Chick-fil-A Giveaway: Freebies to Keep You Warm

I’ve got a bunch of these Chick-fil-A gift cards to unload to you hungry readers.  I care about you and your appetite.  The cards offer up a free spicy menu item for January, February and March.  Chicken Tortilla Soup made its return earlier this month and it’s the freebie for January.  In February, present the card for a free Spicy Chicken Biscuit during breakfast hours.  When March comes along, finish off the trifecta with a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich.Chickfila Free SpicyLeave a comment on this post with your favorite Chick-fil-A order and I’ll draw some winners this Wednesday.  Good luck!

246 comments on “Chick-fil-A Giveaway: Freebies to Keep You Warm

  1. Maddison says:

    It’s all about the nuggets. Don’t get me wrong, the sandwich is great- but the nuggets are a step above.

  2. Esther says:

    chicken sandwich with extra pickles, waffle fries (or a fruit cup, if I’m feeling healthy), and a big chocolate milkshake or sweet tea yummmm

  3. Chris J says:

    Spicy Chicken Deluxe with a large Waffle Fry and Sweet Tea!! Chick Fil A is the best

  4. Mela says:

    The chicken nuggets with their sauces. Their Chick-fil-A Sauce is the best! Oh and their waffle fries! YUM!

  5. Shan says:

    My favorite is the regular chicken sandwich (hold the pickles please), waffle fries and a sweet tea.

  6. April says:

    chick-fil-a sandwich on a whole wheat bun with a vanilla milkshake!

  7. Adam says:

    Spicy sandwich with mayo and Texas Pete hot sauce. Fries with a side of chick fil a sauce.
    Wish the spicy nuggets would come back.

  8. Nancy says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with ranch, waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce for dipping, and a half sweet tea/half lemonade to drink!

  9. Santiago C says:

    Spicy sandwich with chick-fil-a sauce, extra pickles, NO cheese, waffle fries, and a yummy vanilla milkshake

  10. Mary says:

    Spicy Chicken biscuit and a large Diet Dr Pepper for breakfast.

  11. Ashley s says:

    Grilled SW chicken salad with a side of nuggets! Yummy!

  12. Jon says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, and Sweet Tea

  13. Hungry Guy says:

    Chicken Sandwich!

  14. Chrissy says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, extra pickles, drowning in Texas Pete. Buffalo sauce for dipping. Waffle fries, bbq sauce for dipping. Sauces not to be mixed, I want my sandwich as spicy as possible. Cherry Coke, unless it’s the winter, then it’s a Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake all the way. Extra cherry.

  15. Eva says:

    i’m gonna go with the classic chicken sandwich. i’m boring like that.

  16. Brandon says:

    Spicy chicken club, waffle fry, sweet tea. Bam.

  17. ED says:

    Chicken strips w buffalo sauce. No side.

  18. john d says:

    living in boston our mayor doesn’t believe in chik fil a. Luckily my parents moved to Florida and since I visit quite often and have had the opportunity to go. I had the grilled chicken sandwich and wafffle fries. Loved the fries and a guy came around to ask if i wanted a refil. Where do you ever get service like that at a fast food place? I got some trip planned to see my parents and would love to use these

  19. Spicy chicken deluxe sandwich, chicken tortilla soup, and a chocolate milkshake to finish it off.

  20. Alyssa says:

    Nuggets with BBQ, waffle fries, and Coke Zero. Perfection!! Chick-fil-A is the BEST!!

  21. Rich says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, waffle frys and nuggets w/polynesian sauce. yum!

  22. Nichol Perez says:

    Any chicken sandwich or nuggets depending on my mood, waffle fries of course & a lemonade/sweet tea

  23. bmtyson says:

    If i’m eating a meal than a reg. chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a c and c shake! But many times I just stop by for an afternoon shake pick-me-up 🙂 I have not had any spicy chicken products from cfa yet but i would like to try them cuz they sound delish!

  24. At breakfast, I always go for the chicken minis. Any other time of the day, I eat either the nuggets and waffle fries, or if I’m watching what I eat I get the Chicken & Fruit Salad. I also really love the carrot and raisin salad!

  25. Hannah says:

    Original chicken sandwich, american cheese, light mayo and a little bit of ketchup. chick-fil-a sauce of the fries and sometimes polynesian if im feeling sweet!!

