New Sriracha Chicken Sliders from White Castle

Coming soon to White Castle are new Sriracha Chicken Sliders.  Sriracha has been trending a bit over the last year or so appearing in such items as Red Robin’s Berserker Burger, the Sriracha Beef at Firehouse Subs, Subway’s Sriracha Chicken Melt and the Sriracha Shrimp at Panda Express.  The Sriracha Chicken Sliders at White Castle feature Sriracha-breaded chicken.

Sriracha Chicken Sliders White Castle

  • Sriracha Chicken Slider: Our delicious Chicken Slider with Sriracha breading topped with a zesty Chipotle mayo to give you twice the spice.
  • Ultimate Sriracha Chicken Slider: Our Sriracha Chicken Slider plus spicy Jalapeño cheese and crunchy Jalapeño crisps are sure to add a little kick to your craving.

6 comments on “New Sriracha Chicken Sliders from White Castle

  1. shthar says:

    Jumped the shark.

  2. Mike says:

    This Sriracha trend is eventually going to kick the bucket and they will be another sauce on the grocery store shelves. Hoping they don’t try to expand too fast and run out of customers when the next trendy condiment comes along because I really enjoyed this before it was being put on fast food items nation-wide.

  3. Kevin D says:

    Red Rooster bottled Sriracha is my go-to condiment for mostly everything. I love the concepts, but understand most fast-food outlets will have weak execution of my favorite condiment. Maybe I”ll use these concepts to create recipes for home?

    Home made Sriracha Chicken Sliders anyone?


  4. Robert says:


  5. CB says:

    These look great. Can’t wait to try!

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