McDonald’s Mighty Wings Now Priced at 5 for $3

McDonald’s released Mighty Wings nationwide back in September and I found them to be pretty mediocre.  One major issue with Mighty Wings was the price.  Nearly a dollar per Mighty Wing was far from a good value and it turns out they didn’t sell too well.  So now that there’s a surplus of Mighty Wings and a lot better values on the McDonald’s menu, they are back with a fresh new promo price of 5 Mighty Wings for $3.  Let’s see how well they sell now.  At 60-cents per wing, I may give Mighty Wings a second look.  In my original review they were priced at $4.79 for 5.

Mighty Wings 5 for $3

10 comments on “McDonald’s Mighty Wings Now Priced at 5 for $3

  1. JF says:

    They’ve had these back in the Denver area for a few weeks now, but still haven’t tried them.

    They also are doing 3 for $2 and 10 for $5.

  2. Justin ST says:

    These things are way too spicy, that’s why they failed.

  3. CaptBackslap, YOLO Edition says:

    I actually kinda dug these…glad they’re back, and cheaper (they were pretty steep before).

  4. Richard says:

    If this was the price to begin with they would have sold out of the original supply they had.

  5. Raymond says:

    5 piece meal with medium fries and drink is $4.99 around me. It’s a good price for what you get. If you really want some spice, get the habanero ranch to go with them.

  6. Eric says:

    I wish they were going to keep these on forever at this price. They’re probably one of my favorite things at McDonald’s, but it’s a shame they couldn’t bring the original price down any more than they did. For $5, I gladly had 10 last night.

  7. Jay says:

    I purchased a 10 piece of these today to split with two others for a light lunch. This was a really good fried wing that could have used a little more heat but at fifty cents a piece, the size and quality of the chicken was excellent and represented a very good value.

    I hope they arent just selling off their inventory and would consider keeping these around. This is the only product I would visit McDonalds for on a regular basis assuming the product stays the same and at current prices.

  8. ahecht says:

    I tried them today finally. They had a surprising amount of heat for a mainstream fast food item without the words “spicy” or “volcano” in the name, and were actually pretty good with the habanero ranch sauce.

  9. Bubbsy says:

    I like these a lot. For $3 you get a 3-piece wings and a McDitty – great lunch with free wi-fi. The wings are pretty plump, fried nice and crisp, definitely have some heat to go well with ranch. People who don’t like a little spice on their wings will not like these!

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