McRib Giveaway: McRib Prize Packs Up for Grabs

Which one of you is a McRib first timer?  Let’s fix that.  I’ve got a bunch of these McRib prize packs to give away.  Each gift bag includes a McRib t-shirt, McRib sweatband, McRib stain removal pens, a big McRib bib and 10 free McRib coupons.McRib McDonald's In order to qualify to win one of these bags of McRib goodies, leave a comment on this post or on our McRib review post.  Please let us know if you’re a McRib first timer or have some friends/family that haven’t yet experienced a McRib.  10 free McRibs per winner is plenty to share with some first timers.  So who are the most deserving McRib first timers?  Comment away!  Winners will be selected on Sunday, January 6th and prizes will be shipped out on Monday.  Good luck!

193 comments on “McRib Giveaway: McRib Prize Packs Up for Grabs

  1. Never had one, need to have one, it seems…

  2. zz says:

    I am a McRib virgin.

  3. Justin says:

    I have no friends in New York. I could make a bunch if I win this.

  4. I tried it and hated it, but I have two teenagers that would like to become McRib believers. You may be their only hope.

  5. Justin says:

    Couple weeks ago stopped at McDonalds and got my brother one because I thought he loved it. Turns out it was his first! I still haven’t had one son I guess it’d be my first as well!

  6. Scott Theo says:

    I would gladly don the bib and head band as I dive face first into 10 mcribs. Thanks GrubGrade!

  7. Cynthia L says:

    I love McRibs!!! I’m trying to get my roommate to try one. she looks at me like I’m crazy and thinks they are gross. she is missing out!

  8. Brandon says:

    Never had one, surprisingly because I always go to McD’s. But if I win I plan to eat a bunch and when I’m full give them to my brother for his upcoming birthday.

  9. adam says:

    Always wanted to try one but was always scared…. even the bones are made of ribs

  10. Gladys says:

    I’ve never had one! but it looks delicious!

  11. john says:

    never tried one but I would love to!

  12. Justin says:

    had my first and only mcRib at the Cincinatti/Northern Kentucky airport a few years ago…Not the best choice before boarding a flight, but it tasted delicious going down!

  13. Whitney says:

    never had one, but always was tantalized… the dollar menu always wins me over… but I’d love the push to try it. 🙂

  14. Al says:


  15. Ken says:

    Gone are the days when I’d have 3 McRibs for lunch (take the meat from one to another to make a double decker, ditch the pickles on all 3) and then double back for more at dinner. But still once or twice a McRib season I pick one up. Still good in this limited quantity, I don’t scrape off as many of the onions anymore, yet I still ditch the pickle. Approaching some known McRib-refusers (wifey and friends) with a shirt and sweat band would be an effective way to get some of those coupons used.

  16. James says:

    My wife has never had a McRib, she says that she would not eat one, but she is stunting! I bet if it was free the McRib would instantly be gold smothered in sauce! Haha!

  17. Darrell Martinsen says:

    I always thought the onions were overkill too, so I just asked them to put a few of the rehydrated onion pieces (like on the McDoubles) on there and it was much better! I also get a slice of cheese on it. Good stuff! My best friend swears the frozen JTM rib pieces are exactly the same thing, yet he refuses to try a McRib! How can he be so sure if hes never had one?! Lol this prize would ensure that he has one, if it means me having to force feed him them! 🙂 And his “followers” Lol!

  18. Ben says:

    Love the McRib, every time its back I spread the joy that is McRib. Who needs mcchickens?

  19. dale greene says:

    Love McRibs. Can’t wait every year till they come out.

  20. John says:

    I have yet to experience the McRib yet. I am excited to and last year when I went to get one they stopped it 2 days earlier! I was so mad at myself. Hopefully I can get this prize pack and get me one now 🙂

  21. Kristina says:

    I’ve never had a McRib before. I remember a few years ago in November I was on the phone with my grandmother, and randomly, in the middle of our conversation, she exclaimed “I have to go! The McRib is back.” She literally hung up on me, and then proceeded to go get a McRib only to end up calling me back 20 minutes later saying that I just haaaaaad to go try one.

    Well, I still haven’t tried one, but maybe if it’s good enough for my grandmother to hang up on me and go get one, then I should probably try it.

  22. S. Koeut says:

    Dear GrudGrade Gods,

    I’m a non-believer of the magic of the McRib. I have friends who swear by it, who would gladly give up their first born to ensure their taste buds are never devoid of the deliciousness of the McRib. However, I have resisted. But it’s a new year and I think my body is ready. I’m ready for my existential experience. Please bless me with the gift of the McRib and I will be forever grateful.


