New Flavor Sticks from Pizza Hut

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Justin for the heads-up that Pizza Hut has rebranded their breadsticks as Flavor Sticks.  The Pizza Hut menu makeover happens nationwide on Wednesday, but Justin’s local Pizza Hut in Nashville, TN has Flavor Sticks on the menu now.  Since there are a bunch of new flavored crust choices with the upcoming menu change, it’s not surprising to see the bread sticks get the treatment too.

Pizza Hut Flavor Sticks

13 comments on “New Flavor Sticks from Pizza Hut

  1. M86 says:

    I think these menu additions are the wrong move for a place like Pizza Hut. It didn’t work for McDonald’s when they recently added a bunch of menu items. Places like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s need to focus on improving quality and consistency.

    After looking at the pictures people post on Pizza Huts Facebook of what they receive, it’s apparent where Pizza Hut’s issues are.

  2. Jesse says:

    Is the $4.49 for 5 “sticks”? That’s expensive.

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    $5 for some leftover flavored dough? No thanks.

  4. […] GrubGrade reports that a Pizza Hut in Nashville, Tenn., has released the Flavor Sticks to its customer base a bit earlier than the expected launch date. The pizza chain is boasting six new flavors of these sticks that include Honey Sriracha, Toasted Parmesan, Toasted Asiago, Toasted Cheddar, Fiery Red Pepper and Hut Favorite (which is just parmesan, butter and herbs). […]

  5. Joey says:

    I had the “hut favorite” sticks over the weekend and the regular breadstick are better. They also had their premium toppings so I had a meatball/salami pizza and it was good. No crust or drizzle available yet though at my Pizza Hut I order from.

  6. Thistle says:

    The breadsticks were my favorite thing at Pizza Hut. Word is, even the classic “flavor sticks” (ugh, what an awful name) aren’t the same.

  7. Roberto says:

    Never really understood the concept of breadsticks at a pizza place. A pizza is bread and sauce… and for an appetizer let’s have some bread and sauce.

  8. TJ says:

    I actually like Pizza Hut once in a great while when I’m in an area that doesn’t have any good local places. But I’ve always thought their breadsticks were pretty mediocre at best, and from the comments it sounds like they haven’t improved much if at all. I’ll take Little Caesar’s bread offerings any day.

  9. MadSammyboy says:

    Ahh, yes… Authentic Italian ‘flavor sticks’, just like Nonna Sophie used to make from the old-world Tuscan recipe.

  10. rodney says:

    I think the new name sounds dumb, almost kind of dirty.

    Unrelated, sort of, how about a review of Walmart’s new 5 dollar pizzas? I’m wondering if they’re better than Little Caesars(not a high bar, I know).

  11. Elise Gingerich says:

    a little information for You All: Please Do Not Eat At The Greenville, Texas Pizza Hut, Anymore, Because The Pizza Hut Here In Greenville, Texas, Has Gone Down In Food Quality, Over The Last Few Years, And I Went In There Recently, To Go Use Their Bathroom, Or Whatever, On My Way To Some Other Place, Here In Greenville, Texas, Like The Quick Mart Store, Or Whatever, And I Didn’t Want To Just Go In, And Use Their Bathroom Or Whatever, And Look Like A Homeless Person, So I Bought Some Of Their Bread Sticks, At The Greenville, Texas Pizza Hut, Recently! horrible, just Horrible Quality, because the bread sticks were hard and burnt, and I am so sorry Now, that I bought Their five dollar burnt and hard bread sticks, at the Greenville, Texas, Pizza Hut, yuck! (Their cookie pies, aren’t much better, either, because those cookie pies of Theirs, are burnt and hard too, and it’s a waste of good money, to buy Their hard and burnt cookie pies too, people!) I know restaurants and stores, aren’t charities, to just use the bathroom, or grab a paper towel or two, to wipe my hands, or whatever, but I have bought More Than Enough Of Their Crap Food, at the Greenville, Texas Pizza Hut, For Some Years Now, And It’s Not Charity, To Use Their Bathrooms, Or Just To Grab A Paper Towel or two, to wipe your hands, if you’ve bought More than fifty dollars worth of Their Garbage Food, Lately, Is It?) I’m Not A Homeless Person, (not yet, anyways, and I hope never to be homeless either!) And I Have Paid More Than fifty dollars, in crap Pizza Hut, of Greenville, Texas, but still I get looked up on, like I just came in, off of the streets, like a freaking homeless person, at the Greenville, Texas Pizza Hut, every time I go in there!

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