite to pinpoint the cause of the horrible taste; but it seemed maybe it was the chicken? I don’t know if seasoning was missed or it was an issue with this store specifically; but my first inclination after I took a bite was to spit it out before I vomited. Absolutely horrible.

  15. kylemeat says:

    Good to see some vegetarian options but damn that cheese roll up to hell.
    Bring back the cheesarito already!

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