New Double Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John’s

It’s the pizza with pickles!  Not the actual tagline, but Papa John’s is offering a Double Cheeseburger Pizza in select locations at the moment.  The Papa John’s Facebook page points you in the direction of Papa John’s MVP where you can vote on head to head pizza match-ups (Most Valuable Pizza) including the Double Cheeseburger Pizza.

Double Cheeseburger Pizza Papa JohnMark Schlereth is a pitchman for the campaign and he just tweeted a pic of the pizza earlier today.  Looks like its topped with beef, mozzarella (possibly another cheese), tomatoes, and pickles.  Expect a wide release of the Double Cheeseburger Pizza the closer we get to the Super Bowl.  Sue me NFL.  Update: Available nationally as of 1/27/14 and described as featuring “zesty burger sauce covered with a double layer of 100% real beef, dill pickle slices, fresh cut roma tomatoes and 100% real cheese made from mozzarella.”

Double Cheeseburger Pizza Papa Johns

55 comments on “New Double Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John’s

  1. Ryan says:

    I can’t wait to try this. A local Pizza company (in Arkansas) does the same thing. Instead of pizza sauce, they use Mustard. It is amazing!!!!

    • JoeyF says:

      Are you talking about Larry’s?

      I’m from arkansas also (conway now, originally sherwood/nlr)

    • Kristyn says:

      I used to work for Papa John’s and once made a cheeseburger pizza with ketchup and mayo as the sauce with ground beef and cheddar cheese. It was delicious but I think I need to recreate it at home with pickles too!

    • sally says:

      Just got this “Double Cheeseburger Pizza” as a call-in order..First of all..It was disgisting..It stasted like crap..The sauce was like 1,000 Island dressing..(not mustard sauce like most other laces use)..There was an average of 2 small bits of ground beef per pickle slice, and the cheese was transparent..The gross sauce was everywhere, though..the whole pizza was swimming in it..You pick up a piece and everything slid off the crust..a freaking mess..This is the first time we ever had to throw away a pizza..The taste made me want to vomit..The most disapointing Papa John’s pizza ever and a rip-off for supposedly being one of thier advertised “Premium” Pizzas..

      • Becky says:

        Hey Sally….it’s a great pizza. Perhaps you should have tried using a plate and a fork to avoid the mess.

        • Jenni says:

          There is nothing great about that pizza, it’s vile. And if I wanted to use a plate and fork I’d get spaghetti, not a pizza.

  2. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Pizza Ranch also puts pickles on their cheeseburger pizza.

  3. DuhMe says:

    It’s not available at the locations here where I am in MS. Haven’t ordered from PJ’s in forever because of the awful things they call “deals” here. Rare 50% off specials since we have no sports teams to promote. I might consider ordering anyway if they actually had this pizza available.

  4. Jamie says:

    It gave me really bad indigestion. After it eating it I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

  5. Glenn says:

    This is the most god awfull excuse for a pizza yet. Why they call it double is beyond my understanding. It has almost no meat at all. As for those others leaving reviews, this is for reviews dumbasses. Not about what you have done in the past.

    • Jembell says:

      I got the pizza last night and burger was falling out of it. Just because your local Papa John’s sucks doesn’t mean the flavor is bad.

  6. ChrisB says:

    I tried Papa Johns Double Cheeseburger Pizza last night. I must say that if it wasn’t the worst pizza experience of my life, memory fails me. I love a good pizza and have almost a half century of pizza eating experience. To be transparent, I usually eat very healthy foods. Every once and a while I’ll eat some junk-type food and really enjoy it. Last night I thought I would indulge. The young lady who answered the phone told me she loved it so I tried the Double Cheeseburger Pizza. Cheeseburger Pizza sounded a little risky so I tried to order half Cheeseburger and half “The Works” but as it turns out, the “anyway you want it” option isn’t to be taken literally. She told me the sauces were different so mixing the two wasn’t possible.

    Anyway, the special sauce tasted like a McDonald’s Big Mac special sauce … sort of. The special tangy sauce is similar to that on a Big Mac; not really mayonnaise-ee but sort of. In my humble opinion, it was like a really bad, overwhelming “Big Mac tangy” sauce. It wasn’t horrible and if I survived a plane crash on the top of an isolated and icy Andes mountaintop with a rugby team, I would definitely try it again. Otherwise, I think not.

    The grease was dripping all over my fingers. The “special sauce” odor lingered on my hands and I had to wash and scrub many times to get it off. That’s wasn’t the worst of it. Then came the belching; not big loud belching … but sort of a quiet persistent reminder of that tangy sauce. That wasn’t the worst of it. The next morning was more subdued belching; more odoriferous memories of the tangy sauce. That wasn’t the worst of it. The gasses started coming out from the other end; that same tangy odor but with added dis-pleasurable pungency. That’s wasn’t the worst part. I was compelled to visit the porcelain throne where I sat for a much longer time period than normal and with frequent flushing. This was one of those multi-stage poop sessions. One of those sessions where you keep looking … and flushing … and looking … and flushing … and wondering, “what’s up with that and when will this end”. Since this is a food topic, I will spare you further details. Suffice it to say that I think Papa Johns plopped on this one. (Pun intended)

    Perhaps I’m too accustomed to eating healthy and this was too much of a clash or perhaps I’m all alone in my opinion. Its not the end of the world. Its only $12 down the drain.