  26. Alyssa says:

    Original chicken sandwich with just a little bit of mayo!

  27. John says:

    Number 2 on a wheat bun with waffle fries and a half tea half lemonade to wash it all down… Nuggets for the ride home if I’m feeling naughty.

  28. Justin H says:

    Gotta go generic with a good old chicken sandwich with extra pickles and waffle fries! There’s only 1 CFA I can reach so it’s worth it!

  29. Kat B. says:

    The Char-Grilled Chicken sandwich is where it’s at for me, extra pickles, CFA sauce and honey roasted bbq sauce, (I am a saucy girl ) and a bowl of the Chicken Tortilla Soup!

  30. Thomas says:

    Original Chicken Sandwich, Waffle fries, and a coke. Substitute the bun for the honey wheat bun.

  31. HungryHarry says:

    Feeling healthy so I’ll go with the chicken salad!

  32. MP says:

    Strips with no sauce.

  33. Brian says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, waffles fries, and Dr Pepper!!!

  34. Page says:

    The char-grilled chicken sandwich, waffle fries and cookie & cream shake.

  35. Sam Ronen says:

    Number 7 with waffles fries and LOADS of chik-fil-a sauce. I’m talking buckets of it. I am begging for this.

  36. Abel says:

    Spicy Chicken Sand-which combo.

  37. Patrick T says:

    I’d typically enjoy a simple combo. Can’t go wrong with a Classic Chicken Sandwich, a side of Waffle Potato Fries, and a Cookies and Cream Milkshake.

  38. hortanz says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich and an order of 8 nuggets! Their cookies are delicious too. Chick Fil A sauce is a must

  39. Beau says:

    12-piece Nugget Combo with a Coke, Polynesian Sauce and Ranch. Cookies n Cream shake for later.

  40. Robert Goetz says:

    Love the soup. Glad it’s back.

  41. Carmen says:

    Nuggets and waffle fries!

  42. Attgig says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich combo plus a cookie & cream shake. Yum!

  43. Drewby says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich extra pickles, large fry and a half sweet tea and half unsweetened tea. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS THE POLYNESIAN SAUCE

  44. Ted says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with wheat bun sub, pepper jack cheese, bacon and barbecue nugget sauce, along with waffle fries and lemonade. The sandwich is a great sweet and hot combination.

  45. John Ksiazek says:

    Char-grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, waffle fries please

  46. TJ says:

    2 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches with extra pickle and mayonnaise. Diet Dr. Pepper.

  47. Steve Schindler says:

    Spicy chicken with waffle fries and chocolate milk shake

  48. Mark says:

    During breakfast, I love the chicken bagel with whole wheat bread or the chicken minis. Lunch time, I go for nuggets and waffles fries!

  49. Jessica says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich (extra pickles), fries, a large diet coke (light ice), and polynesian sauce.

  50. Stephanie says:

    I love the chicken sandwich!

  51. Vhernandez says:

    I’ll have a spicy chicken sandwich combo, hold the pickles with a Power-aid, and order of nuggets please!

  52. Justin says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich is my favorite, though I always order nuggets too, whether I think I can eat them or not.

  53. Jon says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich ftw! Chick fil a is the best fast food chicken hands down.

  54. Sleep says:

    I’ve never tried their spicy chicken sandwich but I would LOVE to. I’d throw in some waffle fries and maybe some nuggets with a couple sauces and call it a day

  55. graciecat says:

    I like chicken minis for breakfast 🙂

  56. graciecat says:

    I like chicken minis for breakfast.

  57. brandon carroll says:

    cant go wrong with spicy chicken sandwich/ side salad combo! or chargrilled chicken and fruit salad if i’m feeling froggy…that granola rules!

  58. CaseyMcSmith says:

    I LOVE the new spicy chicken sandwich, so I usually get the spicy deluxe meal with a lemonade now. But you can’t go wrong with the original either.

  59. Anne Sutton says:

    Gotta go waaaay back to their traditional favs….the oldies that have stood the test of time…traditional chick-fil-a sandwich, waffle fries, a lemonade, and the OLD brownie (the one with the little walnuts….still hoping for it’s return since the new one is dense and sucks). This order symbolizes the essence of chick-fil-a to me

  60. Lesley says:

    Original chikfila sandwich, waffle fries, and a sweet tea – perfection.