    McRib non-believer

  23. Jennifer M. says:

    I’ve never had one but you’re review has me intrigued. I want a taste of nostalgia.

  24. Thistle says:

    I’ve never had one, but I’d be willing to try it! And bring nine friends along… or keep them all for myself if I like it. 😉

  25. james says:

    I have never in my life had a McRib and feel like, in order to REALLY enjoy my experience, I would need to be fully kitted out with headband & t-shirt. Otherwise, why would I bother?

  26. HotToddy23 says:

    The only thing that was equivalent to the McRib was the similar sandwich served in my high school cafeteria… it was fantastic (which is somewhat sad, I know). I guess it doesn’t say much about my palate. I have to admit that I’ve grabbed a few McRibs in the past couple weeks and had a spirited debate with a few friends about whether or not it was really meat. Nothing like the McRib sparking a good, and strange, conversation!

  27. Christina Ramey says:

    I love the McRib. I get at least one every time it comes out. My father-in-law has never had one! He is afraid to try new stuff by himself, even though I promise him it is amazing. I would love for him to find out how amazing it is. I consider him the Dad I always wanted, since my real Dad is never around and never is interested in me. If I win this pack, I’ll be able to show father-in-law how great the McRib is and we get to share time and a meal together as a family. Thanks!!

  28. Rubbery Bacon says:

    I’m a McRib greenhorn *embarrassed face*, but would wear the t-shirt and sweatband to the gym with pride! It would be hard to decipher if the people around me are sweating, or drooling!

  29. Thistle says:

    I’ve never had one, but I’d be willing to try it! And share with nine friends… or keep them all for myself if I like it. 😉

    I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment! The site keeps timing out and it looks like it hasn’t gone through yet.

  30. Frederick says:

    I have never had one but I have always wanted to try them to see what the fuss is all about.

  31. Levin says:

    haven’t had one in maybe 20 years, kinda scared, but I’ll try almost anything twice!

  32. Michael Flory says:

    I was a McRib first timer as of last week. I read your blog every day and one day last week I was hungry and looking for something quick to eat and I remembered your blog stating the McRib was back… so I went.. It was soooo good! I can’t believe I’ve missed out for so long… My wife still hasn’t had one, maybe this week I’ll bring her home one…… if I don’t eat it on the way. 😉

  33. Sheng says:

    Love the McRib! Sadly, I don’t go to McDs very often so I miss it. Thanks grubgrade for reminding me!

  34. Adam says:

    I’ve had more McRibs than fingers and toes, but it’s time to pass along the tradition to my children. Please help me have a McRib buffet!

  35. edh says:

    I have never had a McRib, a Filet-O-fish or a pop tart.

  36. Vance says:

    I’ve never had one before, but I think they had something like this at my middle school…

  37. Amanda says:

    I have never had a McRib. I HAVE had those preformed rib-shaped patties in school, though. Ha!

  38. Lily Sheng says:

    I’ll gladly give some to my boyfriend. Poor guy drooled over the idea of some McRibs last time we were at a McDonald’s but I said no because I was already full from a Big Mac and some chicken nuggets… Thanks GrubGrade!

  39. Rich says:

    A McRib second timer. Had for the first time when they were rolled out last. Even after finding out what they are made of I still like them. :p

  40. Mary says:

    I’ve never tried one, they look gross and I don’t go to McDonalds ever. But for free I would go.

  41. Noodlez says:

    I love me some McRib’s and my friends give me hell about my obsesion over them. Saying they are gross and whatnot. Yet they have never had one… Crazy buggers. Now I know they also are cheap and couldn’t turn down me treating them to a couple free ones. So I would sport the gear and hook those clueless fools up at the same time.

  42. Julie says:

    My kids are McRib first timers and they need to learn sometime. Plus they will make a mess so a McRib bib sounds perfect!

  43. Chuck says:

    Never had it,but I’d like to try it! It’s got to be better than the pork patties in my tv dinners, after all it’s Micky D’s!!

  44. Samgee says:

    I’ve come close to trying the McRib many times, but in the end I always back out because I think to myself, “You know what would really go with this? A McRib First Timer sweatband.” I’m still holding out for the ultimate experience.

  45. stephen z says:

    I love McRibs, I had one last night with a Big Mac actually lol. Anyways, if I get ten free McRibs…then I’m going to do something Epic Mealtime like with them.

  46. Brent says:

    My girlfriend hates my obsession with McRibs, and is a McRib version. A sweatband, a t-shirt, and a free coupon are the perfect way to break her in.

  47. Zach says:

    I have a few friends who could use a McRib.. they’ve never had one… they definitely need to experience this.

