Poll: Best Fast Food Fish Sandwich

I’ve constructed a poll of popular fast food restaurants that currently offer a fish sandwich.  If you’ve got a favorite, enter your vote and leave a comment.  The list was narrowed down to five choices to keep it tight.  All brands on our poll have a decent amount of locations across the country and should be represented well.  What’s your choice for Best Fast Food Fish Sandwich?Fast Food Fish SandwichArby’s has the Reel Big FilletBurger King has the Premium Alaskan Fish SandwichCarl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish SandwichMcDonald’s with the Filet-O-Fish and finally Wendy’s with their Premium North Pacific Cod Fillet.  Don’t see your favorite?  Let us know what you consider to be the best fast food fish sandwich.  [polldaddy poll=6902395]

54 comments on “Poll: Best Fast Food Fish Sandwich

  1. Sandy says:

    My vote goes to Culver’s. Real cod, great taste. Although I usually get their 2-piece meal over the sandwich. Same fish though.

    • Tim says:

      CARL’S JR just came out with there charbroiled cod sandwich. I hate tartar sauce so i had mine dry but with a little lemon zest this became my fav fish sandwich. Try it. Well seasoned but a little salt and like I said, lemon juice wouldnt hurt

  2. Jrdunn says:

    Mcd’s only because its the only Ive tried. Wish it was always a dollar though

  3. MP says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that Long John Silver’s doesn’t have a fish sandwich that’s widely consumed. Tho just had a 2-piece fish meal yesterday because that’s what I think of first for fish.

  4. Jordan says:

    What is it with people’s obsession over Mcdonalds?? Their fish sandwich is WAY over-rated and not even worthy of comparison to the likes of Arby’s or Wendy’s fish sandwich…smh.

    • M86 says:

      I don’t get it either…

      • Alex K. says:

        I agree on this one. Same with the fries thing. McDonald’s fries (and food in general) is insanely overrated. I guess it’s getting votes because people haven’t had Arby’s or Wendy’s fish sandwich… both of which are much better.

        • MP says:

          It’s because McDonald’s is everywhere & the lowest common denominator. The most popular doesn’t mean the best. The biggest perk about the Filet-o-Fish is it doesn’t taste like fish at all. The fish itself has no flavor, is oily, firm & feels like it was pressed together from shards.

    • IBeAnonymous says:

      I can’t speak for Arby’s, but I’ve had the Wendy’s fish sandwich on a few occasions and the problem is that the fish doesn’t taste good, it tastes too “fishy”.

      When fish is fresh you get a great smooth flavor, but when it get’s old it get’s “fishy” and the flavors become harsh. And yes I understand the absurdity of comparing a frozen deep fried piece of fish to fresh but I am just trying to explain what it reminds me of and why I don’t like it.

      McDonald’s, on the other hand, has never tasted “fishy” to me. It is always consistent , yet not overpowered by the other condiments (compared to other fast food that can’t seem to get their tartar sauce right or find a good mix of toppings for their fish sandwich). Filet-o-fish wins hands down for me!

    • Christine M says:

      ITA. My sister was saying how much she likes it. I told her to take her money to Arby’s

  5. Sean says:

    I’ve recently tried McDonalds, Burger King, and Arby’s. For me, it’s the Filet O’ Fish, Hands down. Melt in your mouth good.

  6. Ashley s says:

    I 100% agree that Culvers has the best. Can’t believe they weren’t listed!

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Well hurry up and tell them to expand their market. I don’t think there is a grubgrade writer even in the same state as a Culver’s. =P

      • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

        I live in Culver’s home state and the founder went to college in my hometown. Let me know if GG needs a Wisconsin guy.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          Definitely shoot Ryan an email then. I’d love to see some Culver’s reviews. Now if only someone who lived near a Made-Rite could write reviews, Grubgrade would be complete!

  7. Medha says:

    Jack in the box has one now too but I haven’t tried it yet. I like the one at Wendy’s but I think the classic filet o fish is still da best.

    • Jimmy James says:

      It tastes almost exactly like the Filet-o-fish, except cheese costs extra and the lettuce doesn’t bring anything to the party. Their previous fish sandwich–the one with the fish from the fish & chips–was A LOT better, although I’m not sure if they still offer it.

      As for me, I like the Filet-o-fish best as well, I just wish it wasn’t so costly.

      The one from Carl’s sucks though, big time. Yes it was hot, moist, and had a nice crust, but it didn’t taste good; there was something off about it, maybe the seasoning.

  8. Raposin says:

    I’ve never had a fast food fish sandwich before. So I think ill try the winner of this poll.

  9. T.J. says:

    McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish. Love the super soft bun. It allows the crunch of the fried fish to shine. I also prefer my fish sandwiches without lettuce. I sometimes buy one sans tartar sauce and slap it on a regular cheeseburger. McSurf n’ Turf. Yum.

  10. Gilly says:

    I agree with Sandy – Culver’s North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich is the best fast food fish I’ve had, although I’ve only had McDonald’s to compare it to and let’s be honest, the Filet-O-Fish may come in a pretty blue box, but it’s kind of nasty.

  11. TJ says:

    Jack in the Box always seems to be the best value during the Lent season. It’s nothing special, just a pretty big fish sandwich for a couple bucks. I’m curious to try the Carl’s Jr. sandwich, it looks good.

  12. M86 says:

    McDonald’s is in the lead? A big sigh and a big gross. And McD’s serves it with American processed cheese. American cheese and fish do not mix, I don’t care if it’s fast food.

    Arby’s is #1 for me. Culver’s would be a very close 2nd, with Wendy’s being 3rd.

