New at Popeyes, Louisiana Trios and Raspberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie

Popeyes has introduced its latest combo promotion called Louisiana Trios. Get your choice of Three pieces of Cajun Fish, Three Tenders or a Leg, Wing and Thigh plus a biscuit, for $3.99.  Popeyes Cajun Fish is described as “tender, premium whole-fillet whitefish seasoned in our own savory blend of Louisiana spices then served up crispy in our Southern-style crumb breading.”  Popeyes Handcrafted Tenders are “100% whole breast meat tenders are slow marinated in our unique blend of Louisiana seasonings, then hand-battered and breaded right in our kitchens and cooked up fresh.”  Also for a limited time Popeyes is offering Raspberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie for dessert.

Lousiana Trios Popeyes

10 comments on “New at Popeyes, Louisiana Trios and Raspberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie

  1. Tim says:

    I went there tonight and they were out of tenders. But they also had a sign saying the Chicken Waffle Tenders were coming back soon.

    • scram says:

      I hope they’ve retooled their Chicken and Waffles batter. It was ALL sweet. There was no saltiness/spice to them, which is what makes REAL chicken and waffles delicious.

      • ahecht says:

        Fortunately Popeyes has hot sauce packets readily available to take care of the salty/spicy part. I just hope they can manage to keep the maple dipping sauce in stock.

        • scram says:

          It’s not the same. What makes ckicken and waffles so good is the saltiness of the chicken and the sweetness of the waffles and syrup. With Popeyes concoction, the chicken is sweet, the maple syrup is sweet, everything is sweet. There is no contrast between sweet and salty, which is why I hated their chicken and waffles. I even added salt to the chicken after I got it, but it didn’t help. I was so looking forward to it last year, but I tried it once, and that was enough for me.

    • BigBelly says:

      thanks for that news, I was hoping so when I saw the raspberry/cream cheese pie
      I think last year they did a raspberry, then blackberry/cream cheese when the waffle tenders came out

    • Ray says:

      Every time I see a Popeyes post, I hope it’s about the Chicken Waffle Tenders coming back. Glad to know it should soon be a reality!

  2. JoeyF says:

    Anybody tried the Cajun Fish? I’d like to check it out but not be stuck with 3 pieces if it’s no good. I’ll see if they will sell me a “Trio” with one fish, one tender, and one leg.

    • scram says:

      It’s just “meh”. You’re better off getting Captain D’s Cajun Fish Tenders meal, which comes with 4 large tenders, two sides, and hushpuppies for $4.99. It’s a lot of food at a great price, and delicious.

  3. cs says:

    After having popeyes cajun fish, I felt like they should stick with chicken and shrimp. I would rathet go to long john silver’s for fish and I never go there. Captain Ds is awesome!

    • scram says:

      I agree. I really like Popeyes Zatarain Shrimp they do once or twice a year, but their fish offerings are a waste of time, imo. Captain D’s is awesome!

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