New Croissant Donut Coming to Dunkin’ Donuts on Monday, November 3rd

On Monday, November 3rd, participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations will be launching the Croissant Donut for a limited time.  The Croissant Donut will have a suggested price of $2.49 and it is described as a “delicate and flaky croissant ring that is glazed like a donut.”  You might remember Jack in the Box jumping on this idea back in August.

croissant donut

11 comments on “New Croissant Donut Coming to Dunkin’ Donuts on Monday, November 3rd

  1. Harlan R says:

    Speaking of which, Ryan, did you ever end up doing the DD $5 gift-card giveaway? I saw the request for posts, but not a post of who won.

  2. rob says:

    For two fitty that had better be one heck of a good donut

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    The Jack in the Box one is pretty good so this one should be also. Probably going to be the same and coming from the same supplier anyway.

  4. Grumpiestoldman says:

    Two and a half bucks for one donut? Ouch.

  5. JayTeeAch says:

    $2.50 for 1 Dunkin Donut or $1 for a Krispy Kreme donut. Such a tough decision./sarcasm

  6. alek says:

    I bought this today and it was not too bad. Just a glorified glazed donut with crispy layers. I did like this but felt that there should be a cream filling inside to give it a smooth texture contract.

  7. Josh says:

    These have been available in some central NJ dunkin stores for quite awhile now. I haven’t tried them yet though. They always look kind of overdone and overglazed on the outside to me.

  8. Kayla says:

    Saw this in an NYC Dunkin last night but didn’t indulge. I did, however, try the Snickerdoodle Cookie Iced Latte and was actually kind of pleasantly surprised by it.

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