New Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt from Subway is Here

The Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt from Subway has arrived.  First spotted in test markets last summer, the Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt is now enjoying a wide release.

There’s never been another sub like it! Crunch into a pile of Fritos placed right on top of tender pulled chicken and authentic enchilada sauce for a new satisfyingly delicious bite of flavor you can’t find anywhere else!

Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt SubwayThe featured values at Subway for February:

  • The $3 Six-Inch Select is Oven Roasted Chicken: The Oven Roasted Chicken you love is piled high atop freshly baked bread with your favorite toppings from spicy jalapenos to crisp green peppers.
  • The $5 Featured Footlong is Meatball Marinara: A SUBWAY® Restaurants favorite. Enjoy Italian style meatballs drenched in irresistible marinara sauce, served on freshly baked bread.

Subway February

22 comments on “New Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt from Subway is Here

  1. Justin says:

    I will try anything once, and I have been proven wrong by the looks of something. BUT that things looks absolutely disgusting. Sriracha sauce, the jalapeno bread, and pastrami ( not all together ) were the only 2 new subway creations that I really liked in the past year.

  2. Tony says:

    Seems like the Meatball Marinara is always $5.

  3. Sascha says:

    My only question about this thing is the price. Last summer, when it was tested, somebody mentioned an $8 price tag, and I don’t think I would pay that much. Looks great, though.

  4. RJ says:

    I guess they need to get rid off the pulled pork from the horrible pulled pork sub. Just my 2 cents

  5. Steve Simmons says:

    I simply don’t get people who go to Subway. The food is so substandard why would they not go to places like Firehouse, Jersey Mikes, Potbellys, Fat Timmys, Domincs of New York, Jimmy Johns, etc. It makes no sense to me that people would put this kind of thing in their bodies when a real sub is just a little drive away.

    • Sascha says:

      Same reason people go to McDonald’s even though every town in America has a dozen better choices for a burger.

      By the way, I’ve never even heard of Potbelly’s, Fat Timmy’s, Domincs (stupid name, why not Dominic’s?), there’s one Jersey Mike in my state, Jimmy John’s is closed for remodeling and Firehouse just opened. A real sub is often more than a little drive away, at least considering the places you mentioned. I have a local deli that works for me, but I also have six Subway’s (and soon a Subway Cafe), which leads to convenience.

    • TJ says:

      Subway is way more convenient for a lot of people. Most of the chains you mentioned have few if any locations within 30 miles of where I live in the SF bay area.. I’m not saying I’d recommend eating at Subway frequently, but it’s like Starbucks or McDonalds, they’re everywhere, sometimes it’s worth sacrificing a little quality when you’re busy. Personally I don’t find the food to be extremely “substandard”, it’s more on the side of bland to average for me, but that’s just been my experience I guess.

    • JF says:

      For the umpteenth time, those other places you mention are not available everywhere a Subway is located. Some people do actually like Subway (or the price as most, if not all of those other places are more expensive, although worth it) or they simply do not have other choices.

    • 4x4, Animal Style says:

      Steve, it’s simple: simply because there is grand total of one of all of those chains you mentioned, great as they sound, which we had some (especially Firehouse, as a spicy eater), in my state. Only know that from using the find mine tool from Jimmy John’s, though I’ve never seen it, surprisingly, given I pass by the area it’s in quite a lot.

      It’s also about like 25 minutes each way from the Subway on my campus. Just not possible for me. We do have D’Angelo, which is good quality, but also not close, that’s about 20 minutes from me by car, Subway is like 3-5. There’s just not that much time on a lunch break feasibly. Not to mention, it’s cheap and filling (although not great in taste), as a college student. But that one’s lesser to me, I will happily pay more for better quality, if it’s within proximity, like the local Mediterranean place, can’t be beat in price for the quality AND quantity there. We just sadly don’t have those sub shops you list here sadly. This is New England, if you’re wondering–we have a lack of chain restaurants around these parts, too many very blah Dunkin’.

      Genuinely want to try this sub though, I like the originality here, Fritos are always a welcome crunch when not soggy, and Subway’s pulled chicken is genuinely fair, from what they offered last year, or 2012. Just okay, not good, not great, but compare that to most of their meats, it’s by far one of their better ones. Hopefully tomorrow. Enchilada sauce in particular is interesting; wonder if it’s a new flavor, or just the Southwest sauce (which is yummy, but not new), as it gives you by default on the Subway nutrition page.

    • ahecht says:

      I simply don’t get people who post this in every single Subway-related story. The closest subway is 5 minutes from my work, whereas the closest Firehouse is 25 minutes, Jersey Mikes is 75 minutes, Potbelly is 25 minutes, Fat Timmys doesn’t even show up in a google search, Dominics of New York is about 5 hours, and Jimmy Johns is a little over 4 hours. The options within 10 minutes of my work are Subway and Dunkin Donuts, and if I go a little further I can get to McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and a few greasy pizza places. Subway is by far the healthiest choice, despite what you think of putting “this kind of thing” in your body. If you’re so worried about putting processed foods in your body, why are you on a junk food blog?

    • Mike N. says:

      There are also a lot of Subways in the boonies, often attached to gas stations, so when you’re driving through the middle of nowhere it makes a good stop.

  6. larry says:

    They also just started doing flatbread pizza. I had the veggie today, it was ok but the kids need better training on how to make it since mine had huge areas around the edges with no sauce. I’d get it again though.

  7. John Collins says:

    Do people really still go to subway? It’s not even that cheap anymore and the food is fake processed garbage. Whenever I pass a subway I feel pity on those inside like where did they’re life go wrong. I’d never go to subway over jimmy johns or jersey mikes.

  8. Kevin Woods says:

    Can’t believe you guys would eat Subway period, yet alone this completely processed pile of manure. Must not care an iota about your physique or health. You people are the reason our healthcare is so expensive in this land ours.

    • Sascha says:

      Geez, here’s another one. Is there a support group for this, with meetings and everything? I’d love to come, and bring a big platter of Subway for the room. Can’t believe this is like the 3rd time this thread I’ve felt like supporting Subway, but here goes.

      First off, and this is more in reply to John Collins than you, what’s fake about it? Last I checked the bread seemed real, the toppings looked real, sauces, sides, drinks, napkins, everything felt pretty real to me. Now, they do sell some low quality meats on their cheaper sandwiches, like bologna and ham, but Subway also does a good job of not hiding that fact on their menu boards. Once you get to the higher level sandwiches and switch to the Black Forest ham, for example, the quality rises. Either way, none of it is fake.

      Secondly, is “processed” like the new it term of the week? Why is “processed” being used as some sort of insult? EVERYTHING is processed! Unless you grabbed something straight out of the ground and started eating it, it’s highly likely your food went through a process before you ate it, that goes for Subway, any of the other sub shops that keep getting mentioned, and really, and post on GrubGrade.

      Unless you’re the kind who eats only vegan and organic, you’re constantly eating processed food. And if you are the kind that only eats vegan and organic, what the heck are you doing on a website dedicated to all things fast food anyway?

  9. Amy says:

    Mr. Woods and Mr. Collins – It’s called moderation. Not all of us eat fast food 3 times a day, 7 days a week and I highly doubt that us people who eat subway and other fast foods are the reason why healthcare is so expensive. I came on here to see if the new chicken enchilada sub was any good but all I keep seeing are negative remarks by these so called health nuts who only eat organic “unprocessed” foods. Again, why are you commenting on this website? For those of you who offered real opinions and suggestions, thank you. For the rest of you and your negativity, do something more constructive with your time because we can all tell you have nothing better to do.

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