Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell Menu Changing to Cantina Power Menu with Focus on Protein

The Cantina Bell Menu at Taco Bell is evolving into the Cantina Power Menu, launching nationally on Thursday, July 17th.  The Cantina Power Menu will focus on Bowls and Burritos high in protein.  Let’s hope there’s a quesadilla in the mix somewhere down the line too… the Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla had 43 grams of protein and I loved it.

Cantina Power Steak BurritoEach menu item has a target to contain at least 20 grams of protein and be 500 calories or less. 

Cantina Power Bowl Taco Bell

The Cantina Power Menu includes Burritos and Bowls that feature premium ingredients, including a double portion of marinated and fire-grilled all-white meat chicken or marinated and grilled USDA-select steak. The menu is layered in fresh produce like crisp romaine lettuce and Pico de Gallo, which is prepared fresh daily – plus guacamole made from real Hass avocados and classic Taco Bell flavors like real cheddar cheese and reduced fat sour cream. The Burrito is wrapped and grilled in a flour tortilla and the Bowl sits on a bed of slow-cooked black beans and premium Latin rice. Suggested pricing: the Cantina Power Burrito is $3.79 for chicken and $3.99 for steak; the Cantina Power Bowl is $4.99 for chicken and $5.19 for steak; vegetarian options are also available at $3.79 for the Burrito and $4.99 for the Bowl.

For breakfast there will be a new Power Greek Yogurt ($2.49) as well as Power Breakfast Bowls and Burritos ($2.79) in test phases in the Omaha, Nebraska market starting August 4th.   

Power Breakfast includes a Steak Bowl, Steak Burrito and great tasting Greek yogurt. In partnership with Three Happy Cows, a premium boutique brand, Taco Bell is bringing award-winning Greek yogurt, made only with natural ingredients, to customers, packed with 17 grams protein, for 240 calories, and available with the convenience of a drive-thru.

Power Breakfast Menu Taco Bell

27 comments on “Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell Menu Changing to Cantina Power Menu with Focus on Protein

  1. Manavee says:

    So, are these just being rebranded or are they actually going to be different in some way?

    • Ryan says:

      Different. They’re removing things like the corn salsa and cilantro dressing from the menu. I think to cut down on the calories/carbs some items won’t have rice or beans.

  2. Sascha says:

    So, are the vegetarian bowls and burritos still going to provide the same protein punch, and if so, with what?

  3. Robert says:

    Their breakfast menu needs help. Outside of the gimmicky waffle taco, everything else is too standard. This is Taco Bell. EVERYTHING needs a creamy sauce of some kind. Or at least fritos, which are delicious with eggs.

    I like the Cantina Bowl, but with chicken. I can’t even believe how awful their steak is compared to a few years ago.

    • TJ says:

      Their breakfast crunchwrap is decent though. Hash browns inside? Yeah that’s simple as it gets but it nonetheless works.

  4. John says:

    This protein thing is getting out of hand.

    • TJ says:

      While I agree with you to an extent, as long as it’s not obnoxiously protein-heavy I don’t see a big problem. It might be best, given how busy everyone is, to have these options when you don’t want to go cook your own steak/chicken/etc. Especially for regular fast food eaters, I don’t have the problem but I know some who go crazy for the carb-heavy stuff and also have issues with diabetes.

  5. Michael says:

    Why, no sir. I don’t like it. Cantina Bell menu was wasted potential that should’ve been rapidly expanded to offer much more. I hope they keep the current burrito on there, at least.

  6. CulinaryZerg says:

    Seems like a quiet way to scrap their failed Cantina Bell concept (and morph it some health craze they wanted to chase anyways). Remember when they hired Lorena Garcia or whomever to come up with fancy things like the corn salsa and the cilantro dressing? It ain’t for the average Taco Bell diner! If I want Chipotle I’ll got to Chipotle!

  7. Eric says:

    God yes, the Cantina Steak Quesadilla was the greatest thing ever. That needs to come back.

  8. […] today at Taco Bell, the Cantina Bell menu becomes the Cantina Power Menu with more focus on protein.  To go along with the new-look Cantina products, breakfast gets some […]

  9. Brian Morgan says:

    Loved the old Cantina veggie burrito. The rice, beans, and corn salsa really made it a warm, filling, healthy meal. The new version removes the rice, beans, and corn salsa, and replaces it all with a scoop of guac. It’s now half as big, it’s COLD (there’s nothing warm in the veggie version), costs just as much, and nowhere near as tasty.

