Corn Dogs are 50 cents All Day on May 22nd at Sonic

Attention hungry people… corn dogs are promo priced at 50-cents all day, Thursday, May 22nd in celebration of National End of School Day.

50 cent corn dogs Sonic

2 comments on “Corn Dogs are 50 cents All Day on May 22nd at Sonic

  1. Spam says:

    Having made my visit after 8 PM, I was able to take advantage of the 50-cent corn dogs AND the half-price shakes. As I pondered how many of the corn dogs to get, the order taker said the limit was 15 per order(!!), and that there had actually been a handful of customers that day who actually ordered that many (and would have ordered more, if allowed).

    Sonic’s corn dogs are full-sized, so 50 cents was a steal. I got four of them and a large Oreo cheesecake milkshake, and walked away so full it was nearly uncomfortable…but on value and taste, it was a win.

  2. Bravos says:

    I got to my Sonic later in the day too, so I was half expecting them to be sold out of the corn dogs. I asked the guy on the speaker if they still have corn dogs. He said, “You want seven corn dogs?” I was a little surprised I could order that many. I ended up with only 3 for myself (plus some tots!), which was plenty. I forgot about the half price shakes though.

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