New Oreo Biscuit Bites from Church’s Chicken to Debut on December 1st

Church’s Chicken is pairing up their honey-butter biscuits with Oreo cookies for a “one-of-a-kind” taste when Oreo Biscuit Bites become available on Monday, December 1st.  a pack of 5 Oreo Biscuit Bites will be priced at 99-cents while a 20 will go for $2.99.

Church’s is the first restaurant to pair fluffy honey-butter biscuits with the creamy, chocolatey goodness of Oreo cookies.  Each bite-sized morsel is baked to golden perfection and topped with a sweet and delicious vanilla icing glaze.

Oreo Biscuit Bites



7 comments on “New Oreo Biscuit Bites from Church’s Chicken to Debut on December 1st

  1. DuhMe says:

    What in the world? I’m not sure what to say about this.

  2. Nate D says:

    Does anyone else suspect that Church’s is just buying production scraps from Oreo factories for about twelve bucks a ton?

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Not going to lie, I need these in my life.

  4. MadSammyboy says:

    I am a recovering Church’s Chicken junkie… I went ‘health nut’ hey while back and rarely touch fast food anymore… And I miss it all the time. I’m also a recovering sweets junkie with a particular taste for Oreos. Additionally, there’s a Church’s Chicken about three minutes away from me.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here is that this announcement is, all at once, the greatest news I’ve ever heard and my most dreaded waking nightmare.

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