  10. sally says:

    I just had one of the new Cantina Veggie Power Burritos – it wss disgusting and slimy. The old un-power cantina burito gave people that chose to eat a plant based diet an option – especially in areas where there is no Chipolte. There is substantial and reliable research that shows that Americans get way too much protien and fat – people disagree with this and that is fine – but it was nice to have a half way decent option for those of us that chose to eat this way. Sorry to have to say good bye to Taco Bell.

    • Eliza says:

      Amen! There’s nothing left for me at Taco Bell, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Gracie says:

        I agree! The cantina burrito was delicious and i could get two yummy meals from one. The last few times it seemed to be diminished but today it was a skimpy slimy mess-so sad!

  11. Tiffany says:

    The “power” bowl is in no way as tasty as the original cantina bowl. I ate the original, without the guacamole, as part of my meal plan. I ordered the power bowl and the chicken looked fake, lol, the beans and rice were burned. It was disgusting. I hope they bring back the original soon.

    • Truth says:

      I agree, the cilantro sauce was the only thing that differentiated TB and made it worth eating their cantina bowls. Now with that gone, it’s basic low quality junk in a bowl

  12. Kaitlin says:

    I’ve now had two of the power burritos and will say that I was so disappointed both times. The old Taco Bell chicken is back, and the beans, rice and cilantro are gone. Now it’s just a slimy mini-burrito. I didn’t finish either one.

  13. Mari says:

    I have to agree with most of the reviewers in the reply section. The ‘new’ protein power version is a disappointment. I had the veggie bowl today and requested it without dressing (as I used to), was told there isn’t any dressing on it anymore, so I asked them to leave off the cheese and went on my way. It came with a horrid mayonnaise concoction, a scoop of sour cream, guacamole, and a small amount of pico. There was about a cup of extremely mushy rice, and approximately two tablespoons of black beans. The restaurant subbed shredded iceberg lettuce because they were out of romaine. In spite of the location-specific issues, I still wouldn’t order it anywhere else. Ah well…the celiac misadventure continues.

  14. GREG says:


  15. rhonda jendro says:

    what a wonderful delicious salad the cantina bowl was. I would go their quite often for it. what they have replaced it with is just plain bad food that certainly won’t bring in any new customers and sadly this customer will not be traveling there any more either. so disappointed to not have that anymore.

  16. chuckdynasty says:

    The Cantina Bell Veggi Burrito now sucks. It was the only thing I’d but at Taco Bell. No more Taco Bell for me.

  17. seaweede says:

    As a vegetarian with few fast food options, I totally LOVED the veggie cantina bowl. It had a great balanced mix of lettuce, rice and beans and I loved the cilantro dressing. I just had one the other day and what a disappointment! It had about a handful of rice, about 10 beans (serously), A little bit of lettuce and some scrappy sour cream. Horrible! You messed up a good thing taco bell! Or at least give us the option to go “diet” or not. No more taco bell for me.

  18. Doris says:

    What a disappointment. I have not ordered the cantina bowl in several months and was very disappointed when I ordered it today. I am lactose intolerant. It was great to be able to get the cantina bowl with the protein (my doctors have told me to eat plenty of due to health issues), some fiber (I also need) and no cheese or sour cream. So now it has sour cream and very little beans. And where is the corn salsa? Not happy and very disappointed!

  19. Em says:

    I used to get the veggie Cantina Bell Burrito (hold the cilantro cream sauce)a couple of times a week. It was my all-time favorite fast food item because it was super low in cholesterol and very tasty.

    Then they replaced it with the new cantina ‘power’ burrito, which has cheese and ranch (which I ask them to hold). It wasn’t tasty at all and was much smaller than the Cantina Bell burrito. I got it once, was very disappointed, then switched to getting two fresco bean burritos, but they just didn’t do it for me.

    So I stopped going to Taco Bell. I go to Subway now and get a veggie delite or a veggie patty sub instead. Not as good as the Cantina Bell burrito, but not bad.

    Hopefully Taco Bell will bring back the Cantina Bell (not ‘Power’) menu soon. I know a few other people who watch their cholesterol closely who stopped going to Taco Bell when they took it off the menu.

    Also, the new name is really dumb. Laughable. “Power?” …for a burrito that clogs your arteries and takes away your virility and vitality? Really? must have been named by some marketing gurus who don’t know much about nutrition.

  20. Sue says:

    Terribly disappointed to find the cantina burrito didn’t have rice in it. Will be passing on Taco Bell unless they put the rice back in the cantina burritos

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