  48. sarah says:

    no one in my family has ever tried one! Mcoinkatize me plz

  49. Tracy says:

    I am a McRib virgin. I usually try everything that has a big hype to see what the big deal is but I always seem to never get around to a McRib before it’s gone. I would love to have a reason to be sure to try one!

  50. Thomas says:

    I love Mcribs! I’m always trying to get my friends and family to try em every year they come around. They’re always disgusted with the thought of a mcbrib, until they try em haha

  51. Ashley s says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve never tried one before!

  52. David says:

    Almost 52 years old and I’ve never eaten a McRib. I think it’s about time….

  53. Helldog says:

    I just had two yesterday. Local store is running order the combo, get a 2nd McRib for $1. I’m a sucker for a deal.

  54. Dorian says:

    I am a McRib first timer! The reason being I have been afraid to go because one of my friends got sick off eating one. Then others tell me its good and I say pay for my meal and they all say they don’t have money. I’m not going to spend money on something that can possibly make me sick. But winning the prize pack will be a different story. I would happily go to McDonalds and order one to see if it is good and hopefully I dont get sick. Even if I do or don’t like it I plan on giving those coupons to the plenty of homeless people that I see around the McDonalds in my area. But hopefully I win to see what the craze is about

  55. Lauren says:

    Never had one and still not sure if I want to…a freebie may tip the scale…

  56. Mark says:

    My girlfriend!! She is a very uneducated eater, and I have shared with her such glories as the ham bomb, the fatty melt, the donut burger, guacamole, tomato pies…the list is too long. She likes Wendy’s nuggets. While those are great, they do not compose a complete diet. I have been trying to get her to see the beauty that is the McRib. It’s rareness. It’s sauciness. The crunch of the onion, the tang of the pickles, combined with the smokey BBQ sauce and the tender McRibbiness. The time has come! Help me save this girl’s palette! Let’s give this girl a reason to get excited when she passes those arches and sees the phrase that keeps all of our cardiologists in nice homes! THE MCRIB IS BACK!

  57. Scrape says:

    Taste it again for the first time? I haven’t had one of these in like 20 years! Thats a nice kit of swag, too!

  58. Nick says:

    i remain the only person in my family to actively enjoy the McRib as they all seem weary of its 100% real pork claim..i suspect the aura of its notoriety (and deliciousness!) has them intimidated

  59. Libby says:

    I’ve never, ever had a McRib. I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a McRib today.

  60. Bj says:

    My roommate and I are both mcrib virgins. This would be perfect for our house!

  61. Tiny2819 says:

    McRib with no onion or pickle, and extra sauce… sucks they charge you for the sauce but you HAVE to get it, nothing worse than a dry fake pork sandwich 🙂 totally delicious though

  62. Margaret says:

    I had my first McRib a week ago….and I want more! They are sooo good! the pickles and onions and sauce….I cant stop thinking about them.

  63. pete says:

    have been eating fast choice bbq ribs for awhile should grow up and move on to real thing.thanks

  64. Alex K. says:

    Never had one although I’ve had the On-cor frozen entree version. I’m still on this earth so I guess that makes me a contender? (Also not having a job currently and the McRib only being available in NYC/LI the past few years for LTO periods)

  65. dan Bolyard says:

    Feed Me More! I have actually never tried one. I was always scared. I wasn’t sure I would like it.

  66. Jill C says:

    Oh yum! If I had ten McRibs, I could give one to my hound dog Lucy, who has never had a McRib. Well, not a full one- she’d get just a bite 🙂 But she’d be in hound dog heaven!

  67. TJ says:

    I’ve never had a McRib, and neither has my wife… we’d love to try one though! 🙂

  68. Noah says:

    Good to have the McRib back. Let’s see… I’m not sure if my Mom’s had a McRib so she’s got to try one. And my girlfriend loves them so that works. Long live the McRib!

  69. Shinya says:

    You know, I wouldn’t mind giving this food a shot. If I’m lucky I could throw a McRib party with others who also haven’t eaten one yet.

  70. Shannon Spade says:

    I love the McRib and my husband hasn’t had one. He does not know what he is missing.

  71. Sleep says:

    I’ve never had a McRib, but since it’s evolved into such a novelty item I would love to give it a try once and for all while it’s still around. I don’t even like pork but if it’s as special as people say it is, then I’m game! Plus I have a friend that would love that t-shirt, but it would have to be like XXXL lol

  72. MuLy says:

    I’ve only had McRib once. They’re pretty good when you put fries in it and eat the together

  73. Gerry says:

    I always get one EVERY time they return, and tell all my friends. Whenever they are around, I make sure that everyone around me knows. I hope to do that again if i win! They’re too tasty

  74. maxchain says:

    I don’t need it, I just want to know if the McRib stain removal pen has the appropriate logos on it.

