New Kung Pao Pulled Pork from Subway

Subway is currently featuring new subs in limited markets and while the DC Metro area has The Mediterranean Collection, other areas have Kung Pao Pulled Pork.  This spicy sub features “shredded pork marinated in a savory blend of garlic and ginger”.  What sub is your local Subway featuring?  Leave a comment with what your Subway is offering and make sure to mention your market area.

Kung Pao Pulled Pork Subway

19 comments on “New Kung Pao Pulled Pork from Subway

  1. mike says:

    Creamy thai chicken in NYC

  2. Zack says:

    We’ve got the Kung Pao here in Seattle. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

  3. Mikey Adams says:

    Who would actually eat this? Does anyone go to Subway? There are so many other options out there like Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, Witch Which, Potbelly etc. I can’t believe people actually still go to Subways and eat trash like this!

    • Chunkbunny says:

      No, no one goes to Subway. They just own thousands of locations for the fun of it. They are second only to McDonald’s so they obviously aren’t selling anything, right?

    • rodney says:

      Who would eat a pulled pork sandwich? That seems like an odd question, but I’m in the south where that’s really popular, so maybe it’s a regional thing. Out of the places you mentioned,(no Potbelly here, so no opinion on that one) the only one I find better than Subway is Jersey Mike’s, but not better to the tune of 4 to 6 dollars more a sub. Although, I would agree that Subway’s roasted chicken sandwich went down hill several years back, they switched from a pretty decent piece of chicken to a rubbery piece with fake grill marks. Other than that, it’s just deli meat, pretty tasty really.

    • Sascha says:

      Here’s a simple answer, Mikey. Subway is, obviously, way better than any of the other places you mentioned.

      The places you mentioned totaled about $2 billion in sales last year, Subway did six times that all by themselves. Obviously, that makes them a superior product.


    • Amanda says:

      Every time they talk about a new Subway product here on Grub Grade there’s someone in the comments saying some version of your exact same message. It’s really very tiring.
      I live someplace where none of the joints you mentioned are available, period. Not even within a hundred miles of me. We have a couple local sub shops, which are fine, and I enjoy them and do go there often when I want a sandwich. But, none of them change up their menus or have special promotions the way that Subway does, so sometimes I do like to go to Subway and try out something new. It’s also convenient, they have more expanded hours then most sub joints and since I work an overnight shift it’s nice to get a sub for “dinner” at 7am when I get off work.
      I just don’t understand all the Subway hate. Okay, you don’t like it, good enough. But what do you people do? Do you just watch food blogs like hawks hoping to god someone will post something about Subway so you can swoop in and let everybody know your opinion?
      For gods sake this is a fast food news and review website. Of course more then half of what is posted here is probably horrible for you and not made of the highest quality ingredients, but dare I say that’s part of the enjoyment of fast food anyway? If I’m getting a meal while sitting in a car, have ordered it through a staticy speaker from an apathetic 20-something, and it comes to me in a paper bag with napkins and a diabetes sized drink I really don’t think the words ‘this is a nutritious meal’ are going through my head.
      So, just can it.

  4. Kyle Kalman says:

    Yes, Mikey because people like something different than you, it must be trash. You are an idiot. Just my opinion though.

  5. Haytham says:

    I just got back from subway and they didn’t have that in the menu

  6. Kyle Kalman says:

    Sorry… I am a judgmental tool. I am a terrible excuse of a human being.

  7. Lisa E says:

    I have tried the kung pao pulled pork & really liked it. I’m just frustrated that I can’t find nutritional info for it on the Subway website! :p And Mikey is being very close-minded, particularly when some of us live or work away from metropolitan areas & may only have Subway as an option. Plus I generally like their stuff. Just because something “different” like kung pao pork isn’t your thing doesn’t mean it’s “trash”. Just my two cents.

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  9. Sherry W says:

    We have it here in Port Clinton, OH. Tried it last night, Yummy.

  10. J Bishop says:

    Look Mikey, despite the fact that Subway peddles trash, people love it. It’s a step up from McDonald’s, right? You have to try to think less. People do it all the time. And they do it by eating lunch at Subway. 5 dollar footlong!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Here in Oregon (or at least the Portland area) we have Roasted Red Pepper Hummus as the new offering. They’re marketing it more as an “add this to your sub” offering rather than it being a specific sub on it’s own.

  12. brad says:


  13. brad says:

    All joking aside potbelly kicks subway in the $5 foot long. I agree with you mike I don’t like subway all that much, just in a pinch.

  14. Jeremy Duenas says:

    Creamy Thai Chicken here in NYC! I thought it was throughout New York state but I recently went up to Syracuse and asked for Creamy Thai Chicken; they looked at me like I had 3 heads! Haha, it’s very very good. SUBWAY never disappoints.

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