  61. Heidi S. says:

    Spicy Wrap with an extra packet of Spicy Dressing. Waffles Fries. Lemonade.

  62. matt in the hatt says:


  63. Craig says:

    Their chicken salad sandwich is pretty good, and I’ll often find myself going with that even if I was intending to order something else. I’m also a sucker for a good tortilla soup. It never went off the menu here, after it was intoduced last year.

  64. Rika says:

    Gotta be the spicy chicken combo, w/out tomatoes, and w/ pepperjack cheese.

  65. Brian says:

    At breakfast it’s the minis at lunch it’s the original or nuggets.

  66. Isis says:

    I’m in love with the waffle potato fries… 🙂

  67. Rob says:

    Chicken sammich, waffle fries.

  68. John Smoke says:

    the spicy cool wrap meal!!

  69. Alison says:

    Spicy Chicken Deluxe (no tomato) and their fabulous Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake, when in season.

  70. Pilar Buford says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich meal with the waffle fries, I love the waffle fries and also the three piece chicken strips.

  71. Chelsea says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun, waffle fries with Polynesian & Chick-fil-A sauce, and a lemonade! I also love the spicy chicken biscuit for breakfast, so good.

  72. Jennifer says:

    Chicken Tenders and Waffle Fries with their Diet Lemonade (which is so perfectly tart vs sweet, it’s heavenly).

  73. Alex says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries

  74. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Chicken Sandwich

  75. Tony says:

    Haha I love getting a Chicken Biscut/Sandwich with Honey all over it.
    and Waffle fries and Honey BBQ (Did you know they have that?)

  76. Elis B. says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  77. Employed Hartnell says:

    Never tried a fast food soup before. The picture looks solid though. I always just go with the classic and fries.

  78. Chris says:

    It’s all about the nuggets.

  79. Michael says:

    Chargrilled chickfilet sandwich with the fried chicken instead. Absolutely their best sandwich.

  80. Ric says:

    I used to have a card that got you a free spicy chicken sandwich when you purchased any combo. So, my favorite order was a Classic #1, large with a sweet tea for the drink. BBQ sauce for the original chicken sandwich and I’d add Texas Pete hot sauce to the spicy chicken sandwich. All for around $6, it was like Heaven.

  81. Heidi says:

    My husband would be so angry if I were to win – because I’d keep any gift cards and not share 🙂 I LOVE Chic-Fil-A!
    I usually get the chargrilled chicken salad & steal a few of his waffle fries to dip in the polynesian sauce. Yum!

  82. Chris Honeycutt says:

    Love their spicy chicken sandwich!

  83. adam says:

    All you can eat nuggets! The local chick-fil-a gives you all the nuggets, fries, and drink you can hold for about 10 bucks, once a week.

    If it’s not nugget night, I would definitely want to try that tortilla soup. I’ve read too many good reviews to let this opportunity pass…

  84. Phaet says:

    I have never been a tremendous ‘Fries’ guy, but twelve nuggets with two medium fries is my ideal meal. I just wish the CFA had more locations in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Hope you’re reading this Chik!

  85. Bardia says:

    Too many favorite orders at Chick-Fil-A. I’ll go with just one: chargrilled chicken sandwich with the honey roasted BBQ sauce, fries with Chick-Fil-A sauce, and pulpy lemonade!

  86. Super Eric says:

    Deluxe Chicken Sandwich combo, with a half diet lemonade, half regular lemonade. Can’t forget a side order of nuggets plus lots of ChickFilA sauce.

  87. Brent says:

    Regular chicken sandwich, hold the pickles. Large waffle fries. Large Diet Coke.

  88. Sheila says:

    This is hard…I love so many things at Chick-fil-A! I guess if I want a more substantial meal, I’d go with the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich or the Original Chicken Sandwich, with a side of waffle fries and a Diet Coke. But I also really enjoy their Southwest Chargrilled Chicken salad, which would pair well with the Chicken Tortilla Soup and a drink! Of course the nuggets are delicious too, especially with the Chick-fil-A dipping sauce! There are way too many choices here! 🙂

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  89. Eric says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich meal on a whole wheat bun, with lemonade and waffle fries.

  90. Megan says:

    I love their breakfast items like their chicken minis and chicken biscuit. NOM <3

  91. David says:

    #1 with extra pickles and half-half tea/lemonade!

