New Birthday Cake M&M’s

With GrubGrade turning 5 years old on Tuesday, I felt it was fitting to grab a bag of new Birthday Cake M&M’s today.  These M&M’s were originally supposed to be released this coming Spring, but they are being spotted everywhere now.  I found them at my local CVS for $1.19.

Birthday Cake M&M'sWe talked about Birthday Cake M&M’s on The Nosh Show months ago and I admitted not caring for chocolate birthday cake.  Birthday Cake M&M’s come in yellow, red, and blue candy coated shells. These are the bigger M&M’s reserved for limited time only flavors and the bigger size usually helps the new flavor get across. These M&M’s do a so-so job of replicating the frosted chocolate birthday cake flavor and not enough to really impress me.  Birthday Cake M&M’s taste way too much like regular milk chocolate M&M’s to be memorable.

Birthday Cake M&M'sI wish the Mars company went with a yellow cake, white frosting birthday cake flavor instead of milk chocolate.  Even though I have a personal bias against chocolate birthday cake, I still think these M&M’s tasted too much like the traditional M&M’s for me.  Regular M&M’s are still great, a classic, so these are by no means bad… just no wow factor.  Grab a bag and let us know what you think in the comments.

M&M's Birthday Cake Flavor

11 comments on “New Birthday Cake M&M’s

  1. Troy A says:

    These were incredibly “blah.” Paid $3.99 for the stand up bag at CVS. That made it worse but as mentioned above, the bigger problem is that these could have been great. Good idea horribly executed.

  2. alek says:

    They should had gone with a white chocolate filling added cake flavor and sprinkles then a chocolate shell.

  3. TK says:

    Why do they even continue to bother with these flavors? I always look to your reviews in case something changes but I stopped wasting my money on these so called exclusive flavors after trying the coconut ones. They all taste exactly like regular M&M’s making most of this just a marketing ploy. It’s really disappointing because they could do a lot with these ideas. And when you think of Birthday Cake Flavor who thinks of CHOCOLATE cake?! It’s just a way to pass of plain old chocolate M&M’s as special. Why fix something that isn’t broken and just leave us all feeling disappointed at the prospect of what could have been? Clearly I take my relationship with food as seriously as my romantic relationships.

  4. Ruffy says:

    Totally agree with this review, but I would note that THE BEST limited edition M&M’s flavor is now back at Wal-Mart: Carrot Cake! All of the other flavors have been pretty blah, but somehow this one is amazing. And not impossible to find like last year!

  5. MP says:

    Happy birthday, Grub Grade!

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Had them today, not bad, not great, stick to my peanut M&Ms.

  7. Tammy says:

    I love them!!!

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  9. Jo says:

    They taste so much like chocolate cake! I love them! At first the taste is subtle, but they really are great! Nothing craving-worthy, but good.

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