  7. Kbrooks says:

    One word……disgusting!!! Don’t order this pizza. This was probably the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.

  8. C. W. says:

    Just ordered the double cheeseburger pizza and it was pretty bad. Very little meat, the pickles were overwhelming and the sauce did not make me think of a cheeseburger. I’ve eaten better frozen cheeseburger pizza. Also ordered their chocolate chip cookie and it was not properly cooked. Maybe it’s this location ( Manassas, Va area) but I will not be ordering from them again.

  9. Fred says:

    Disgusting !!

    Dripping with oil and overflowing with a nasty tangy sauce. Normally I love all Papa John’s pizzas, but I couldn’t stomach finishing this one.

    I wish I had stuck with one of my favorites instead of trying this nasty mess – don’t order the cheeseburger pizza !!

  10. Georgette says:

    Really? My boyfriend and I tried this pizza last night. Not sure if it was because we had just finished watching Soylent Green, were kinda stoned, or because I’m battling a cold and couldn’t smell much anyways. But we ate the whole thing! I’m normally a very healthy person. I do a juice cleanse 1x/month and I rarely eat sugar or carbs, but once in a while (like when I’m sick) I just eat whatever the heck I want. Am I the only one who really liked this pizza? Apparently not, because my boyfriend decided to order seconds, an XL, today for lunch. We’ll see if I still enjoy this pizza when I can smell better & I’m not stoned. 😉

    • Jembell says:

      I loved it too. I absolutely hate Papa John’s because I feel it has some sort of weird sugary flavor, but we decided to try this. If they kept this around I’d order from there wayyyy more often!

  11. john says:

    Disgusting!! This pizza made all who ate it sick

  12. anthony says:

    its awful the sauce takes over the entire pizza not tasty incredibly greasy. the other toppings are sparse. I threw out almost the entire pie. it might be a winner with regular marinara.

  13. Amy says:

    This is quite possibly the worst food item I have ever eaten. Pizza crust, nasty creamy 1000 Island like dressing “burger sauce”, mozzarella, sparse hamburger, tomatoes and pickles. Ours arrived 25 minutes later than quoted and was barely warm (rare for this PJ’s). We trashed it almost immediately and went out for tacos. Wasted 12.99. IMO, a cheeseburger pizza needs added cheddar or a sharp American cheese, burger in every bite, and onions. The worst part was getting the bite without burger. Just nauseating.

  14. suddenly says:

    I love papa Johns pizza but the double cheeseburger pizza was a bad idea, yuck! I loved the Buffalo chicken pizza though, BRING THAT BACK.

  15. Di caramel says:

    Well I might be the only one that actually likes this pizza! I thought it was a delicious blend of unusual flavors being a gourmet pizza maker myself I’m always looking for a different combination of flavor, it could have used a little more beef since it is called cheeseburger pizza but all in all it was pretty darn good. Maybe it’s my location?

  16. The Review says:

    This pizza was not only the worst food I had ever eaten, but I believe my dog who always is interested in leftover was not having it. Who in management approved the production of this junk? This is the kind of stuff that mess up a brand name, better watch out Pizza Hut is right around the corner.

  17. Ulver says:


  18. Junkfood Castle says:

    This was the worst pizza I have ever tasted. I have 4 kids (3 of them boys) ages ranging from 7 to 15.They usually asks for fourths but not this night. They frowned at the first bite and donated the rest to the local dumpster. My daughter wouldn’t go near it. It was pretty yucky.

  19. Nic Van Rossun says:

    Omg gag me with a spoon …… worst effing thing I ever ate papa johns needs to stop this excuse for cheese burger pizza .. I cant believe this..what the hell are they trying for ??? … taste like I puked the night before and then warmed it up and melted cheese on it and then throw it on a crappy
    crust . Wouldn’t feed this to a bum on a week of starvation and heavy boozing !! # pay me back papa johns 512 567 5019 nic
    !!! Total disappointment !!!

  20. Abbi says:

    its worse then digusting its a waste of food and money. and the enviroment considering how much gas went in to the air as the driver delieverd it, the engery it wasted being made, and how many trees died to make cardboard to wrap this unholy abomination. its a crime for which there is no justice! (basicly I didn’t like it.)

  21. Dottie says:

    Awful. Didn’t anyone in this huge corporation taste this mess before selling it to the public? The competitors must be turning cartwheels.
    They could rename it the Miracle Whip and Double Pickle Fiasco.

  22. Leigh says:

    I was thinking about trying this pizza, but after reading the reviews I will not…… This pizza sounds scary!!!!!!

  23. Brenda Nielsen says:

    Tried the Poppa john doublecheeseburger pizza today, couldn’t find the beef, disappointed .

  24. Anna says:

    It’s disgusting…don’t waste your money!

  25. soup187 says:

    wow its the first time i never finished a pizza and i was hungry ….. that was nasty pickles almost made me want to puke ……..

