Dunkin’ Donuts New Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolatta

Dunkin’ Donuts has teamed up with the Arizona Beverages and Arnold Palmer Enterprises to introduce the new Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolatta. ¬†Half iced tea, half lemonade beverage in the form of a frozen Dunkin’ Coolatta and available at participating locations nationwide beginning today and through the summer months. Dunkin’ has also announced the return of the OREO Coolatta. Available in OREO Frozen Coffee and OREO Vanilla Bean. Any small Coolatta is promo priced at $1.99 throughout the month of May.

Arnold Palmer Coolatta Dunkin Donuts

2 comments on “Dunkin’ Donuts New Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolatta

  1. ahecht says:

    I’m surprised they paid to license the Arnold Palmer name and signature from Arnold Palmer Enterprises, Inc. instead of just calling it a half-and-half or lemonade iced tea.

    That said, I’m MUCH more excited about the oreo coolata coming back. That thing was amazing. I wonder if they’ll bring back the oreo donuts too.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m sitting here enjoying the oreo frozen coffee right now… happy to see this month bringing some treats to DD.

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