New Philly Cheesesteak Pizza from Papa John’s

Last year we reviewed the Steak & Cheese Pizza from Papa John’s and this year there’s a new Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.  Is this a case of rebranding or a different pizza?  Thankfully, it’s a brand new pizza.  The Philly Cheesesteak Pizza features “hand-tossed pizza crust layered with creamy garlic sauce, steak from the Original Philly Cheesesteak Company, fresh onions and green peppers, then covered with mozzarella and provolone cheese.”  A large is priced at $12.

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Papa John'sAlso new from Papa John’s is the $6 Red Kettle Cookie.  This family-size cookie is served warm and features chocolate chips, red candy-coated chocolate pieces.  A portion of the proceeds go to The Salvation Army.

Red Kettle Cookie

13 comments on “New Philly Cheesesteak Pizza from Papa John’s

  1. DuhMe says:

    I love Domino’s version because it doesn’t include garlic or garlic sauce. I wouldn’t mind trying this but the local PJ’s here just raised their prices yet again and they are a good bit above Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s price points now even with coupons. Don’t know how they stay open here since we never have the 50% off deals due to having no sports teams to promote.

  2. Alex K. says:

    Papa John’s is the worst. Two things:

    A Philly Cheesesteak pizza isn’t new or innovative. Second, making your chocolate chips red doesn’t make for an original menu item.

    I’d sooner eat DiGiorno.

    • Alex K. says:

      Just noticed that part of the money for the cookie goes to the Salvation Army, so that counts for something.

      • DuhMe says:

        Apparently it’s 50 cents per cookie up to $300,000. Those are normally $5 here so $1 extra for non named M&M’s in addition to the chocolate chips and accounting for donating 50 cents from the extra $1 upcharge too.

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        It sure does, the massive six to seven figure salaries of the people that run it.

        • Alex K. says:

          Hm. Too bad the CEO of Salvation Army makes nowhere near that a year you ignorant troll.

          • Roger says:

            “…the current National Commander of the Salvation Army (since 2010) is William A. Roberts. …according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Roberts’ last reported total annual compensation was $126,920, much higher than the $13,000 reported above.”

          • Jonathan Wayne says:

            My suggestion Alex before you call people ignorant and put your foot in your mouth, you take 5 seconds to do a little thing called research like Roger did. The little differences between someone that is educated and someone that is not.

          • Alex K. says:

            126k is seven figures? Silly me.

            And no one ever said he made 13,000. Whoever believed that was gullible as hell.

          • King says:

            Alex he said “5 or 6 figure” 126K is six figures son. Read better before you try to troll son.

  3. If you went to Philly and asked for peppers and creamy garlic sauce on your cheesesteak, Tony and Mario would throw you right out.

    • Farfner says:

      Whatever… The best steak sandwich you can have is thinly sliced ribeye, cheese whiz, peppers, onions, and portobello mushrooms. I agree… No need for any type of sauce. Where I live, there is a lunch shop that makes the sandwich I described. It is one of the best sandwiches I ever had.

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