New Bottoms Up Double Slider at White Castle This Weekend

On June 14th and June 15th, White Castle will be offering its new Bottoms Up Double Slider for 99 cents as a Father’s Day promo.  The Bottoms Up Double Slider is a double patty Original Slider with a smaller bun.  No word yet if the Bottoms Up Double Slider will become a permanent addition to the White Castle menu.

Bottoms Up Double Slider

7 comments on “New Bottoms Up Double Slider at White Castle This Weekend

  1. Phooey says:

    So is Krystal doing the same promotion?

  2. MP says:

    Twice the meat, half the bun – yikes! I’m making sure I have the day off from work the next day after eating these. I usually combat the epic White Castle gastro assault by only eating 2 or 3 sliders & mixing chicken or lots of fries.

    • MP says:

      Was it me, or did these seem very greasy? I ended up taking smaller bites because it was so much more meat. I think I’d rather have the typical bread.

  3. CB says:

    Had the siracha Chicken sandwiches the other day. The regular one was ok but the ultimate one was great. The best spicy chicken sandwich I have ever had. Even better than chic fil a and wendys imo. Everything worked well together. Highly recommend!

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