  75. Brandon says:

    My bosses (one is a former college football player) eat two McRibs at lunch pretty regularly. They make fun of me for having never even sampled one. I think it’s time to change that. In front of them. For free.

  76. CB says:

    I am not a first timer and actually had 2 for lunch today (in mi when u buy the meal you can get an extra mcrib for $1). After my lunch I told my wife what I had and she was very intrigued and said she wants to try one!

  77. adam says:

    Never had one, I want to try them!

  78. Tony says:

    No one in my family including me don’t go to McDonald’s much so I’ve never had a McRib. I’ve had a BBQ boneless pork sandwich from Walmart/quick trip so I’d like to see the difference. xD

  79. Thea says:

    I have never had a McRib, but then again I’ve been vegan for 10 years…

  80. Todd says:

    First timer here!

  81. Magzdilla says:

    here’s the deal: I hate McRibs. I think they’re gross and evil. But my husband loves McRibs, loves them like Gwyneth Paltrow loves macrobiotic quinoa. So for his sake, I throw my hat into the ring for McRib goodies. Yay!

  82. Chris B says:

    I’ve never had a McRib. The McRib Tracker (or whatever the name is for the “tool” that tracks which restaurants have the McRib) has always failed me, but the local McDonald’s just put “the McRib is back” on their sign. Now’s the perfect time to try them! Here’s hoping.

  83. Scot says:

    For me the McRib is a nostalgia thing, for years it would come out at the same time as my birthday, mid-November, and being a child raised by TV, when my parents would ask me what I wanted for my birthday meal I would always ask for two McRibs, a fry, and a coke. Now the craving is instinctively nostalgic and I try to eat a few every year they are back.

  84. kb241 says:

    I’ve never tried a McRib. It’s just never looked overly appetizing to me. If I win this, I’d share with my mom who had her final McRib a long time ago.

  85. Sandy says:

    I have never had one but am dying to try one. I remember when they came out in the late 80’s, right? They have a cult following so please, please let me win! I said please twice. : – )

  86. John Smoke says:

    Share it with the folks. got a couple of first timers in the family

  87. Bo says:

    I’ve never had a McRib and neither has my best friend. Could definitely use the coupons!

  88. Josh says:

    Big fan of the McRib. Usually the McRib makes an appearance in late September/early October, and to me that signals that fall is here. However, this year McDonalds decided to not release it until this winter.

    It was pretty disappointing I had to wait until winter to get one, but it’s worth it 🙂

  89. Nathaniel says:

    Never tired a Mcrib before! Im a very healthy person and hardly ever eat any fast food. Am really looking forward to using the McRib as my weekly cheat meal! I would love to win this

  90. Dave says:

    I don’t always go to McDonalds, but when I do, I’d like a McRib! My friend Curtis recently told me about it and how hard it is to find, but since it’s back (for now at least) I’d like to try one!

  91. Sheila says:

    I have never tried the McRib before, although I’ve wanted to get one for the longest time. I always end up talking myself out of it though, because it seems somewhat “pricey” (or I guess I’m just way too cheap!). But my parents seem to enjoy them, especially my mom. So if I won a McRib package, I’d finally get to experience what they (and all the McRib lovers) gush about without worrying about spending a dime (or even a penny!). With all that money saved, I could purchase some sides or a drink to accompany my McRib initiation and make it a truly memorable event!

    Thanks GrubGrade for the chance to win!

  92. Jimmy James says:

    This would be actually quite convenient. I have friends visiting from Canada who’ve never had a McRib and while it was available for a limited time up there, they never got a chance. After hearing the praise, they’re quite interested in trying it.

  93. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never had a McRib. I see them advertised, but I’m a big chicken! In fact…I get the mcchicken when I go. If I got the McRib giftpack, I’d have no excuses! That’s what 2013 is about — no excuses!

  94. Anne Sutton says:

    There once was a girl named Anne
    Who was a McDonald’s fan
    The fries were her fave
    On those she would rave
    She needed to try a McRib before it ran!

  95. Todd says:

    I’ve never had the McRib before, but I’ve always wanted to try one.

  96. Lap says:

    Man, I haven’t had one in about 8 or 9 years. I sometimes buy the cheap frozen pork patties and combine them on a hoagie roll to make my own version, but it ain’t the same. Word up!

  97. KateP says:

    My boyfriend swears by it, but I’ve yet to try one. I’d share the freebies with my unemployed brother.

  98. Enrique L. says:

    I would love to pop my McRib cherry! NOBODY I know has ever had one.

