New Horchata Frappe from McDonald’s Spotted in Southern California

GrubGrade reader Jamal tipped me that he’s spotted a new Horchata Frappe at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles.  There’s also a McCafe Social Hour deal where McCafe beverages are buy one, get one free from 2-5pm.  If you’re not familiar with horchata, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia, “Horchata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts.”  My experience with horchata is very limited, but I’d describe it tasting like sweet almond milk.  Here’s a look:

Horchata Frappe McDonalds

4 comments on “New Horchata Frappe from McDonald’s Spotted in Southern California

  1. Steven T says:

    I would try that if they had it here. Or I could just go to a Mexican place and get some as I don’t really care for frappes or any other coffee type drinks.

  2. […] GrubGrade reports a new Horchata Frappe was spotted in Los Angeles as part of McDonald’s McCafe Social Hour for buy-one-get-one McCafé Beverages, everyday from 2 – 5 p.m. Funnily enough, Starbucks just wrapped its own half-price happy hour, with at least one location in Santa Ana also offering a Horchata-flavored Frap. No offense SBux, but I think I would rather have fries with that. […]

  3. ahecht says:

    My guess is that this will be based on the rice-based Mexican version, which is found at just about every Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. The other nut and seed based ones are rarely seen in that part of the US. The predominant flavors are vanilla and cinnamon (it kind of tastes like liquid rice pudding).

  4. Jody says:

    Had it a couple of days ago. It was disgusting… couldnt even finish it. Had a bitter after taste and was lacking flavor. This is coming from a person that loves horchata and drinks it often.

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