  92. steve says:

    My default order is two spicy chicken deluxe sandwiches on wheat! And I like to throw on some Chick-fil-A sauce for good measure

  93. Jeffrey says:

    spicy chicken deluxe, waffle fries & sprite

  94. LivLaughEat says:

    Nuggets, waffle fries, and sweet tea. If I’m with the kiddo, then milkshake instead of the tea.

  95. dk says:

    I do either order the fruit salad or the spicy chicken sandwich.

  96. Adam V says:

    2 spicy chicken biscuits (+ buffalo sauce) start a cold day off with some heat

  97. arjun says:

    i miss chick fil a! would love to have an excuse to make the trek over there

  98. Malcolm says:

    What’s good: Peppermint Shake. What’s bad: Only during holidays. What’s spicy: Spicy Chicken Sandwich. What’s nice: Dip those waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce. What’s cool: Lemonade and I want those ASAP.

  99. stephen z says:

    Chick fil a nuggets and/or spicy chicken sandwich, large waffle fries, and large sweet tea…mmmmm sweet tea.

  100. Mark says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe, chicken salad cup, waffle fries yum

  101. Number 1 + Provolone, waffle fries, and a sweet tea… 99% of the time.

  102. Nicolas Tomboulides says:

    spicy chicken sandwich w extra pickles and blue cheese packet
    waffle fries
    coke ZERO

  103. liana says:

    southwest chicken salad with light italian= LOVE

  104. Brandon says:

    Regular chicken sandwich w/extra picke, waffle fries IN the sandwich w/polynesian sauce in said sandwich.

    Spicy chicken tastes just as good, but this is what I normally get.


  105. Chris says:

    An original chicken sandwich, large waffle fries, and a large Dr Pepper!

  106. Neal says:

    Large sized spicy chicken sandwich combo, extra pickles, with a sweet tea to drink! That chicken tortilla soup is amazing as well though.

  107. Dorian says:

    What must I say about Chick-Fil-A I wonder???? Whenever I do go there I always order the succulent Spicy Chicken sandwich with an order of waffle fries with Honey Mustard! You absolutely can’t complete any meal without the Honey Mustard! But when you go you have make sure they give you extra packets of HM because they will only give me to and act like thats enough. I’m a grown man I need my sauce with my meal! But to cap it all of you have to get there delicious Lemonade but you must say easy on the ice! They try to rip you off when it comes to the lemonade. But this is what I get whenever I’m by there.

  108. Anthony C says:

    Definitely the spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries. Topped off with buffalo sauce for the sandwich, and Polynesian sauce for the fries.

  109. Stephanie says:

    I love the chicken sandwich!!

  110. Timothy H. says:

    4 whole fried chickens and a Coke.

  111. Tracy says:

    The chicken minis for breakfast are the best item on any fast food menu. I love the soft rolls holding really good nuggets!

  112. Marianne says:

    Classic sandwich, extra pickles, mayo. Mmmmmm!

  113. Michael says:

    Breakfast, I love the chicken burritos, lunch I love those nuggets!

  114. Ljay says:

    We get a chicken strip tray about every other month. Makes for great snacking on a saturday or sunday.

  115. Satyr says:

    Gotta have the Spicy Chicken (no pickle) with the waffle fries and a Dr Pepper.

  116. Ray says:

    Chicken sandwich with no pickles, adding a golden wheat bun, lettuce and tomato. Chicken tortillia soup when available, otherwise fries with a small mountain of ketchup.

  117. K. Rock says:

    I get a number 1 with carrot raisin salad instead of fries.

  118. NayNay20 says:

    A couple of 4-count minis, a breakfast burrito with sausage combo and OJ. Great breakfast.

  119. Leslie says:

    I am a purist. Chicken sandwich, nothing else.

  120. Greg says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich w/ pepperjack cheese and go large with the fries and Coke! You gotta make an alteration to the original menu item so it comes out piping hot!

  121. Chris says:

    I want! I want! breakfast all the way.

  122. JB says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich!

  123. My favorite is the chicken tenders meal!

  124. Amanda B says:

    Now that the tortilla soup is back I like an original sandwich with a side of tortilla soup. During those sad months that the tortilla soup is gone I go for the original sandwich or strips with a the side salad. Always with Chick-fil-A sauce on my sandwich or with my strips though!