  99. David says:

    Never tried one, but always wanted to. I have a meal plan at school so I don’t get the chance to eat out often.

  100. Jesica says:

    I have never had one. I’m always worried that I’ll order it, not like it, and then I’ll have spent my money and will still be hungry. A free coupon would totally solve that problem. What would I do with the freebies? Depends on if I love it. If I do, I’m assuming I’ll want to hoard them all for myself! I’ve been trying to do random acts of kindness lately, though, so maybe I’ll just hang around waiting for someone to order one and swoop in with a coupon for them.

  101. Michael says:

    I’ve never had one. It would be hard for my wife to argue with me on getting one if there was a coupn though.

  102. kyle says:

    i havnt been able to try the mcrib yet but would love to

  103. Curtis says:

    Help me cross this one off my personal bucket list: Number 17: Eat a McRib at McDonalds. If I win one of the prize packs, I’ll take a 4 mile hike to my nearest McDonalds and keep my eyes on the prize to motivate me to travel this distance on foot and reward myself with a McRib. Thank you for your consideration.

  104. Andy says:

    Never had one before… They look disgusting!

  105. Derek says:

    I wouldn’t touch the mcrib for all my life, but my roommates love the mcrib. I figure it would be a nice gift for them if I won.

  106. Julien says:

    Sorry… I had to wipe the drool enduced by that picture.

  107. Robert says:

    I’m from Canada. The coupons won’t work here. I want the t-shirt and the McBib!!!

    If I win I want 5 coupons to go the the people who posted 5 before me and 5 after (as long as they are US citizens). I also want it to be known that the McDouble is $1.39 here. We need a true dollar menu.

    Long live Grubrade

  108. Ric Flair says:

    Gonna kick The American Dream Dusty Rhodes in the McRib.


  109. Clevegal42 says:

    I first had McRib in 1982…but my brother wasn’t around back then and he has refused to partake since he missed out on the first McRibs and the World’s Fair in Knoxville (he’s also upset about missing Disney World and basically every vacation ever taken before he was born, but that’s another story for another time). However, he is usually willing to forget his indignation if something is free. And on the off chance he doesn’t like them and chucks it at me, I can use the stain remover on myself.

  110. kyndra says:

    i’d share it with my co-workers. i work at whole foods and its our dirty little secret 🙂

  111. Don D. says:

    I am really excited for this contest! I am a daily reader.
    I myself love the McRib and it’s like a nostalgic sandwich, like a relative that you see once in a while and just devour them with love and acceptance. I can never get the kids to order one at Mcdonalds, yet they love ribs and pulled pork sandwiches like every night! I would like to have my mom try it also and I know she wil be surprised and pick around it, but she’ll be running back to Micky ds for seconds after she has one. This is a great opportunity to introduce a lot of hardcore foodies and premium meats only crowds, that yes, you can get a really good sandwich, really cheap, at a super convenient location. If the McRib is loved by enough of us to raise Mcdonalds margins than maybe we can have em year round and get rid of some other medicore item.
    Thanks for this, it’s a great cause for our fanbase!

  112. Girl says:

    I would wear all the prize gear, get all 10 McRibs and then chase strangers down in the street to share them. I will tell them I am McRib Girl and that I am thinking of a better name. If these strangers do not want my McRib gift I will throw it at them- then politely offer a mcrib stain removal pen. I’ll be on the news!

  113. Nate S says:

    Never tried one, but I’d be down to. Free coupons would certainly help!

  114. 3horseshoes says:

    my stockpile is getting low…must restock!

  115. Ari says:

    I recently had one for free They let all the employees have one it was pretty tasty and the sauce was great, but i agree with the review ,i would go sans the pickle, but my siblings haven’t tried the nor my mother and ive been trying to explain the deliciousness to them but i think they need to try it themselves.

  116. Malcolm says:

    I’ve had one before. Sometimes it doesn’t taste as good as without sauce. Yeah, it happened before. I can chew and swallow this more, maybe include fries with that.

  117. Jeff says:

    never had one but the wife loves them

  118. Chris says:

    I have eaten many a McRib in my day but I’m also a teacher at a school whose students are mostly Latino and have yet to try it. If I win I’ll give out the coupons to a few students to have an “American Style” torta de carnitas and to compare them. I’m wondering what their response will be the next day hmmm…

  119. Brian says:

    I’m far from a McRib first timer (and for the record, was totally disappointed that the Arches got rid of the deal where you could add a 2nd McRib to your McRib meal for just a dollar more).

