New Cheddar Pub Burger from Checkers

The current special running at Checkers is for the new Cheddar Pub Burger and you’re likely to be confused with its price.  If you go off the TV spot it’s a buck, if you go off the website promo image it’s 2 for $3 along with the Fry Lovers Burger and Smokin’ Sausage.  Available for a limited time at participating locations.

You can’t go wrong. Our Cheddar Pub Burger serves up 100% beef with savory, flavory cheese sauce, crispy onion tanglers, fresh-cut onions and shredded lettuce. Our Fry Lover’s Burger features a 100% beef, hand-seasoned patty topped with melty cheese, tangy pickles and our famous fries. And our Smokin’ Sausage takes sausage to the next level with smoky grilled goodness. Get them all for one low price.

Cheddar Pub Burger

5 comments on “New Cheddar Pub Burger from Checkers

  1. CB says:

    It’s a pretty good burger for $1. Minus the lettuce. No need for it with the crispy onions.

  2. Sascha says:

    They’re definitely $1 here. It used to be that Checker’s/Rally’s would double up their $1 value burgers and sell them 2 for $3, but those in the ad are definitely single burgers. Weird. Not a big fan of Cheddar Sauce, but Rally’s has some of the best onions in the business.

  3. Bob Smith says:

    It says “Smokin’ Sausage” yet shows “Chili Dog”?????

  4. josh says:

    Rally’s have always had some of the best burgers in the industry and this one is proof that they still have it. I love this burger it is my new go to when i want to get something fast and easy. I just hope it doesnt go the way of the Bar-B-Q bacon cheese burger from years back that was the best burger and nobody can get it just the way rally’s had it but it was removed from the menue a few years ago.

  5. Linda Lacy says:

    We just bought 2/3 cheddar pub burgers there wasn’t any onion tanglers on either on of them .

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