  125. Brandy says:

    Nuggets and waffle Fries. Polynesian sauce for the nuggets. If I am feeling adventurous, the chocolate shake no whipped cream, but please include the cherry

  126. Kristopher C says:

    The classic sandwich with extra pickles. Sometimes I go spicy, but the original is the best.

  127. ashley says:

    Chicken minis with honey are the best!!!

  128. Jenny says:

    Spicy chicken biscuit!

  129. Amanda says:

    Original Chick-fil-a sandwich, extra pickles and mayo. Waffle fries with BBQ sauce to dip them in. Dr. Pepper.

  130. Echo710 says:

    I have never eaten at Chick-fil-A.

  131. Linny says:

    Grilled chicken sandwich, with lemonade!

  132. Tristan says:

    Original Chicken Sandwich with waffle fries and a coke

  133. Katie says:

    #1 with a sweet tea and a ranch!

  134. Danielle says:

    Original Chicken Sandwich, Waffle fries, and a Sweet Tea.

  135. Ted says:

    #5 Nugget Meal 12 Pack Large Sized with a Lemonade… Occasionally depending on the hunger level, add a regular spicy chicken sandwich to the assortment and/or an IceDream Cone…

  136. Jasmine says:

    Large lemonade, fries, nuggets & ice cream cone!

  137. joan says:

    a chargrilled chicken sandwich meal, no tomatoes, extra honey roasted barbecue sauce, with a diet dr pepper

  138. Lily Sheng says:

    I’d have to go in for breakfast since I adore their “Chick-n-Minis”. If I happen to be in a stand-alone Chick-Fil-A, I’d also get their “Cinnamon Cluster” (but sometimes I go to the one in the mall where there’s a Cinnabon next door, well, you can pretty much guess the rest). If the “Banana Pudding Shake” is back on the menu, that’ll be my favorite shake to order from them!

  139. Chad D says:

    Spicy Chicken Combo with a small fruit cup and a shake. (I always used to get it with Vault, but since it is discontinued that doesn’t work out so well. However there is a facebook group working on bringing Surge back… )

  140. Brendan says:

    Spicy Chicken sandwich with Pepperjack/lettuce/chikfila sauce w/ waffle fries and a cookie & cream shake – Best order ever.

  141. theotherkevinsmith says:

    We just got a cfa in town and not impressed by anything there so hoping maybe will give them another shot (for free). Got chicken minis once and the bottom “bun” was basically a cracker because it must have set in a warmer too long. Biscuits have zero flavor. Chicken=dry. If you have to get a sauce with your sandwich that means the sandwich isn’t good. Fries are OK but are nasty when they get a little cold. Thought this place was supposed to be a fast food mecca but doesn’t seem like it.

  142. Kevin Supplee Jr says:

    spicy chicken sandwich

  143. Griffin says:

    Spicy sandwich combo with extra pickles and mayo plus 8 pack of nugs with Chick Fil A sauce and honey mustard for dipping – combo drink is an Arnie Palmy

  144. Ben says:

    Spicy Chicken Deluxe w/ Pepper Jack, Large Fries, Chik-Fil-A sauce and Buffalo for dipping, and of course a large Sweet Tea.

  145. Rachel says:

    Breakfast: Chicken Biscuit with hash browns & a diet lemonade
    Lunch: Kids 2-piece chicken strip meal with fries & a diet lemonade (and obviously turn in the toy for an ice cream cone!)
    Dinner: 8-piece nugget meal with fries & a vanilla milkshake
    (and yes I do mean all in one day. judge me)

  146. Bubbsy says:

    I order the nuglets and waffle fries. They give me a handful of pickle slices on the side. Instead of sauce, I like to stack a pickle slice on a nug when eating. Mayo for the fries. People who have never tried fries dipped in mayo and say “blech”: Think potato salad. It’s not that bizarre. 🙂

  147. Sarah says:

    Spicy chicken meal with fries and an Arnold Palmer. Ranch sauce is a must!

  148. T.J. says:

    I never go at breakfast – maybe because I find the coffee to be TERRIBLE. Lunchtime I get the chicken sandwich combo and load up on extra Chick-Fil-A sauce to take home (the sauce was supposedly created right here at our local Chick-Fil-A in VA)

  149. AmyJ says:

    Chicken nuggets with Polynesian sauce (need to try the chick fil a sauce now) with waffle fries (only dipped in sauce)only and sweet tea.