  26. Nancy Beals says:

    This Double Cheeseburger Pizza was horrible!!! My family ate one bite each and threw it in the trash it took an hour and 15 minutes to get there and I still keep thinking this must be some kind of joke??? There was only a few pieces of meat and a thousand pickles yuk yuk yuk!!! Barely any cheese, and the cheese that was on it was so disgusting. I want my money back, but that’s not gonna happen… I called to complain and the guy that answered said “it’s not that bad”. I will never call Pappa John’s again and we order pizza a lot.

    • DuhMe says:

      Why do so many people just throw these disgusting pizzas they’ve gotten in the trash? I usually call and say I want my money back and if they refuse or offer a replacement pizza to be sent out that night or on the next order I take them up on that most of the time.

      If they give me an attitude I start asking for main manager, district manager and/or franchise owner contact information. I also post on their page on FB. Papa John’s here doesn’t have deals anymore here so if I was going to order from them and got a pizza that’s been described as disgusting as so many they’d definitely be hearing from me.

  27. Russ says:

    This pizza was a very good pizza in my opinion. I ordered mine with bacon and onion added and it enhanced flavor to bacon double cheeseburger. I will agree not enough meat and cheese but unlike others I love the amount of pickles on it and as for the sauce it seemed to be like they mixed ketchup mustard and mayo together, it DEFINITY was NOT even close to Big Mac sauce. All in all keep it around I will order it again.

  28. Selby Shain says:

    This pizza knocked it out of the park . This is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever ate . Good job

  29. Carrie says:

    Our local Papa Johns must be better than most because when we ordered the cheeseburger pizza it was absolutely awesome. Everyone loved it. It has to be different branches. The one here in Monroe, NC is awesome.

  30. Eric S says:

    Someone brought nearly a whole double cheeseburger pizza to work today and gave it away, presumably because their family hated it. As I took the first bite, I got a vomity taste from the pseudo-Big Mac sauce. As I took the second bite, I was struck by an overwhelming taste of pickles. The rest of the slice was mainly pickly. I ate 2 more slices with the same results – vomity then pickly. However, my last 2 slices suddenly tasted like Big Macs. Overall, weird. I’d eat it again if it were free, but I wouldn’t buy it. As to why I would eat slice after slice of something that tasted like vomity pickles? Dude, it was free and I was hungry.

    • Russ says:

      Ordered my 2nd cheeseburger this time with extra burger and bacon and let me tell you this pizza is amazing, it does not taste like Big Mac sauce not even close Mac sauce is disgusting 1000 island dressing, this sauce is a ketchup mustard hybrid.

  31. Manda says:

    So, I tried this pizza tonight, Def different! I love pickles and tomato so it’s a good combination for me. I bet Bacon on it would be awesome. It’s actually quite good….If you don’t like trying new things I don’t think this is the pizza for you.

  32. glen says:

    This was horrible. I use to say there is no such thing as bad pizza that is no longer true. Plus my 3 kids that it was disgusting. They only had one piece each.

    • Fred says:

      Do you think Papa Johns will ever admit that they made a *HUGE* mistake with this pizza? Whoever did the market testing for the cheese burger pizza should be fired !

  33. TJ says:

    Two things I love about this item.. it’s completely polarizing, some love it while most hate it.. and so many people have ordered it in the first place.. why? I would never want to even try something like this lol I like pizza with marinara sauce and pepperoni. I think I’m gonna stick with that.. forever… 😛

  34. Trinity says:

    This pizza was really nasty !! My dad brought it home and I looked at it and tasted it and I was like what is this !? He came over, took a bite, and laughed saying this is disgusting , we threw it away …… Disgusting !!!!!!

  35. […] is off the Papa John’s menu the new featured pizza is the Double Pepperoni & Bacon.  The Double Cheeseburger Pizza got a lot of hate and maybe this new safer choice will be received better.  The Double Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza […]

  36. faux detritus says:

    This is my favourite fast food pizza! Who are you weirdos?? It’s amazing!

  37. ashley says:

    My family and I absolutely LOVE this pizza! They have stopped making it at our local papa john’s and we hope they will bring it back soon!

  38. norma says:

    This pizza is sooooooo goood and it’s a favorite in house of teenagers. The hamburger taste like it’s been grilled. If your store overpowers it with too much zesty sauce and pickles it can be a bit much for some. I hope they bring it back. For those who didnt like it and you like burgers….your restaurant needs training. We had it once with too much sauce and i called the manager and they apologized and offered to redo the pizza. The redo was fantastic!

  39. Diann Dorgan says:

    Pleassssse bring back cheeseburger pizza, pleassssse!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hashtagbiggirl says:

    All of these people are unreal. This is the best pizza I have ever had. Someone give me the recipe for the sauce please

  41. […] Chocolate Chip Brownie ($6.00).  The Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza is reminiscent of last year’s Double Cheeseburger Pizza which featured pickles.  The new pizza looks like it’s topped with pickles as […]

  42. Diana says:

    This is by far the BEST pizza ever!! We order it weekly since it’s being served again in CT. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pizza!!!!!

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