GrubGrade Grab Bag Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners:

  • Rebecca B (comment #2) gets the $5 Subway gift card
  • Herdy (comment #68) gets a $5 Arby’s gift card
  • Arian (comment #187) gets a $5 Arby’s gift card
  • James (comment #204) gets a $5 Arby’s gift card
  • Peter (comment #155) gets the $5 KFC gift check
  • Manti Te’o (comment #87) gets the $10 Popeyes gift card
  • Devin (comment #82) gets the $5 Baskin-Robbins gift card

Email me (GrubGrade at Gmail dot com) with your mailing address and I’ll ship out your prize.  Thanks for the participation everyone.

3 comments on “GrubGrade Grab Bag Giveaway Winners

  1. Heidi says:

    Manti Te’o reads this blog?! I’m not sure Popeye’s should be in his diet. And where does he find the time? 😉

  2. Roger C. says:

    The best part is Manti, your gift card will actually show up in person.

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