Pretzel Crust Pizza Coming to Little Caesars on September 1st

The Soft Crust Pretzel Pepperoni Pizza is Coming to Little Caesars on Monday, September 1st.  Priced at $6 as part of the Hot-N-Ready carryout special between 4-8pm. This pepperoni pretzel crust pizza features a salted and buttered soft pretzel crust with a cheddar cheese sauce base and topped with a cheese blend that includes Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan and White Cheddar.

Pretzel Crust Little Caesars

31 comments on “Pretzel Crust Pizza Coming to Little Caesars on September 1st

  1. Andi says:

    This will either be the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever, but I am surely gonna be grabbing one.

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  3. Greg says:

    This was a test item in East Kentucky last year. IMO much better than other Little Ceasars offerings.

  4. Scrape says:

    Strangely, my local Little Caesars puts out a better pie than Papa Johns and absolutely demolishes Pizza Hut’s grease wheels. And they are dirt cheap. That Deep Deep Dish thing they got is excellent for a chain pie. They make the dough fresh in the store, too. Why can the other big guys do that? (looking in your direction Hut).
    I, too, will be putting a trying on this.

    • Thistle says:

      Their deep dish pizza really is good. I’ve grown to love their crazy bread with the butter garlic dipping sauce, too. I’ll be trying out this new crust sometime.

  5. TJ says:

    It’s kind of hard to not give it a shot for fast pizza at that price. Convenience isn’t the worst thing once in a while.

  6. scram says:

    Little Caesar’s is a great alternative when I’m too lazy to reheat my own crappy frozen pizza.

  7. Pretz Lme says:

    Is this going to be available in Canada?


  8. Sascha says:

    You had me until cheddar cheese sauce base. Not sure if I’d like that.

  9. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Since they make the most horrible pizza on earth anyway, this could only make it better. In their defense their pizza is like $5 so you really can’t expect greatness at those prices.

    • Sascha says:

      Most horrible pizza on earth? They still make their own dough fresh and use a very good mozzarella/muenster cheese mix. Obviously, Little Caesar’s pizza isn’t noteworthy, but of the national brands, it easily beats Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s. I do like Hungry Howies more, but LC is a solid #2, and the Hot ‘n Ready has become a great promotion for them.

      • Justin ST says:

        So, what do you do at Little Caesar’s, Sascha?

        • Bubbsy says:

          Tin foil, dude. Tin foil.

        • Sascha says:

          What do I do at Little Caesar’s? Well, once every two months or so, when the family is in need of a quick take home dinner, I tend to enter a Little Caesar’s, order a 3 Meat Hot ‘n Ready and an Italian Cheese Bread, and then I exit the Little Caesar’s.

          Why do you ask?

  10. Daniel says:

    Little caesars pep pizza is better than all the other chains normal pep pizza. I found my Labor Day supper and can’t wait. It amazing at how little caesars costs have the price of other chains and is so much better. I don’t understand how papa johns can charge such a premimum for the crap they serve.

    • m says:

      One of my friends used to work at a Papa John’s & he said they use a really expensive cheese. It’s the only thing I liked on their pizzas & everything else was subpar.

      • Daniel says:

        I’ve never had a papa johns pizza that has any amount of cheese. There pizza is 65% crust 15% sauce, 15% topping and if you are lucky 5% cheese. That’s been my experience with Papa Johns in three different states and multiple locations within those states.

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  12. Ray says:

    LC is on the bottom of the totem pole, even below dominos. I won’t papa john’s just because the owner is a greedy douche. I do like pizza hut’s meat lovers pan pizza tho. Guess i’m weird. Lol

  13. CB says:

    It is out at my local little cesars in SE Michigan so i grabbed one tonight. Very solid for $6. The cheese sauce instead of tomato sauce worked great. I give it a 8/10 and recommend everyone tries it. Also you cannot compare LC to any other pizza chain because no one can compete with their prices. You know what you are getting when you get their pizza but what do you expect for $5? If you want something that tastes great you won’t be getting pizza at LC.

    • Daniel says:

      I have to disagree about not getting great pizza at lc. Lc. Has the best pepperoni pizza for a chain. Pizza huts specialty pizza like stuffed crust and cheesy bites does take the top spot but not their normal pizzas.

    • rodney says:

      Even for five bucks their pizzas aren’t very good, it’s serviceable for the price sometimes, but they have a really short shelf life. If you don’t eat it right away, after about 15 or 20 minutes, it’s almost inedible. Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake usually has coupons for a large 7 dollar pepperoni, that’s only two dollars more, and they’re a thousand times better, blows all the pizza chains I’ve had out of the water.

      • Sascha says:

        I do agree with you on the shelf life. It’s odd. A fresh LC pizza is wonderful, great cheese and good toppings and decent enough crust, but after about 20 minutes, you really labor with it. I do have the added benefit of a NuWave Oven at home, and 2 minutes in there brings a slice back to better than fresh out of the oven.

        • CB says:

          I actually heated up the pretzel pizza in a normal oven today and it surprisingly turned out great. 350 for 10ish minutes. Will be getting one of these again real soon!

      • MP says:

        Papa Murphy’s is great. They don’t skimp on the toppings & the dough always tastes fresh. Easily hands down my favorite pizza chain. The only sad thing is many of them closed down in my state & couldn’t compete with all the other pizza joints. What a shame. The Taco pizza was a thing of beauty.

  14. Elise says:

    In geenral, I’d rather have no pizza than have Little Squeezers. Free pizza in the break room? Great! It’s Little Caesars? Pass. But this actually sounds good… really good. I am suspicious.

  15. sandy says:

    I actually really like their $8 deep dish pizza. It’s bready but I top it with hot gardiniere, put a little more shredded mozz on and pop it into the toaster oven. Delish!

  16. Daniel says:

    I tried it tonight. I loved the cheese sauce and the extra cheeses. The salty pretzel crust really didn’t work for me. It would have been great on a normal crust.

  17. Daniel says:

    Btw I got a response from little caesars that it has 270 calories per slice.

  18. Lucy says:

    Tried it today and must say, to my surprise, it was delicious with one exception…I could do without the salt on the crust edge. After removing the salt, it was great. Probably their best pie. Will try to order without the salt next time.

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