McDonald’s Testing Mozzarella Sticks in Select Locations

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Justin for sending over a glimpse of what he’s got at his local McDonald’s… Mozzarella Sticks.  

Earlier this evening I stopped by my local McDonald’s and found that they had mozzarella sticks! The location was in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. This was the first time I ever heard/seen them anywhere. They were available at 3 mozzarella sticks for $1.00 and marinara sauce was included.

McDonald's Mozzarella SticksAnd thanks @DanMader … w/ photo below credit to @melarenass

McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks 2

26 comments on “McDonald’s Testing Mozzarella Sticks in Select Locations

  1. Paul says:

    And he didn’t send you pictures of the actual mozzarella sticks?!

  2. SImon says:

    Not new. McDonald’s served these in the New York (and surrounding) region as part of their value meal back in the mid-2000s for a few years.

  3. Nick says:

    Cool story, but boxing isn’t really the top draw here.

  4. Ray says:

    Another dollar menu item. I can dig it. Just Fyi, i rarely eat fast food, but i love this website.

  5. rob says:

    Finally I can get a healthy meal at McDonalds.

  6. Tom says:

    NY had these a few years ago in the Mid-2000’s on the Dollar Menu. I think you used to get 4 for $1 though. They were okay.

  7. Mike S. says:

    I remember they used to have these as well as a $1 “chicken fajita” which was grilled chicken, cheese, sour cream, and peppers in a tortilla.

  8. Daniel Fletcher says:

    If this was Burger King, they’d put those mozz sticks on the McChicken.

  9. John says:

    This is good and bad news for me. I LOVE Mozzarella sticks and I frequently have to go to McDonald’s for cellular testing. This could be dangerous. Also, Arby’s has some of the better fast food Mozzarella sticks that I’ve tried.

  10. hortanz says:

    they used to have these a long time ago and I liked them, cool to see they’re back I guess

  11. alek says:

    Had these a back while. When I was a kid not bad. I was gutted when it disappeared from the menu. Cheap back then like $1 for 4 pieces

  12. Thistle says:

    If they ever start selling them in Northern CA, I might have to live at McDonalds.

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  15. Mike S. says:

    Damn, Ryan, this story is on the front of Fox News’ web site right now.

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  17. Kain says:

    We have had Mozzarella dippers (sitcks) in the UK for a while now at McDonalds. Usually a promo item though.

    Very nice they are too!

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  19. Zia says:

    I bought these without trying to fool myself they were healthful in any way. But I thought at the very least they would taste okay. WRONG. WORST tasting mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had! Cheese inside wasn’t melted. Coating tasted horrendous. YUCK YUCK YUCK. Don’t bother wasting even a dollar on 3 of these!!!!!!!! Big FAIL as far as I’m concerned.

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