New King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s

Last year Arby’s released their Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich (review) and now it’s back and there’s a new version coming September 28th… the King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket Sandwich.  Some locations have the new sandwich already, including my local Arby’s with a price tag of $5.49.  I’m guessing this will be pretty good since the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef BLT was great as was the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss.

Arby’s NEW King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket Sandwich. Sweet and savory. Fluffy and smoky. We combined the best sweet buns in Hawaii with our Texas-smoked brisket to create a sandwich that makes both states proud. Send your mouth a souvenir from Hawaii and Texas without ever leaving Arby’s.

King's Hawaiian BBQ Brisket Sandwich


6 comments on “New King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Ian M says:

    Saw this yesterday at my local Arby’s, and I got the Regular Smokehouse Brisket instead, although I did think about getting that one.

  2. NamebranD says:

    Hopefully they learned their lesson and omitted the inclusion of mayo on this one. Mayo has no place on a brisket sandwich.

    The one and only thing I miss after moving to Colorado from Kansas is that heavenly KC BBQ. I would sell my soul for a Z-Man (google it, best sandwich on earth) or some tasty burnt ends today.

  3. DerekLutz says:

    The new brisket sandwich has no mayo or cheese, both good choices. Neither belong on smoked meat of any kind. Sandwich is just beef, sauce and a few pickles.

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