2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal at Burger King Now Including Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich

If you don’t take advantage of the 2 for $5 Mix & Match deal at Burger King, you’re going to pay too much for a mediocre sandwich.  So get two mediocre sandwiches for five bucks and save yourself a few bucks.  The 2 for $5 promo has been going for a while now with a few changes from time to time… the latest update has the Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich (review) joining the Big King (review), Big Fish (review), and Original Chicken Sandwich (review).2 for $5 BK

17 comments on “2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal at Burger King Now Including Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich

  1. MP says:

    “So get two mediocre sandwiches…”
    A ringing endorsement for sure.
    “Lost? Drunk? Confused? Hungry? Can’t find any crud on the ground? Stop by Burger King for some mediocre sandwiches! Or you could go somewhere else & get something much better instead!”

  2. Ryan says:

    You’re being too nice by saying mediocre. BK is the first time I’ve ever vomited while eating a burger.

  3. Mike N. says:

    If they put the XL BBQ cheeseburger back on there I’d be all over it!

  4. Daniel Fletcher says:

    I actually have been craving a Whopper but I’m not eating there anymore because of the merger. Really wishing I had paid more appreciation to my last one, but alas I didn’t know I would never taste one again. 🙁

  5. TJ says:

    I’ll be part of the minority and say I think mediocre is fair enough, especially if it’s just something you get on the rare occasion where you have few other options. Sure you can do better in any decent sized city, but if you’re on the road a lot.. especially through areas of the country that don’t have many choices.. ehh my wife and I can eat one of their chicken sandwiches for under 3 bucks a piece once a month. Guess we’re crazy hah.

  6. Ray says:

    The fish and big mac rip off. That’s about it.

  7. Garzol says:

    Whatever, Burger King is better than the crap they serve at McDonalds by a mile!

    • Raiders757 says:

      That’s not a very ringing endorsement, and honestly, I’ll have to disagree. BK has fallen so far over the years, that yes, even McDonald’s is better.

      • Garzol says:

        You, my friend, are disgusting for liking McDonald’s better than BK. My BK always has fresh tasting food. The McDonald’s by me, however, is filled with your stereotypical American that doesn’t care what they eat as long as they only spend it on the McDonald’s dollar menu.

  8. asdf says:

    why do people feel the need to make excuses when they eat fast food? like “oh it’s great but only when stoned/drunk” or “i’m only eating it because there’s nothing better in a million-mile radius.” who even cares? no need to be so insecure about revealing what kinds of food you eat, especially on the internet.

  9. Raiders757 says:

    This breaks down to $2.50 each for the original chicken sandwich. A sandwich that barely justifies a $1.99 price tag without being on sale or part of a “mix and match deal”.

  10. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Have a stack of BK coupons that I have not used, no desire to go there. Ditto for the McD ones also. Lackluster food. Carl’s Jr for example just so much better.

  11. Cc says:

    Bk and mcd are both terrible. If you are trying to choose one over the other you’ve already lost.

  12. Trapster1000 says:

    Hey, what about Wendy’s? Is it better than BK and McD’s?

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