New Shakes at Sonic Including Chocolate Covered Jalapeño

SONIC is bringing back the Summer of Shakes for a second year. You might remember last year’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Shake getting headlines and there are three new flavors for 2014, including one big attention-grabber. The three new featured shakes are OREO Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Covered Jalapeño. There are 22 other flavors and they’ll be half price after 8 p.m. all summer long beginning April 28th.

Chocolate Jalapeno Shake Sonic

Creative combinations are what SONIC does best, like the new OREO Peanut Butter Shake made with the world’s favorite cookie and smooth peanut butter. Spicy fans may dare to try the Chocolate Covered Jalapeño Shake, which mixes Real Ice Cream with rich chocolate sauce and spicy jalapeño. Trendy foodies will love the Salted Caramel Shake – a sweet and salty combination with a gourmet twist.

8 comments on “New Shakes at Sonic Including Chocolate Covered Jalapeño

  1. ahecht says:

    I love how adding salt is now a “gourmet twist”.

  2. Joe Cool says:

    Is there anyone that wants japs in their milkshake? Anyone? Sounds awful.

  3. Jimmy James says:

    Too bad there isn’t a Sonic anywhere near me, because that Chocolate/Jalapeno shake sounds…intriguing (and delicious). I would love to hear Dubba’s thoughts on this (heh heh).

  4. MP says:

    Gross. It looks like a glass of Thousand Island dressing.

  5. Brit says:

    I’ve tried the caramel brownie master blast which used salted caramel. Loved it! Sure the shake will be good too

  6. thehottoddy23 says:

    The ultimate gimmick. Sonic’s shakes are good but I’d pass on this one. It definitely looks like a glass of 1000 island dressing! I bet sales aren’t too great with this one but it will get people’s attention none the less.

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