    However, my three-year-old son has never had a McRib. He’s excitingly just gotten into burgers, and has developed his own style: ketchup, mustard, and lettuce (or salad, as he calls it). He used to get pickles and onions, but now says he doesn’t want them, and then tries to take them from mine.

    In case you wondering how relevant his new burger interest is, allow me to share our last two weeks:

    December 15th: Five Guys (Delaware)
    December 16th: Shake Shack (Philly)
    December 20th: Jake’s Wayback (Delaware)
    December 22nd: Steak N’ Shake (Las Vegas)
    December 23rd: In N’ Out (Las Vegas)
    December 27th: Jack N the Box (Las Vegas)
    December 30th: In N’ Out (Las Vegas) (are you kidding me? How could I not have it twice?)

    So when the McRib commercial came on last week, I asked him if he wanted to try the “Piggy burger”, and he was excited if they could do it without the sauce. What is this, the Emperor’s clothes? I must convince him, indoctrinate him I dare say, to love that sauce.

    10 McRibs would provide the right ammunition to convince a toddler of all that is sweet and savory and smoky in this world. And it might make the fact that I spent more on burgers in Vegas than $ I won feel a little less sad.

  120. Denny says:

    Kind of looks like the same rib meat sandwich that was served at lunch during school when I was younger. I ranked that rib meat as one of the ‘better’ things to have on the school menu. I am not one to turn down potentially free food either.

  121. Dante says:

    It is a traditional for the past few years to get a mcrib, this time of the year i get mcdonalds once a day till the mcrib promotion ends. I would love the mcrib goodie bag!

  122. Ryan P says:

    I’ve always wanted to try these McRib sandwiches. But I always wind up wimping out at the last second and settling for a safe choice, something like a Big Mac or McChicken. I think it is time to finally try it, as that picture looks mouth watering! I would definitely bring my dad and little sister to get one. My sister just got her wisdom teeth out and she would love if I was surprised with her with a nice McRib sandwich!

  123. Phil says:

    I live for the McRib. I drive out of my way to restaurants in my area who have it when it isn’t in stores nationwide. I eat at least a couple a week, so I could use some help so my addiction doesn’t drain my bank account LOL

  124. Justin ST says:

    I deserve McRib!

  125. This is one giveaway that I will gladly hand over to the freeloaders. They can have this nasty thing and the cardiology bill that will come along with it eventually.

  126. Cecil says:

    I myself am not a first timer, however I would like to share the gospel of McRib far and wide, and this would allow me to do so very graciously. Truth be told, the only time I even go to McDonald’s anymore is for the McRib, it’s the guiltiest of guilty food pleasures. 😀

  127. Stew says:

    Hard to believe, but I am 39 years old and still have NOT had a McRib. I love fast food, but I think I skipped the McRib because it always seemed expensive to me. This prize pack would help me out with that.

  128. Ljay says:

    A McRib is something you eat one time in order to say that you actually have crossed the bridge of real pork into the land of fabricated pork like products.

    If I win I will keep the materials for myself, make the son try a McRib for the first time, give away the other 9 certs for a free McRib to some non-deserving homeless folks standing at the local off-ramp holding fake signs about their past or their future, and then send Jonathan Wayne a $10 McDonalds Gift Card that I picked up at a penny auction that he is free to use on anything except a McRib.

  129. Michael says:

    I’d be lying if I said I never had one; I love the McRib! But I believe I may have a friend who has yet to bask in its processed meaty glory.

  130. carlton says:

    I wouldn’t call myself a first timer, but I have only had one each the last couple of years. I would keep one cert for myself then gift out the rest to family and friends who have not tasted the greatness of the McDonald’s McRib.

  131. Brent says:

    I’ve never had one. Mostly because it’s not a Quarter Pounder w/cheese. I need to rectify this.

  132. Eva says:

    I’m a Mcrib virgin

  133. Jen says:

    Ive actually bought two Mcribs on my way home from work, one for me and one for the husband, then set them on my dinner table. I go to the kitchen for drinks, go back, and both Mcribs are gone! Resting happily in my husbands stomach. So I never did get to eat a Mcrib. Thanks for the giveaway! Mcrib=love

  134. Amers says:

    I LOVE the McRib!! 🙂 And getting it for free would be even better!

  135. lia says:

    Would love to try one

  136. Kurt says:

    While I’m not a “McRib first timer”, it has been a while – probably two years since I have had one. I mentioned to my wife about the McRib being “back” and he sneered and said “yuk”. I NEED to change her mind. My wife needs to enjoy the “McRib” experience, at least once. Me? Oh, I’m getting one (maybe two) today.

  137. Justin H says:

    I haven’t had a McRib sandwich since I was in 7th grade. My brother still needs to try one though.

