50% Off Pizzas Online and There’s a One-Of-A-Kind Crust Coming to Pizza Hut January 16

From January 1st through January 10th, medium and large Pizza Hut pizzas are 50% off when ordered online when you sign up for Hut Lover’s Email.  Not valid on $10 Any.  Sweet deal, but I’m more interested in finding out about the little blurb below the 50% off promo… on January 16th A ONE-OF-A-KIND CRUST WILL RISE.  What could it be? Any guesses?

Pizza Hut One of a Kind Crust

25 comments on “50% Off Pizzas Online and There’s a One-Of-A-Kind Crust Coming to Pizza Hut January 16

  1. Icedus says:

    My guess? A Stuffed Crust with FOUR cheeses! All the rules are out the window!

  2. Richard says:

    It will be the worlds first ever Pretzel, Brioche, and jalapeno done in a tortilla style bread crust pizza!!!!

  3. Mike N. says:

    Maybe the words “will rise” is a clue? It’d be nice if would go back to making pan pizza dough in-house rather than using frozen pucks. That would hardly be “one-of-a-kind” though.

  4. Alex K. says:

    Would not doubt them somehow doing a pretzel crust, since EVERYBODY’S doing pretzel something or other.

    I’ll take a safe bet by saying it’ll be a chocolate glazed donut crust with cajun seasoning.

  5. Scrape says:

    Maybe they’ll actually go back to making the dough fresh in the restaurant rather than using the disgusting frozen pucks they currently use. They never seem to cook right and I’ve gotten more than one that hadn’t been cooked through.
    Papa’s and Domino’s both use fresh dough, albeit from a central commissary, but it IS fresh dough. And even more embarrassing is the Little Caesar’s here make their dough fresh in the store. Why is a $5 pizza from LC pizza harder to make (and better, BTW) than a $15 greasy hockey puck from PH?

  6. Billy Castillo says:

    A crust that is actually edible? That would be a first for pizza hut

  7. Pilar says:

    Maybe it will just be a self-rise crust, nothing special people!!

  8. Jay says:

    A pretzel bun crust stuffed with salted caramel.

  9. Yossarian says:

    It’s just new hand-tossed dough that actually makes the pizzas smaller. They brush the edges with butter and sprinkle them with a Parmesan-garlic mix. It’s really not very different.

  10. BigBelly says:

    take & bake…

  11. Michael says:

    I think of frozen self-rising crust like Digirno, take and bake.

  12. rob says:

    I am hoping for a crust stuffed with bacon and cheese

  13. Bubbsy says:

    I think the words “one-of-a-kind” are the implication they are setting.

    So I’m going with pretzel crust. I’ve been wondering for awhile why none of the big chains did a soft pretzel crust on pizza.

    A lot of people roll their eyes “EVERYBODY’S doing pretzel bread everything these days”… but I think it’s popular because a lot of people like the taste and texture.

    Hating anything that’s popular is quite popular these days. Ahem.

    • Alex K. says:

      It’s an unnecessary fad that won’t be around long. It rarely adds anything significant. Two examples: Ruby Tuesday’s pretzel buns are loaded in salt and are way too dry to enjoy, and Wendy’s had the blandest pretzel bun I’ve ever had. They suck.

  14. john says:

    It’s the dehydrated pizza from BTTFII.

  15. TJ says:

    Pizza Hut’s frozen crust isn’t all that bad, whatever this is I’m sure it will be average but edible enough.

  16. HutEmployee says:

    It’s simply a new handtossed style crust to replace the current one. Still made from frozen dough. After coming out of the oven, the crust will be ‘buttered’ and seasoned. Didn’t Domino’s start doing that when they released their new handtossed crust 2 or so years back?

  17. Amy says:

    I guess some kind of whole grain crust based on this article: http://www.kansas.com/2013/11/29/3147391/pizza-places-offering-testing.html

  18. Darrell Martinsen says:

    How have they managed to keep this under wraps? Usually with less than a week before a reveal, someone has inside info and leaks it lol. The hot dog stuffed crust was successful not only in the UK but also last October in Canada! So if that’s what it is I’d love to try it!

  19. Anon says:

    My guess is idontcarecausepizzahutistheworstpizza

  20. PizzaLover says:

    I hope it’s not something dubbed “healthy”, like whole wheat. I can eat whatever I want, and don’t give me that “you help pay for my health care” crap. Screw that. I own my own body, just like women say they do.
    I don’t understand all the hate for Pizza Hut, either. I like their pizza, especially the pan. Sure, I’ve had some not-so-good ones, but most mom-and-pop pizza places I’ve patronized really blow. They’re like the Imo’s chain in St. Louis–cheese whiz on a giant cracker. Go Pizza Hut and the next big king, which is growing nationwide–Jet’s Pizza! Order their “Jet 10” and you’ll be getting about the best pizza can get!

  21. PizzaLover says:

    Well, it’s January 18, and I’ve had their “new”, “one-of-a-kind” crust.

    I’ve got to eat my words (I wrote above on January 15.) I’ve defended Pizza Hut for years, as most of my friends agree with all of the other Hut Haters on this site.
    As for this “new” crust, Pizza Hut should be ashamed of themselves. My guess is that they’re making a play for the kids who prefer tasteless food, like McDonald’s. I swear Chuck E Cheese has more flavor than PH’s “new” crust! This is bowling alley pizza. Actually, I’ve have better pizza at bowling alleys.
    Thanks for nothing, Pizza Hut. I’m now going to eat crow fed by my friends’ loud and collective told-ya-so!
    You lost a good customer.

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