New Beer Can Chicken from Popeyes

Back in August we brought you news of Beer Can Chicken coming to Popeyes in September.  Welcome to fall and let me introduce to you the latest from Popeyes.  Beer Can Chicken is described as “tender, juicy, all white meat chicken breast, partially cut into tenders and slow marinated in a blend of traditional beer can chicken seasonings like butter, garlic, lemon zest, rosemary, and cayenne then hand-battered, breaded and fried up fresh in our kitchens.”beercan chicken popeyesIf you are familiar with Rip’n Chick’n from Popeyes, this looks to be the same style of cut with different seasonings.  Priced at $3.99, Beer Can Chicken also comes with fries, a biscuit, and new Creamy Cayenne dipping sauce

10 comments on “New Beer Can Chicken from Popeyes

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Oooo. You should not have showed me this.

  2. Matt says:

    Soo, it has absolutely nothing to do with how beer can chicken is actually prepared…just whatever the typical seasonings are ? I think it’s slightly misleading, since (imo) the term ‘beer can chicken’ more relates to the cooking process and not the seasonings

    • Sascha says:

      It would be misleading if they didn’t immediately tell you that we’re talking about a deep fried chicken tenders type product. While real beer can chicken does sound like a great idea, I am definitely eager to try this. Hopefully my (somewhat) local Popeyes will open in time for these to still be around.

      • Matt says:

        Well yes, the description says it (not the promo pic though) and yes common sense would tell you they aren’t sitting out back with grills and empty beer cans making it. Still, its akin to calling something “BBQ” because you dumped BBQ sauce on it.

        • Eric says:

          I actually agreed with you fully until you said that because I am fine with calling something a BBQ Burger, etc. if it has BBQ sauce on it…

          That being said, this does seem a bit more of a stretch than that. I would at least expect them to use beer in the marinade or something, which doesn’t seem to be the case from the description offered above.

          Poor name aside, the sauce sounds good and I’ll still gladly give it a shot if I get over to Popeyes before the product disappears 🙂

        • Bubbsy says:

          I don’t really know that you have the “common sense” you are talking about … You don’t use empty beer cans to make beer can chicken. *That* should be common sense.

  3. JF says:

    While I did not expect this to be anything close to real beer can chicken, I at least thought it would be beer battered.

    Still sounds interesting and of course, their accompanying sauces is what usually draws me in to these promos.

    I’m sure Ryan will have a review for us soon and think I’ll give this a try.

  4. Nate D says:

    I’m going to have the same problem with this that I did with the Rip’n Chicken: it’s way too much like eating a hand.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Since this does not use beer in the cooking process or even use the beer can process to cook the chicken, how on God’s earth is this in any way beer can chicken? They are taking a lot of liberties calling it beer can chicken by claiming the use of certain ingredients.

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