New Crunchwrap Sliders from Taco Bell Coming Later this Month

Back in May we brought you news of Taco Bell testing Crunchwrap Sliders in Ohio.  The time has come for a national launch as the trio of mini Crunchwraps will be hitting the Taco Bell menu late next week.  Priced at $1 each, the Crunchwrap Sliders all include Fritos corn chips for the crunch and the flavor choices are Beefy Cheddar, Spicy Chicken, and BLT.

Crunchwrap Sliders Taco Bell

24 comments on “New Crunchwrap Sliders from Taco Bell Coming Later this Month

  1. sortov says:

    Oh my god what a great idea.

    • Alex says:

      Sarcasm, I take it? Just more rehashed garbage from Taco Bell (I talk crap about them all the time yet I eat there several times a month). The first one is identical to the Beefy Fritos Burrito, except it has no rice … but it’s the same price and smaller. Unless they’re getting rid of the Beefy Fritos Burrito? I don’t know, I’m just wishing they’d come up with something truly different.

      • sortov says:

        Completely sincere

        It’s a dollar, I like the crunchwrap style

        3 options? idgaF!that it’s the same ingredients

        Keep it comin

  2. Sean says:

    That person has very small hands.

  3. MP says:

    I guess those of us who don’t like Fritos are SOL.

  4. Brian says:

    I love the crunchwrap…might have to hit a up a TB. The question now is how many do I order?

  5. Snackeroo says:

    Definitely gonna try all 3 of these ;]

  6. KingFace says:

    Other than 5 Guys and an occasional sub from Subway…I usually stay away from fastfood…..but not gonna lie, this COULD be the most brilliant idea by Taco Bell EVER!!

  7. ahecht says:

    Is this the first time they haven’t charged more for shredded chicken than for ground beef?

  8. Jeni says:

    I know it’s terrible for me, but man I love me some Taco Bell. These are definitely worth a try.

  9. Booze says:

    He must have really small hands… but if you can get 3 and a drink for 5$ im in

  10. Sascha says:

    Wow, considering TB is charging $1.69 for their crispy chicken snack-wrap knockoff, these should be a tremendous deal. Will make a great addition to the the dollar menu with the mini quesadillas and the tostada.

  11. Tessa says:

    Totes gonna holla at that for a dolla. Seriously this is wicked good during Happy Hour. 2 bucks gets me that and a Medium Baja Blast Freeze. What a time to be alive!

  12. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Not bad and not a bad price to be honest.

  13. Robert says:

    From a labor standpoint, I don’t think it makes much sense to assemble something and then have to grill it and only charge a buck. This is clearly gonna be a temporary thing. Either way, I get the grilled mini quesadillas and the triple layer nachos ALL the time, so I’m not gonna turn down a dollar deal, even if it is temporary.

  14. TB Junkie says:

    Release date is Monday 12/22 and my TB says mobile app users can order them ‘a few days early’.. this Friday?

  15. Wade says:

    I still haven’t figured out why someone at Taco Bell hasn’t figured out how to flash fry the 5-layer burrito. I order the Deal “D” and get an extra 5 layer. I take them home, throw some butter or oil in a pan and crisp up the soft shell real nice….OMFG!!!!

  16. Helldog says:

    Way to misappropriate “slider,” Taco Bell. You don’t even understand what a slider is. It isn’t just something small. A mini cupcake is not a slider. Neither is this.

  17. Triavalon says:

    Just came to say that my local Taco Bell (Vancouver, Wa) confirmed official menu arrival on the 22nd, but availability via app only on the 19th.

  18. TB Junkie says:

    These aren’t showing up in the app for me today, anyone else?

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