Pizza Hut’s Interactive Table Concept

Take a look at this interactive table concept from Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon Studios where you can place your dine-in pizza order.  This could be something we’ll be seeing in restaurants some day.  Thanks to GrubGrade reader Dustin for sending me the video.

Pizza Hut Table Interactive Table Menu Concept

With the help of our friends at Chaotic Moon Studios, we’re taking a look at an interactive concept table that could be the future of the Pizza Hut dine-in ordering experience. Check it out.

18 comments on “Pizza Hut’s Interactive Table Concept

  1. Manavee says:

    Will there be a non-frozen dough and real cheese icon for me to touch?

  2. Roger C. says:

    Pipe dream that will get destroyed in the first day if it were ever implemented. Just make people use their own phones. When the thugs/hooligans break it, it will get extremely expensive.

  3. MP says:

    Oh, they finally converted all those old Pacman c0cktail arcade tables?

  4. That Guy says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to order you food the traditional way? Going up to the counter and saying “I’d like a large pizza with half pepperoni and half peppers” would be a lot quicker than going through all that. Waste of technology if you ask me.

  5. Dustin says:

    Thanks for posting, Ryan! I think this is a great idea. Not only does this concept make things hands-on when ordering your meals, it also offers a fun thing to do while you wait for your meal to be cooked. Great concept! Maybe, like a new menu item, they will test this in select test locations before making it national. I don’t see it breaking easily, because, we see sturdy glass tables out now that hold up pretty well. This would just add interactivity to your meal.

    • Roger C. says:

      A brilliant idea that will be an absolute disaster out in the real world, you mean? This thing will need to survive hits from a sledgehammer unscathed before any restaurant dare installs it. Even then, it’s just ridiculously pointless in this age of smart phones. It’s not worth the expenditure.

      • Bubbsy says:

        I don’t know why it would need to survive hits from a sledgehammer… I imagine you would think the same thing about ATM touchscreens or gift registries or WalMart self-checkout touchscreens, no? I would think the animals you speak of would be more likely to vandalize/abuse an unsupervised ATM touchscreen, but they hold up just fine.
        Also, sure it’s a gimmick but I don’t see why it’s “ridiculously pointless” in the “age of smartphones”, only about half of us have a smartphone, the interface is much nicer on the touchscreen table and you don’t have to worry about your phone’s connectivity issues, battery life, and all that.

        • Roger C. says:

          Let’s be honest, this is never going to happen. It’s one of those things that look great, like in a movie, but in real life is just stupid.

  6. Jon says:

    Hasn’t Pizza Hut been shuttering free-standing dine-in locations in favor of in-line delivery/carryour stores for years? What’s the point of tgis?

  7. BigBelly says:

    close to making your own pie? why, because you’re touching a picture???
    that’s hilarious LOL

  8. missouri says:

    Wow. I didn’t know people actually still dined in at the hut.

  9. Jeff in Middletucky says:

    So people still go out and sit down at dine in Pizza Huts and order stuff and have it brought out to their table? There are still Pizza Hut sit-down establishments? Who knew? (Cool tech, by the by.)

  10. Jonathan Wayne says:

    By the time you were done screwing around with this I would have gotten my fresh custom made pizza from Pie Five and be halfway home.

  11. Andre says:

    Overkill. Restaurants keep trying to reinvent the ordering process.

  12. Manavee says:

    By the way, that dude is so going to get some action when they get home. I mean, he took his girl to Pizza Hut. I bet he didn’t even make her go Dutch.

  13. Adrian says:

    all people know the itables from LTi worldwide, for ordering pizza and pasta with menu, please see in action:

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