Cajun Style Turkey is Back at Popeyes

Have you ordered your Cajun Style Turkey from Popeyes yet?  The flash-fried Thanksgiving bird is back at participating Popeyes locations through December.  With a suggested price of $39.99 for a 9-13 pounder, the Cajun Style Turkey is hand-rubbed and infused with Louisiana seasonings.

Popeyes Cajun TurkeyPopeyes has also announced the release of four new Coca-Cola Limited Edition Holiday Collector Cups. The Limited Edition Holiday Collector cups are free with any 32 oz. beverage purchase and are available through December 31st.

Popeyes Holiday Cups 2014

6 comments on “Cajun Style Turkey is Back at Popeyes

  1. Astrid says:

    I poked around the Popeye’s website and didn’t see anything about a turkey. Is the idea to call up your local store and see if they’ll cook a bird for you?

  2. Ray says:

    $45.99 where I’m located, but it’s good, ordered it twice before.

  3. Vic Shocker says:

    Yo Ryan could you do dickeys bbq Cajun fried turkey. Thanx

  4. marc says:

    This was our turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Worth the price. Enjoyed it alot and im not the biggest turkey fan

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