50% Off Any Menu-Priced Domino’s Pizza Ordered Online March 17-23

Today through Sunday, March 23rd at Domino’s, all menu-priced pizzas ordered online are 50% off.  What’s your favorite?  Pan Pizza or Artisan?  I can’t say no to the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza.

Dominos 50

6 comments on “50% Off Any Menu-Priced Domino’s Pizza Ordered Online March 17-23

  1. Anne Sutton says:

    I think you left out an option….I am just a fan of their regular hand-stretched crust. And their garlicky crust is better than Pizza Hut’s in my opinion. Not terribly big on artisan or pan at Domino’s.

  2. Kyle says:

    I work at Domino’s and the best deals with this are clearly for the pan pizza and artisan pizzas, especially the artisan for those who like it it’s an amazing deal for about $4.50. I also suggest asking for the pan to be cooked an extra minute, unless you like a gooey pizza. Since the pan is thicker I think the extra minute or two makes a big difference

    • Chowder says:

      Kyle, you are greatly mistaken. With the 50% off, you don’t get to purchase the pizzas (pan and artisan) at their “promo/special” prices, you have to pay full price. For example, a 2 topping med pan pizza is $14.50 regular price, with the 50% office it comes out to $7.25, compared it to being a special promo price of $7.99 every day of the week for the same item. So no, the best deals with this offer is everything except the pan and artisan pizzas.

      • TJ says:

        I think you’re half right.. he’s right about the artisan pizzas though. That’s the only time I get them. I’ve never seen any deal on those other than this deal which works for everything.

      • Mike N. says:

        At my local Domino’s a 2-topping pan comes out at $4.49 + tax for carryout, a large 1-topping hand tossed is about $1 more.

      • Kyle says:

        No, not mistaken at all. Sure if you want a 2-topping pan it’s not much cheaper. However a 1 topping pan pizza at my location costs $6.20 w tax and plain cheese would be $5.50. You will never get a pan pizza for that price except the 50% off. Also, how are you even arguing the artisan pizza? It’s never cheaper than $7.99 so the 50% off is the only time I’d ever suggest buying it. We have deals all the time ($7.99 carryout) ($5.99 mix and match) that work on the regular pizzas so I stand by my statement (especially for the artisans)

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