Subway Introduces Simple $6 Menus and Brings Back Big Hot Pastrami Melt

Subway has a new combo meal promotion called the Simple $6 Menu.  The Simple $6 Menu is your choice of 6 six-inch subs, a bag of chips and a 21oz fountain drink for $6.  Your choices of sub are the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Italian B.M.T., Turkey Breast, Tuna, Meatball Marinara and Black Forest Ham.

Subway Simple $6 Menu

Also back for a limited time and currently featured at Subway is the Big Hot Pastrami Melt.  The sandwich is described as a “monument to flavor loaded with cuts of dry-rubbed, pepper-crusted beef and melted cheese on freshly baked bread.”

Pastrami Melt Subway


6 comments on “Subway Introduces Simple $6 Menus and Brings Back Big Hot Pastrami Melt

  1. Robert says:

    Let me get this straight. They used to have $5 footlongs. Now you pay $6 for a six inch sub combo. They call it the simple menu. Well I won’t be ordering it, simple as that.

  2. Elise P. says:

    I get “junk mail” coupons from Subway all the time with coupons for a $5 6″ “fresh value” meal which seems to be the same thing, maybe even a bigger pop, excludes “premium and supreme” subs, whatever that means. Also this time there were coupons for a $7 footlong combo meal.
    I never eat at Subway unless I have a coupon and am desperate anyway, I always feel like it’s a rip off.

  3. Simon says:

    They still have $5 foot longs.

  4. Jay Melo says:

    Subway is desperate to make us forget about $5 Footlongs. It’s case of that deal being too successful. Now they are trying to convince us that half as much sandwich for more money is just as good because they throw in some ‘extras’. In Oct I got a footlong meatball and a BLT for $5 each. I think is was a monthly special. You can still get a deal if you ask what is on special and watch the monthly deals on their website.

  5. Ray says:

    Subway sucks. Do they even put on 4ozs of meat on the sub?

  6. Meaty Mike says:

    I’ll put more than 4 ounces of meat in your sub!

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