Taco Bell Quesarito Coming Monday

The L.A. Times is reporting that Taco Bell is “officially adding the Quesarito, a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, to its menu Monday.”  Back in January we broke news about the Quesarito and how it was a test market item in Oklahoma City.  There’s a Breakfast Quesarito that showed up four months later so that might be on the horizon too.  We’ll keep you posted.  According to the L.A. Times article the “suggested retail price for the quesarito is $1.99 for seasoned beef (650 calories; 34 grams total fat), $2.79 for shredded chicken (620 calories; 30g total fat) and $2.99 for steak (640 calories; 31g total fat).”

Quesarito Taco Bell

7 comments on “Taco Bell Quesarito Coming Monday

  1. Chuck says:

    Isn’t this the same stuff all wrapped together anyhow? Whether it be ravioli, stuffed shells, etc for italian or burritos, enchiladas , tacos etc for mexican?!? … not complaining, just saying, maybe a little different with the corn shell or flour shell but its pretty much very similar. just differernt shapes/sizes!

  2. Jon says:

    Didn’t take any pics but the Taco Bells around Jacksonville, FL have been serving these since last Monday. Although the franchises may be gouging because the beef version is $2.29.

  3. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Sadly, this is also the end of the choli cheese burritos and cc grillers 🙁 at least at our Taco Bell here in Ohio. They said they don’t make chili so when their supplier stopped sending they stopped selling. They said some Taco Bells do make the chili so have to find out if it’s a corporate franchise thing or what

  4. Alex K. says:

    Beefy crunch burrito, where art thou?

  5. CB says:

    Isn’t this just a beefy 5 layer burrito?

  6. Jessica says:

    Don’t know if you’ve posted about this or not, but the typhoon freeze is gone at taco bell, but now they have a dr. Pepper vanilla freeze. It’s awesome.

  7. alan rodriguez says:

    taco bell has rn oit of ideas.. il stik to th xxl taco..

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