Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Burger King

Burger King is offering a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich at select locations and GrubGrade reader Eddie (@EFQZ on Twitter) tried it this morning in Muncy, PA.  Priced at $2.29 for the sandwich alone, Eddie says what we’re all probably expecting…  “looks and tastes bad”.  Waffles as bread and a breaded chicken patty plus Eddie topped it off with “Zesty Sauce” (dipping sauce for the Onion Rings).  I have nothing against chicken and waffles… in fact I love it… but this sandwich is scary.  Popeyes just needs to step up and put some Chicken Waffle Tenders in between toasted waffles and they’ll have a hit.

Burger King Waffle Chicken Sandwich

20 comments on “Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Burger King

  1. alek says:

    UGH! I hope this doesn’t make it in all Burger King locations. Burger King needs to come up with better ideas. Maybe a breakfast waffle sandwich instead of chicken waffle sandwich.

  2. Helldog says:

    Why on earth would BK half-ass a potential game changer? It boggles the mind.

  3. Alex K. says:

    Any potential it had to be good was flushed down the toilet when I read that they put the zesty sauce on it. Who thought that would be a good idea?

    • Axel says:

      They didn’t put the Zesty sauce on. It was done by the guy himself.

    • Sascha says:

      Pretty sure that was customer thing, not done through BK. Sounded pretty good to me though, better than the rest of that awful concoction.

    • Andre says:

      The guy who took the picture put the zesty sauce on it. I was going to comment that that may be the sloppiest sauce application I’ve ever seen.

    • JF says:

      Reading the comment, it was Eddie that added it to the sandwich, not included with it. Regardless, a sandwich like this has so much potential but looks like another BK fail. It appears it is just 2 waffles and their sad chicken patty. No hint of anything else. I’d expect at the very least there would be some syrup on it.

      Hopefully Popeye’s will give this a shot and do it right.

    • Joe Cool says:

      By “they”, you mean the reviewer and not BK right?

  4. BJ says:

    Probably the worst thing they ever came up with. Dry, bland, and tiny. I actually wanted to go back and slap the cashier in the face for serving me this sad little sandwich…

  5. Cory says:

    I don’t order chicken and waffles too much because it usually involves bones. If I eat fried chicken, it is tenders or patties; I just don’t like bones. This creation from BK satisfies that preference, obviously, but from this picture, it just looks plain sloppy, which alone makes it unappetizing to me.

    What I like to do every so often is stack Eggo waffles alternating with chicken patties. Drench it with Aunt Jemima, and eat with a fork. It’s neat and good.

    And I agree, don’t need the zesty sauce.

  6. Bubbsy says:

    This may at least a little tasty drenched in syrup, I’ve made chicken and waffles with a fried boneless breast before and it was good (yes I know this is a patty not a breast)…. I agree with Alex K – WHY on earth would you put zesty sauce on this? That makes no sense at all.
    I would think the people repulsed by this may have never had chicken and waffles before (with butter and syrup)?

  7. Helldog says:

    @AlexK. – reading comprehension solves your biggest problems: “…plus Eddie topped it off with “Zesty Sauce.” BK didn’t do it, Eddie did.

    • Sascha says:

      Let that be a lesson to you, Alex. Comprehend what you read, or six of us will tell you in increasing levels of hostility that you screwed up. Sorry.

  8. NateS says:

    This looks awful. Im asumming the waffle probably comes frozen. And that patty just looks densely saturated in grease.. FAIL PASS GTFO BK

  9. Jon L says:

    This is the darkest timeline…

  10. BigBelly says:

    I think a spicy syrup is severed on C&W in some parts of the country, possibly what he was going for. That sandwich looks like you’d be reaching for a drink after every bite with nothing on it, yuk

  11. ahecht says:

    Chicken and Waffles, when done right, should be topped with hot sauce and maple syrup. Popeyes came pretty close with their waffle tenders the one time I went that they actually had the maple dipping sauce in stock.

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