New Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s

New at Papa John’s, Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza… featuring “sweet chili sauce, breaded all-white chicken, pineapple, fresh sliced onions and red peppers, mozzarella cheese all served on our fresh hand tossed crust.” Promo priced at $12 for a large.  Available for a limited time.

Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza Papa John

4 comments on “New Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s

  1. Bojangles says:

    The sauce is really sweet… almost too sweet.

  2. Sascha says:

    On a tastier note, Firehouse is offering a Thai chili pork sub.

  3. Darrell Martinsen says:

    How much heat is there though? I want to try this but not if it’s too spicy.

  4. johny says:

    I got it with grilled chicken. This sauce is awesome! Papa Johns should have that sauce as a choice on the build your own.

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