New at Sonic: Cheesy Pub Sandwiches and Waffle Cone Sundaes

With the 50-cent corn dog promotion out of the way, it’s now time to take a look at the newest menu items at Sonic.  Introducing the Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwiches and the Cheesy Pub Burger. The Cheesy Pub Sandwiches are made with Cheddar cheese sauce, a slice of white Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a creamy caramelized onion sauce.  Suggested prices are $4.59 for crispy chicken, $4.79 for grilled chicken, and $3.99 for the burger.

Cheesy Pub Chicken Sandwich SonicAlso new to the Sonic menu are Waffle Cone Sundaes and there are three featured choices: Snickers & Caramel, Strawberry M&M and Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  The Snickers & Caramel Waffle Cone Sundae is Sonic’s featured dessert for its Ice Cream Social Club and it features a waffle cone topped with Snickers Bars pieces, caramel, whipped topping and a cherry.  Suggested price for the Waffle Cone Sundaes is $2.89.

Waffle Cone Sonic

7 comments on “New at Sonic: Cheesy Pub Sandwiches and Waffle Cone Sundaes

  1. rob says:

    Sandwiches look pretty cheesy.

  2. @homercles82 says:

    I have tried the Pub Burger and thought it was good. The pub cheese sauce has that salty pub style taste and it works well with the sandwich. I will say the pub cheese sauce over powers the onion spread on the base. Also, the white cheddar slice adds nothing, and the slippery cheddar against the pub sauce does not make this car friendly. You will want the lettuce and tomato the help with the saltiness of the pub cheese sauce.

    Overall, a good burger, but next time I will ask for it without onion sauce and no sliced cheddar. I will ask for pub sauce on the side for my fries.

  3. I ate there once I would like to go back.

  4. Jenne says:

    I tried the Reeses’ s waffle cone sundae. I found it disappointing. The toppings were scarce, the softserve flavorless, and the pale waffle cone kind of bleh. Not worth the price IMHO

  5. Raymond says:


  6. Cherisse says:

    I tried the cheesy pub chicken sandwich a few weeks ago and OMG it was so good! I am not a fan of onions but the onion taste on the sauce was just noticable but blended perfectly with the cheesy part of the sauce. Just stopped at sonic again and didnt see it on the menu.. Do they not sell it anymore? That would be sad if the best sandwich at sonic was only there for a limited time.. 🙁

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