New at Sonic: Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog and Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae

Sonic Drive-In has a couple of new menu items hitting restaurants today.  First off is the new Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog which consists of a 100% beef hot dog topped with chili and melted cheddar cheese and served in a warm pretzel bun.  If you recall last summer, Sonic hopped on the pretzel bun bandwagon with the Original Pretzel Dog and the Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog.  Nothing says the deep freeze of winter like a chili cheese hotdog in a pretzel bun.

Sonic Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog

On the dessert side of things, Sonic is offering the Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae.  The dessert features warm red velvet molten cake, filled with hot fudge and topped with a vanilla ice cream, more hot fudge, whipped topping and a cherry.
Sonic Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae

5 comments on “New at Sonic: Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog and Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae

  1. Kevin D says:

    Special mustard sauce would’ve been a cool addition to this item. Still looks good af

  2. Kiki says:

    A local Sonic had this since popcorn chicken day so I tried it then. Nothing ground breaking but a good combo. Probably my favorite of the pretzel dogs.

  3. Joe Cool says:

    I was hoping the red velvet fad was gone. So tired and played out.

  4. JF says:

    I liked their last pretzel dogs offerings. This sounds real good too. I still don’t like when places boil their hot dogs, it doesn’t take that much more effort, etc. to grill them. It would make it so much better. But I think I will give this a try in the next week or two.

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