    • Ryan says:

      I think McDonald’s being in 1st right now is due to the fact that the Filet-O-Fish is probably the only fast food fish sandwich the voter has tried. Just a hunch. I’ve tried 4 of the 5 and my list goes Arby’s #1, Wendy’s #2, McDonald’s #3, Burger King #4.

  13. Roger H says:

    Has anyone here actually had Burger King’s fish? I don’t like Burger King, but their fish is FAR better than McDonald’s and Hardees. I haven’t had Wendy’s or Arby’s though.

    • Manavee says:

      I agree with you. BK deserves a lot of the criticism it gets, but their fish sandwich is actually very good.

      I really do not understand the love for the Filet of Fish. If BK had released that sandwich today they would have rightly been ridiculed. I honestly think it must just be a nostalgia thing with most people.

  14. Tammy says:

    My vote was Arby’s. I never did understand the Filet-O-Fish with the half slice af processed American cheese 😛

  15. Roger says:

    Arby’s is first. Remember that Wendy’s and Arby’s were briefly tied corporately and it was during that time that Wendy’s fish improved. I think that product DNA explains Wendy’s current offering. Not a problem. Hardees grilled fish thing was OK but not memorable.

  16. Jonathan says:

    #1 White Castle Fish Sliders, #2 Tie between Arbys and Wendys (depends on the location) other than that I can’t stand McDonalds Firsh Sandwich anymore and the Fish McBites are a failure as well.

  17. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Culver’s Walleye, A&W Pacific Cod, Hardee’s Charbroiled Atlantic Cod.

  18. Out of the ones listed, Arby’s wins hands down, although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for McD’s fish sandwich, even though it is ridiculously overpriced now.

  19. Jessica James says:

    I would have to vote for Wendy’s. I like the breading and the fish filet size. It’s a bit pricier and probably a bit saltier, but it still gets my vote.

  20. Chefprotoss says:

    I just noticed there are no votes for Captain D’s. Does anyone other than I love that place?

  21. Sandra says:

    At over $8 for a value meal at Culver’s I am still looking for the best fish sandwich

  22. Echo710 says:

    I like the idea of the charbroiled fish sandwich from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr… not being breaded and fried at least makes it stand out… but I haven’t actually had the chance to try it yet so I can’t give it my vote. I think for me it’s a tie between the Arby’s fish sandwich (based on taste alone) and the McDonald’s filet-o-fish (based on taste + nostalgia).

  23. Christine M says:

    Arby’s hands down! We eat it often because we know it is only around for a while.

  24. joymb says:

    None of those places come out tops for me when thinking of a fish sandwich. I’d guess Long John Silvers, although I wouldn’t be surprised if another could be better. Sorry, don’t have a Captain D’s around here… I’d bet Culver’s is pretty good, although there’s none of those around here either. Definitely NOT arby’s, mcdonalds, burger king, or wendy’s. yuck.

  25. Jerrica Zimmerman Weber says:

    I wish Arbys would sell their fish sandwich year round. IT’S THE BOMB!! Also bring back Bronco Berry Sauce!!

  26. The Arby’s fish sandwich is by far my #1 vote. It is a very mild fish and very tasty. also it is not pressed into a cake.

  27. Earlean Strickland says:

    Had one for lunch yesterday, it was so good and hot. That’s the only way to eat fish (HOT)

  28. Pamela Johnson says:

    Arby’s fish sandwich is a real filet, has a very mild taste & is really big. It’s my favorite sandwich now.

  29. Dianne Parker says:

    I absolutely love the McDonald’s Filet of Fish!! I have tried others and I just don’t like them.

  30. Sascha says:

    Can’t comment on Hardee’s, since I haven’t had it. Can’t comment on BK either, but is has to be better than McDonald’s.

    McD’s is the absolute worst. I’ve had three, all about two years apart, and none for about a decade now. First, I’m absolutely opposed to any fish and cheese combination, but I tried the Filet both with and without, and while with cheese is pretty much inedible, without wasn’t really any better. Hands down the worst fish known to man.

    Had the Wendy’s one when it was first introduced, not bad but not really good either, it’s really just there.

    Had two from Arby’s just today, as the 2 for $4 deal is quite spectacular. First one was really quite good, hot, crispy and flaky, but the second one seemed to be a bit older, and quickly lost all those key attributes. Still, given the choices, and not having tried Hardee’s, the Arby’s sandwich is easily the best, and a great value.

    Speaking of great value though. While there’s certainly nothing inherently special about the quality or appearance of the fish sandwich and Rally’s/Checker’s, it’s the only one I ever tend to crave. I like fish, so I order it a lot, but I really only ever actually crave the one from Rally’s. And at 2 for $3, it’s an even better value than Arby’s, albeit for a smaller sandwich.

    Also went to Culver’s a couple days ago with the intend of having the whitefish sandwich. I’ve had the fish dinners there, and I know I can expect great taste. But, the sandwich alone would have cost me $5.95, and I wasn’t going to spend that, not with the quality of burgers they have at Culver’s. Too bad, really.

  31. ri says:

    Hardees is the only place that serves a non breaded or fried fish sand.

  32. Mrs. M.H. says:

    Arby’s is the plumpest and freshest Fish Sandwich.

  33. Jessica says:

    Backyard burger has a fish sandwich I look forward to trying it–looks really good on the commercial (but don’t they all:) and the new fish mcbites aren’t sandwiches but they are WAY better in quality than their fish sandwich

  34. Will says:

    Why wasn’t on the list?


  35. Brad says:

    Culvers has the best fish Sandwitches hands down,with fresh hand dipped batter made to order. It made cost a bit more but well worth it, if you like cod or walleye, they also have a great fish dinner.

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