Norway Lobster Bites at Long John Silver’s Return with a New Recipe

Long John Silver’s offered Lobster Bites some years back and they are back and they are “new”.  Real Norway Lobster Bites are made from 100% Norway Lobster tail and follow a different recipe with a new buttery breading.  Sweet lobster tail packaging.

Lobster Bites Long John Silvers

Just in time for “Seafood Season”, we’re bringing back one of our favorites that hasn’t been seen since 2009! Let your taste buds dive into Norway Lobster Bites – succulent, juicy chunks of 100% Real Norway Lobster Tail, wild caught in the deep waters off the shores of Northern Ireland. Our Norway Lobster Bites are hand-shelled and cooked up in a tasty, light breading with the perfect, buttery crunch. Best of all, they’re sustainable and all-natural – no additives here! Grab these poppable pieces of deliciousness while you can!

19 comments on “Norway Lobster Bites at Long John Silver’s Return with a New Recipe

  1. Justin ST says:

    Norway lobster is just another name for Langoustino Lobster. Nice try Long John’s. Nice try.

    • D.A. says:

      I tried the lobster bites today, in Largo, FL. Price was $4.99, and approximately 20 to 30 small battered bites in a lobster tail shaped box. Norway lobster was listed on the box, not the out front on advertisements. They are not bad tasting, but I will say they don’t taste like lobster, more like strong shrimp, and texture of bites are like shrimp. My opinion is that they are not worth the lobster price as marketed. Only my opinion, and better judged by yourself, when you have the $4.99, if it interests you.

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Just had them and holy crap these are a ripoff. Stay away.$4 for barely any food, with a combination of some big bites and some really small ones almost to the point where they are just batter. The box is tapered to look like a lobster tail which may be attractive, but however it is really a nice way for them to give you less food. This should really be about $2.50, no more than that.

  3. Robert says:

    It is another name for Langoustine Lobster(a true lobster) not Langoustino (which is not a true lobster, more of a crab).

  4. Bubbsy says:

    Well…. almost. Norway lobster is another name for Langoustine which is a true lobster.

    You may be confusing this with the “Langostino”, or squat lobster, which is not an actual lobster.

    But nice try JustinST. Nice try.

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      I am sorry a Norway Lobster is more of a giant shrimp, closer to a prawn if anything. I would equate a comparison to real lobster much the same way you would compare a Geo Metro to a Mercedes Benz S Class, technically they are both cars, that’s about it. Kevin Hart and Lebron are both men, but if you have a basketball game, guess who you are going to pick for your team, not Kevin.

      • Bubbsy says:

        No, you’re wrong. Langoustine is a “real” lobster. You may be thinking of langostino. The langoustine lobster (or Norway lobster) is smaller and has narrower claws, but it is a “real” lobster. The tail meat is every bit as succulent and even sweeter than whatever other lobster you are thinking of. I understand you aren’t familiar with varieties of lobster other than what you might get at Red Lobster, but your comparisons don’t apply. It wouldn’t be like comparing a Geo to a Mercedes… it would be more like comparing a compact Mercedes to a full size Mercedes, but even that is a flawed comparison.

        • Justin ST says:

          I’m guessing you’re a Long John Silver’s rep, judging from your carefully calculated response to my post. Ok, I get it, LJS did switch to langoustine lobster. Langostino, langoustine, whatever the case, it’s not Maine Lobster, which is what you want most people to think of. It’s still really cheap lobster in the end.

          • Bubbsy says:

            Sooo… what you’re carrying on about now is that the fried lobster bites served in a cardboard sleeve at LJS is an inexpensive variety of lobster?

            I suppose the next thing you’re gonna declare is Burger King burgers are not Wagyu beef.

            I am pleased, however, that my response impressed you as being “carefully calculated” and you have me pegged as a secret marketing agent.

          • Tv says:

            Help me out here son. If they were trying to make you think this is Maine lobster…how could they have accomplished that by calling it Norway lobster?

            Btw, they tricked me into thinking this would be a quality product last time. Unfortunately, they Sucked then, as they probably do now. Never again!

        • Justin ST says:

          I’m not stupid.

          • Bubbsy says:

            I don’t think anybody implied you are. Nothing personal. It’s just fast food banter.

        • Jonathan Wayne says:

          Yep, you work for Long John Silver’s. Only someone as sad as a LJS employee would come on here and defend this to death and try to act like a lobster snob.

          • Bubbsy says:

            First of all – take your pants off of your head, that’s not where they go. Second – you’re being the “lobster snob”, clearly. Third – Please stop pointing out that I am an LJS representative, if I am unmasked they won’t give me my commission and they’ll take away my company car. ….Incidentally – what is it that I am defending – the lowly langoustine? It’s a tough little melonfarmer, it can defend itself.

          • Sascha says:

            Lobster snob? It was you and Justin who wanted to point at these are not lobster, all Bubbsy did was correct you. I’d say you two are the snobs, and wrong.

  5. Justin ST says:

    Just had them last night too. A minor improvement from last year, but Jonathan Wayne said it all.

  6. Esther says:

    Fast food and lobster is not a combination I can get behind

  7. Sascha says:

    I’m sure LJS got called out for calling them Langostino lobster bites before, and it makes sense to change it to Norway, if indeed they are using Langoustine. But, no matter what they’re called, I recall them being quite delicious, so I’m thinking a trip to Long John’s might be in the cards sometime soon.

  8. doctorx0079 says:

    If they are anything at all like the old ones, they are ridiculous little batter balls that will have you shouting “WHERE’S THE LOBSTER??” In other words overpriced hush puppies. Until these are as meaty as the fish fillets this gets a big PASS.

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