  138. Tiny2819 says:

    mmmmm.. mcrib

  139. michealaa says:

    As a former Supermodel and International beauty, I feel I am the most deserving of these food things called the McRib. While the rest of have been able to indulge in that thing called food, I have been subsisting on only oxygen and 4 drops of water a day for the past 17 years, all in the name of beauty.

    I only wish the rest of you could understand the sacrifices made by me so that the world could gaze upon my unbelievable perfect skin and body, bringing the common people the gift of my beauty on a daily basis. The suffering of having to fly to all these exotic places first class, not a private jet. Hotel rooms with only one bathroom so that they expect you to shower and throw up in the same bathroom.

    The indignities of being told to “pose here”, “stand here” and “look here”, sometimes all at the same time! When my sister, who is a nurse, complains how hard her job is, I just want to scream. Some of you may be wondering about the “former” part of Supermodel, last year I suffered a pouting accident and my lips were damaged. I can no longer pout and attain the dead, blank look in my eyes at the same time that is so important to modeling. I feel that my gift of beauty to you all should make me most deserving of this McRib thing.

  140. Ashley says:

    I’m a first timer!

  141. tehbull says:

    Weirdly a couple guys at work said they’ve never had a McRib. That is friggin blasphemy to me, but I’d love to help them taste the truth. Maybe without the pickles. On mine i always go without pickles. So unnecessary, i just want pork not pickles. And always onions, i want those slivered onions on everything.

  142. Andy W says:

    I have had them before but it’s been forever. I know a lot of people at work who have never had one so I can change that for sure.

  143. CC says:

    I don’t think I’ve tried it, nor my two roommates.

  144. bennett says:

    Ive never had one due to the fact that im broke and cant see spending money on something i might not like…but would LOVEEEE to try one!

  145. Daniel n says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever had the mcrib. I had a couple of rib sandwiches at my school cafe several years back. I would like to try McDonald’s version.

  146. Pradley says:

    never had a mcrib before just never had the urge or money for it

  147. HowardR says:

    I’ve never had the opportunity to experience this, would love to however!

  148. Kails says:

    My mom loves these things, but I’ve never eaten one…she would love to take me out for a McRib and make a believer out of me!

  149. Heidi S. says:

    I’ve never had one…they just look…weird. Though, I’ve heard the taste isn’t too bad. My healthcare law teacher loves them…maybe I could bribe her with coupons for a better grade 😉

  150. Raymonster says:

    I love the McRib. (I like them even more with extra onions!) So yesterday, I found out that one of my co-workers had never tried one. So, feeling magnanimous, I then offered to buy him one. (Using the second McRib for a $1 promotion, of course.) Bringing it back to the office, I happily hand off the box of processed ribby-barbecuey goodness. And guess what? I watch him brush off the onions and pickles and call it “bland”. WHAT?!! @#$%!

  151. Kyla says:

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had one… My McDonalds appearances are mostly late at night and I rarely stray from my ice cream and french fry order 🙂

  152. Kevin says:

    Pop my McRib cherry!

  153. Joanna C says:

    I have never had pork as I am Muslim. I have seen the commercials and they look so good. I would love to try one as my husband likes to see my recipts on purchases I make. If I got them free no receipt. If I enjoy them I will wear the shirt and sweatband around my home. Thanks for reading.

  154. jill n. says:

    i’ve never had one!!!! with or without the coupon, i’ll try one soon 🙂

  155. christian moore says:

    McRib???? We dont get them served to us in the Air Force hook a guy up.

  156. hortanz says:

    Never had one, but I want to! I hope that I can get one of these gift packs so I can finally try one 🙂

  157. snuff says:

    never had one and decided i will never have one unless i win this contest.

  158. Echo710 says:

    I’ve never had one. I have friends who sing the praises of the McRib, but I’ve always been a skeptic. If I win, it must be a sign that the stars have aligned properly and that it is time for my first McRib experience. Or possibly it could be the last step in bringing on the apocalypse.

    Let’s find out.

  159. Ryan N says:

    Honestly, I have had the McRib before. Its been so long ago, I can’t remember when. Probably 5 years ago or longer. I’m always tempted to order it again, but having kids now, I usually stick to the dollar menu! 🙂

  160. Yeechang Lee says:

    I have relatives who have yet to enjoy the bliss that is McRib.

  161. Rob Johnson says:

    Pick me! My wife would be a first timer!!!

  162. Patrick T says:

    I am no McRib virgin, but I believe my family should try one of these bad boys out!!!

  163. Andrew May says:

    I’d love a few McRib’s! Pick me!

