New Extra Crispy Boneless from KFC

Last April we reviewed Original Recipe Boneless from KFC and it didn’t get a passing grade.  Extra Crispy Original Boneless is here to help us forget the Original.  Available in as a $2.49 Go Cup with Potato Wedges.

Extra Crispy Boneless KFC

4 comments on “New Extra Crispy Boneless from KFC

  1. Mike N. says:

    Man that’s a dumb commercial!

  2. Kevin D says:

    I love in a fairly large city, and I can’t remember the last time I passed by a KFC. #weird

  3. MP says:

    Cute girl & I like her raspy voice in the first 9 seconds that somehow disappears (the magic of editing & multiple takes) but it’s such a stupid premise.
    Jelly meat glue ‘n chicken strips? No thanks.

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