Denny’s Hobbit Coin Giveaway Winners

The Hobbit coins with a 20% off coupon attached will be sent to the following selected winners:

  • Amy Lauren Scott – comment #1
  • Big Belly – comment #8
  • Lisa – comment #16
  • Herbert – comment #22
  • Helldog – comment #25
  • Dana – comment #31
  • JN – comment #34
  • Jacon – comment #46
  • Del – comment #49
  • Starkzilla – comment #52
  • Scott Boudreau – comment #65
  • drew martin – comment #76

Email me your contact info (GrubGrade at Gmail dot com) and I’ll send your prize this week.  Thanks to everyone who participated with their comments on the new Denny’s menu for The Hobbit.Hobbit Gold Coins Denny's


6 comments on “Denny’s Hobbit Coin Giveaway Winners

  1. BigBelly says:

    woohoo! congratz everyone!!
    you should have mail with my contact info, plus some pictures you might be able to use

    thanks guys!

  2. Starkzilla says:

    Oh how cool! Thank you!

  3. Scott Boudreau says:

    Congrats everyone!!!

  4. Herbert says:

    Yeeeaaaahhhh! Thanks GrubGrade and congratulations everyone who won! Time to smash Smaug!

  5. Sorry for the delay, we went out of town for the weekend so I just saw this. Sent my info over today!

  6. BigBelly says:

    received mine Saturday, tyvm!

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