  150. Meg says:

    I love the Spicy Chicken Sandwich for lunch/dinner and the Spicy Chicken Biscuit for breakfast.

  151. spacemonkey1138 says:

    Nuggets, fries, original bbq sauce.

  152. IBeAnonymous says:

    The best time to go to Chick Fil A is breakfast time. A spicy chicken biscuit is easily the best thing on the menu, it’s the stuff of dreams!

  153. Amy says:

    The spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries!

  154. IowaGal82 says:

    Original crispy chicken (delcious pressure cooked chicken) waffle fries and a coke. Love the pickles on the sammie. 🙂

  155. john w says:

    Spicy chicken, no pickles, lemonade, soup = heaven.

  156. Gerry says:

    Absolutely obsessed with their spicy chicken. I’d get multiple sandwiches!!

  157. jilliann says:

    spicy chicken deluxe, waffle fries, a cookies and cream milkshake, and honey mustard and chick fil a sauce for dipping!

  158. Dustin Van Deman says:

    Chick fil a sandwich with extra pickles and large fries

  159. kiki says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries and diet dr. pepper. But in College I used to get their breakfast often. I’d take one piece of biscuit off of a chicken biscuit and have it with jam after eating the other half with chicken and ketchup. mmm, best of both worlds.

  160. Erik says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich with EXTRA pickles, 2 chik fil a sauces, small waffle fries….yummmm

  161. Christian says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich and brownie sundae. 🙂

  162. Steve L says:

    Sadly, i’ve only had it twice. But i’m def looking for a reason to go back!

  163. Amers says:

    Some nuggets, the spicy chicken sandwich and a side of the waffle fries!!! Ya buddy! 🙂

  164. Mike N. says:

    Original chicken sandwich and waffle fries!

  165. Amers says:

    Some nuggets, the spicy chicken sandwich and a side of the waffle fries!!! Yum!!

  166. Megan M says:

    I ove the chicken nuggets with ranch and buffalo sauce!

  167. airtoast says:

    Chicken strips, waffle fries, Dr. Pepper, and the must-have incredible Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce. That stuff is amazing! Does anyone know how to get some of that stuff?

  168. Matthew S says:

    #1 Original Sandwich combo with a half Hi C/half Sprite and chick fil a sauce

  169. Lap says:

    Gotta go with the chicken biscuit with waffle fries.

  170. Philip says:

    I’m all about the chicken sandwich with cheese, an order of strips, waffle fries, and a drink. And if I’m feeling really gluttony (which is always) I’ll grab a cookies and cream shake as well.

  171. Andrew says:

    I’m a simple man. Classic chicken sandwich, remove the pickles, add their buffalo sauce to the top and ranch dressing to the bottom. A side of waffle fries, dipped in their chick-fil-a sauce, and a cookie dough milkshake to wash it down.

  172. Libby says:

    Nuggets with polynesian or the original sandwich with honey roasted bbq sauce. I wish they offered hash browns all day long because i do not care for waffle fries.

  173. jeff says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich and the tortilla soup

  174. Laura says:

    NO CONTEST! #8 Chick-Fil-A Club combo with value-sized fries and a Coke Zero! Oh, and extra Chick-Fil-A sauce for dipping it all : )

  175. chris p says:

    2 spicy chicken sandwiches with extra pickles ftw

  176. Chris says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with banana pudding milkshake.

  177. Brent says:

    I love a good chicken salad sandwich from that place.

  178. Joseph says:

    Spicy chicken deluxe is the way to go!!

  179. James says:

    My favorite meal is a 12 pc nugget and fries with a Coke Zero and a mini sundae for dessert.

  180. Caitlyn says:

    The nuggets and waffle fries with a lot of polynesian sauce. So good!

  181. pete says:

    any chicken sandwich and a sweet tea

  182. Brent says:

    Chicken biscuit, make that two chicken biscuits.

  183. Raiders757 says:

    Nothing beats their tasty classic chicken sandwich with a little bit of ketchup and a package or two of Texas Pete. Yummy!!!

