BBQ Pizzas Coming to Pizza Hut on May 12th

Coming to Pizza Hut on Monday, May 12th are three new BBQ Pizzas. The BBQ Pizzas are topped with Honey BBQ sauce and feature Hand-Tossed crust with a toasted cheddar edge.  Pizza Hut has partnered with country artist Blake Shelton to promote the new line of pizzas.
A pizza and BBQ enthusiast, Shelton played a key role in inspiring the new menu items from Pizza Hut. So much so, the Smokehouse BBQ recipe is named in his honor. Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ and the other two BBQ recipes will be available beginning May 12 as a summer staple for $11 and consumers can enjoy a 2-liter Pepsi product for just $1 more.
BBQ Pizza from Pizza Hut
The BBQ Pizza choices:
  • Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ: With a southern twist and Blake’s inspiration, this pie features hardwood smoked bacon, smoked ham flavored with a hint of sugar and juicy pork.
  • Hawaiian BBQ: Featuring a tropical island favorite with a BBQ infused taste, this pizza provides smoked ham flavored with a hint of sugar, pieces of sweet pineapple and crisp green peppers.
  • Honey BBQ Chicken: A classic BBQ combination, this pizza is topped with tender, all-white meat chicken, hardwood smoked bacon and sweet red onions.

13 comments on “BBQ Pizzas Coming to Pizza Hut on May 12th

  1. DuhMe says:

    They have a BBQ Beef pizza here that I had always been curious about and oddly enough when I called to ask about it they said it was made with their regular pizza sauce. Not sure what to think with all of these being made with Honey BBQ Sauce.

  2. Dave says:

    Can’t say that I’m a big Hut fan, but I just might have to blow my Christmas gift card on these.

  3. Noodlez says:

    Pizza Hut here in Oklahoma has had a BBQ pizza. I was never able to find much info or a review online so I never gave it a try. But here is what the menu says…
    We pile on tender, hickory-smoked beef in a tangy bar-b-que sauce.”

    • Hunter-m3 says:

      My parents use to always get the BBQ BEEF PIZZA in the 90’s. It’s shredded beef with bbq sauce on it. I can remember I always thought it was OK when I was a kid.

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for Pizza Hut to have a BBQ pizza for a long time.

  5. Joe Cool says:

    Had me until I read that its honey bbq sauce on these pizzas. Can’t we just have normal bbq sauce.

  6. Mike N. says:

    All three actually sound promising!

  7. Adam says:

    “Pizza Hut has partnered with country artist Blake Shelton to promote the new line of pizzas.”

    Usually these big pizza chains give me only one reason to ignore their worthless offerings. Nice to see that it’s not just the recipe/ingredients this time.

  8. Icedus says:

    Uh oh, I hope they’re not retiring the Garlic Parmesan Pizzas for these. The promotional emails have been demanding I try those with increasing urgency.

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