New Krystal Stacker at Krystal

Whoa, it took a while for Krystal to figure out the possibility of extra meat and cheese.  Introducing the new Krystal Stacker…  “Double the meat, double the cheese, double the flavor. And right now, mix and match any 2 doubly delicious Krystal Stackers for just $3!”

Krystal Stacker

7 comments on “New Krystal Stacker at Krystal

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    If I could somehow replicate this fanciness at home (Krystal’s geometric shape ‘n stuff), surely my kids would eat the burgers I cook.

    • MP says:

      Well, you could – layout some ground beef, cut into squares with a pizza roller & bake some soft bread rolls. But it’s just so much work. For me, it’s more difficult replicating the unique White Castle slider flavor. Sliders are nice but they get cold really fast.

  2. Luke says:

    Any word if these are coming to White Castle?

  3. Riley Martin says:

    Except for the deluxe which uses lettuce and tomato, I don’t get what the difference is between these and the double cheese krystal which is already on the menu.

  4. JR says:

    The only difference from the double Krystal is the new toppings and the middle bread piece. Price is way too high for the product. Krystal used to be some of the cheapest grub, now it is pretty pricey.

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