New Crispy Chicken Wraps $5 Buck Lunch at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has introduced new Crispy Chicken Wraps as a part of the latest $5 Buck Lunch promotion.  Available for a limited time at participating Dairy Queen locations.

Meal comes with two crispy chicken wraps – each wrap is made with one DQ® signature crispy chicken strip topped with crispy lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese and creamy ranch dressing all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. $5 Buck Lunch includes crispy fries, a drink and a sundae for dessert.  Upgrade your sundae to a small Blizzard® treat for $1!

Crispy Chicken Wraps DQ

7 comments on “New Crispy Chicken Wraps $5 Buck Lunch at Dairy Queen

  1. scram says:

    Yeah…..I think I’ll just eat my toe jam before I try this.

  2. Que says:

    Five dollar buck lunch? So are these chicken wraps or deer wraps?

    • Sascha says:

      Why would they be deer? DQ chicken strips are some of the best in the market. Order 2 wraps ($1.49 each), fries ($1.89) and a drink (often at $1) from McDonald’s and you’re out six bucks, and have what I’m assuming is a far worse wrap (and I like them).

      Still wouldn’t get this though. The rare times I do make it to a DQ that serves food, I have to go with the chicken strips meal, that gravy can’t be passed up.

  3. Won’t someone please stop these fast food places’ “5 buck buck box” deals?

  4. Scrape says:

    Having a DQ close by my work and occasionally stopping in, these are a pretty good deal. Probably won’t go for this particular thing, but the burgers are good…plus you get iced cream which is awesome when it was 90 degrees + outside.

  5. Robert says:

    DQ has awesome food (their burgers are identical to BK’s only far fresher, and their other stuff is like Sonic’s, but better). My only issue is that they only seem to hire disinterested 15 year old blond girls who either look too stupid or too mean for me to trust them with my food.

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