New Pepsi True, First Taste

Introducing Pepsi True, the latest Pepsi recipe made with no artificial sweeteners.  Pepsi True currently comes in 7.5 oz cans, clocking in at 60 calories.  With no artificial sweeteners, the drink uses a combo of real sugar and stevia leaf extract… yup, no high fructose corn syrup here.

Pepsi TrueI found Pepsi True to be reminiscent of the original Pepsi flavor, but it’s very obvious that the HFCS is gone.  There’s no caramel-sugary qualities to coat your mouth like a traditional soda (btw it’s got 30% less sugar than regular Pepsi).  The result of this is a cleaner tasting Pepsi product.  Also unlike most diet sodas, Pepsi True manages to keep that chemical taste away with the use of natural sweeteners.

Pepsi True 2What’s your interest level at with using natural sweeteners in soda?  Do you avoid sodas that currently contain HFCS?  Right now Pepsi True looks to only be available on Amazon, but keep an eye out for wider availability in the future.

23 comments on “New Pepsi True, First Taste

  1. M Shelton says:

    Ordered my case on Sunday and should be here tomorrow. Been looking forward to this (and Coke Life whenever it gets to Seattle)

  2. Will. B says:

    I’m curious, did they somehow manage to avoid the Stevia aftertaste that seems to plague everything I’ve tried with it?

  3. Christina says:

    I like their “10” products and have been hoping they’d come out with a cola in that line. This sounds like a step in the right direction. I’m a Coke lover, but I may have to switch if I can cut my calories in half.

  4. Scrape says:

    I’ll give it a shot if I see it. I always get the Pepsi with the natural sugar to avoid the HFCS…and it tastes better. It used to be called “Throwback”, but now it is a regular Pepsi product…and they also make other flavors. Wild Cherry and Mt. Dew…and perhaps others.

  5. Stephen K. says:

    I would try this. I’ve tried the recent limited edition cans of Pepsi with Real Sugar (maybe it is unlimited in glass bottles… at any rate, there’s always ‘Mexican’ Pepsi as an alternative). I don’t want HFCS. I definitely don’t want diet sweeteners. Hey, this is still an unhealthy cola, but I would be more likely to grab this. Funny, because colas with real sugar have been available for years at health food stores. I don’t know why I get excited by Coke and Pepsi doing the same thing. Probably just nostalgia. Either they had real sugar when I started drinking them in the 70’s, or else they didn’t, and I just want to see how it might have tasted in the old days. Honestly, now that I think about it, how IS this a big deal when the health food stores have had natural colas for ages?

  6. Forte says:

    Works out to ~100 calories for an actual 12oz serving, which is 2/3 as many as regular Pepsi. Pepsi Next has 60 per 12oz serving, and tastes terrible. Then again, regular Pepsi isn’t all that great anyhow. I’ll stick to Coke Zero and TaB.

  7. Dan says:

    Pepsi True just became available on Amazon:

    • M Shelton says:

      It’s been available to order since at least Sunday. My package of it arrived from Amazon today. Warm, it was pretty tasty. Should be even better chilled. Only the very, very last sip from the can had the Stevia aftertaste. Otherwise, it tasted like classic Pepsi.

  8. Al says:

    That sounds interesting, but I’ve always been a coke guy. I don’t drink much soda anymore (beer is better for you anyways), but when I do pick up some soda, I look for cane sugar instead of HFCS on the ingredient label. Cane sugar sodas just taste a lot more pleasant to me and they don’t leave behind the cloying aftertaste that HFCS sodas do (that’s been the case for me at least). It’s sad that soda companies use HFCS instead of cane sugar (probably to keep costs down I assume). Oh well.

  9. rob says:

    It’s not a diet soda, it’s a soda that makes you a little less fat than the regular soda.

  10. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Sounds okay, willing to give it a shot.

  11. Riley Martin says:

    I’m still waiting for pepsi perfect.

  12. PeterInSantaRosa says:

    In my market, Pepsi has both HFCS versions as well as “Real Sugar” versions made with cane sugar. Priced the same. I always go the “Real Sugar” route, I just think it tastes better. I have tried and tried to like Stevia, but it is just not happening for me.

    I wonder if the reason “Real Sugar” is making a re-entrance is the high cost of corn (and ultimately HFCS?) since it is used for feed (and drought has caused to cost of commodities to rise, a LOT), and by LAW for ethanol.

    • Mel says:

      Unfortunately, although it says “Sugar”, whenever a label does not specify “PURE CANE Sugar” then it is actually “GMO Beet Sugar” which is a cheap alternative and inferior in taste to the real thing.

      If a product is truly made with pure cane sugar, then it must say “PURE CANE” on the ingredients label.
      If it does not say “PURE CANE” then you will know it is just “Genetically Modified Beet Sugar”.

      I am allergic to beets so I have to pay close attention to this deceptive labeling.

      “GMO Beet Sugar” is what Pepsi used in its “Throwback” sodas too.

      Pretty much, if something just says “Sugar” or “Real Sugar” then it is really “GMO Beet Sugar”.

  13. scram says:

    I love Pepsi and will definitely try this. I’d rather drink toilet water than take a drink of Coke–yuck.

  14. Robert says:

    They’ve done numerous blind-taste tests and you’re a lying fool if you can notice a significant difference between the taste and/or mouth-feel of sugar-versus-HFCS sodas. The only reason your brain thinks there is a “definite” difference is because you’ve made that decision already in your mind. God, I wish you dullards would stop parroting such nonsense.

  15. stevenp says:

    “Traditional” sodas all had sugar. HFCS is common in “modern” sodas. Heck, the big boys didn’t start using it in their sodas until I was out of college.

  16. This is the best tasting low sugar Pepsi I have had . Please continue to make and get it out here in San Antonio Texas.

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