  164. TF says:

    I’ve never, ever, ever had one… and would like to. I’ve had my share of McDonald’s sandwiches over the years but never seem to get the timing right when the McRib comes around. Would love to win!

  165. Michael says:

    I don’t think I need to try ten, but if that is the only way to win then pass ten McRibs over.

  166. Sam says:

    I’ve never tried one and I’ve been dreaming of the moment I do ever since I saw your review. I would be so honored to win!

  167. Jennifer B. says:

    I have never tried a McRib though every year they are advertised, I am tempted. They look delicious and free coupons would definitely push me, my husband and kids to give them a try.

  168. Benjamin says:

    Once when I was on the way home from working late one night I stopped by McD’s. I ordered 2 x McRibs (the kids were in bed). They gave me the rest of the ones they had since I was the last customer. I came home with 9 of them for the price of 2!

    My daughter never has had one. She was too young that time I described and has always ordered something else. This would be a great time to show her why I love McRibs.

  169. RJ says:

    Well i always said that if i got a Mcrib for free i would try it. Maybe this is it.

  170. Raul says:

    Yeah, I’m a McRib first timer and those gifts sound good to me.In fact,I should get my whole family to try it(especially dad who loves pork).

  171. Brian Stephens says:

    My wifes making me comment, she really loves the McRib!

  172. Jeff says:

    I love them, but it’s hard convincing others to try out something so messy.

  173. Cantenna says:

    McRib, McRib, how elusive you are,
    Once I almost had you during a long trip in my car.
    I was headed due South to Mami,
    When beyond my windshield a sign for McRib I did see.
    A McRib! A MicRib! Oh on thee I’d love to dine,
    Alas, on this day I cannot make you mine.
    For one day in the future I shall take a rain check,
    As today I suffer from an ulcer in my stomach.
    A long time has passed since that chance for McRib to touch my lips,
    With the help of this prize package I’d make haste and quickly add one to my hips.

  174. Hunter Xue says:

    Humm.. some people say its the god of fast food sandwich, some said it talk like trash… looks like i gotta try it for myself soon.

  175. Andre says:

    My street only has 8 houses, and despite living only a mile from the nearest McD’s, my neighbors don’t seem like the type to have tried one. So I would put a coupon in everybody’s mailbox, then keep 3 for myself.

  176. Claire says:

    i’ve never had one. my sister has an allergic reaction where her mouth gets tingly and red. now’s my chance to test out if the same happens to me. lol

  177. ROBERT says:

    I am from Poland. McRib is BARDZO DOBRY. I want to eat more of this junk food. Make me a winner.

  178. Avery says:

    A McRib is something I have yet to try…that barbecue goodness just seems like the perfect match for me

  179. Chris says:

    Never gad a McRib…..looking forward to my first!

  180. Davy says:

    Love the McRib….I would take my girlfriend on our first

  181. Timothy H. says:

    I only eat maybe 1 or 2 a year, but i gotta have that t-shirt!

  182. Joelle says:

    This would be me and my sons first time trying a McRib.

  183. Dee E says:

    I love the McRib! Yummy in my tummy.

  184. Robin Lee says:

    I’ve never had one before, it seems pretty intimadating. Granted I wouldnt turn away a free McRib to try it. Since living in Hong Kong and Hawaii, MrRib wasnt always the most popular and I always wondered why people really liked it. I hope I win and I’ll follow up with you guys after trying it! Aloha! 🙂

  185. Scott Abbott says:

    Other than the Big Mac Mcrib is the best product McEdees has ever offered.

  186. TA says:

    I love the McRib and just introduced my sons to it this season. The older one loves them without onion or pickle and the little guy always wants to eat the onion and pickles first. It’s awesome. I’d love to surprise them with McRib swag and I’ll find a McRib virgin to share coupons with if I win. Thank you!

  187. Richard says:

    McRibs are king!

  188. Marisa says:

    I’m a cheapskate so I only ever buy McDoubles. I would love to try the infamous McRib.

  189. Essence says:

    I have never had the McRib before but recently I have been so tempted to try it. So far I have heard that it is a pretty tasty sandwich and is worth trying a least once!

  190. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late to enter, but my boss has never tried a McRib. Seriously.

  191. Andrew Damsky says:

    Never had a McRib before. Would definitely like to try it. The onions probably make your breath stink but, who cares?
    Last time I was a McDonalds, I had a Big Mac.
    It’s time for a McRib for me.

  192. gvr314 says:

    I love the McRib but I have never gotten my mom to try one. If I had a bunch of free ones she just might try one. Plus, I would have a bunch if free ones for me!! And a McRib sweatband? Too cool.

  193. Richard says:

    I would eat one every single day if I could!!!

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