Subway Offering Gingerbread Cookies for a Limited Time

For the holiday season, Subway is once again offering freshly baked Gingerbread Cookies.  Suggested price $0.65 or three for $1.70.

Our delicious sandwiches are even better when paired with the perfect side, a drink and a little something extra. Don’t miss our delicious Gingerbread cookies this holiday season for a special treat from SUBWAY®!

Gingerbread Cookies Subway

3 comments on “Subway Offering Gingerbread Cookies for a Limited Time

  1. popwar says:

    I had these a few weeks ago, really good

  2. Stephanie S says:

    I tried one a few days ago. It was really good Just the right amount of “spice” and soft and chewy.

  3. john says:

    Subway should drop the footlongs and get into the cookie Bizz 😛

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