  184. kb241 says:

    My favorite Chick-Fil-A order would have to be a plain old number one. Can’t go wrong with the original sandwich and some waffle fries. My drink of choice is definitely a lemonade.

  185. Mike says:

    I’ve never been to Chick-fil-A, but one recently opened up in San Jose where I live, and I’ve wanted to go. I’d order a classic chicken sandwich, some waffle fries, try out that coleslaw, and a sweet tea

  186. Bredy C. says:

    Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich and Waffle Fries

  187. Ahecht says:

    Original chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

  188. well versed says:

    I love the chicken biscuits in the morning!

  189. CB says:

    I have only had chick-fil-a twice and that was in at since there is only one here in mi. If I won I would getthe free item along with 5 other things probably!

  190. James says:

    Chicken biscuit with honey!

  191. Elise says:

    I have sadly enough never been to Chick-fil-a. But no time like the present!! I would probably try a deluxe chicken sandwich or chicken strips with waffle fries. And maybe a cookies and cream milkshake for dessert!
    But honestly I would send the gift card to my sister. She has Chick-Fil-A’s closer to her house than I do and well… I’m the nicest sister ever.

  192. Kendall says:

    Original sandwich, waffle fries, and a Sprite. And I will inevitably go back and buy one more sandwich to take home. But probably end up eating it in my car before I get to said home.

    That’s just how I roll.

  193. Matt says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich covered in chick fil a sauce with a large waffle fry and coke zero. Polynesian sauce to dip. The best

  194. JN says:

    #1 combo with lemonade

  195. snuff says:

    i usually get a tenders combo meal with plenty of chick fil-a sauce for the fries and bbq for the chicken.

  196. Kayleigh says:

    The good old original chicken sandwich, no pickles, add american cheese, with some honey roasted barbecue sauce. YUM. For breakfast, the spicy chicken biscuit all the way.

  197. Mandy says:

    Chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich, with honey. Mmm.

  198. Rebecca B says:

    I love the spicy chicken sandwich with a tiny bit of ranch or mayo, a medium waffle fries dipped in polynesian sauce, and a lemonade! It’s so hard to resist when there’s a Chick fil a on campus!

  199. scott says:

    gotta love chick-fil-a freebies

  200. Whitney says:

    I hit up the college student special when it rolls around during the week – a coke, waffle fries, and a classic chicken sandwich. Delish.

  201. Jesica says:

    Chick-fil-a sandwich, large sweet tea, sometimes with fries and sometimes without

  202. Lucy says:



  203. MuLy says:

    chicken nuggets with waffle fries!

  204. Jen says:

    #1 with fries. 2 ketchups and 1/2 ranch dipping packet on sandwich. Arnold Palmer to drink. Icedream in a cup w cookie on side.

  205. Meghan says:

    I love the spicy chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and Texas Pete. It is perfect with a side of waffle fries and a strawberry milkshake!

  206. Christopher says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich (one packet of Chik-fil-a sauce per bite)
    Waffle Fries
    Banana Pudding Milkshake

    Oh my goodness.

  207. Jon says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with buttermilk ranch sauce on it
    Waffle fries with Chik-fil-a sauce
    Large lemonade (Dr. Pepper if they don’t have lemonade)

  208. missouri says:

    I drive 2 hours to get my CFA fix, so I have to go all out.

    3 spicy chicken sandwiches with extra pickles, 2 12 piece nuggets with buffalo sauce, waffle fries with cheese sauce and a banana pudding shake (when available) to wash it all down. Heaven!

  209. Brandon says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich all the way baby!

  210. Stephen says:

    I usually get the original chicken sandwich without pickles, and a medium order of waffle fries.

  211. Al says:

    I just like to stick to the basics when venturing to Chick-Fil-A. I always stay with what they’re best known for, I get two classic Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandiwches, a side of Medium Waffle Fries and multiple containers of their Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce!

  212. Zach says:

    1 Original Chicken Sandwiches and 1 Spicy Chicken sandwich w/ extra pickles , a large coleslaw, and a diet lemonade to drink. so good.

  213. Debra says:

    Spicy chicken sandwich with extra Polynesian sauce!! Yum! I know what’s for lunch tomorrow..

  214. M86 says:

    I usually go for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the waffle fries, and a lemonade.

  215. CC says:

    Waffle fries are simply the best.

  216. Spencer Kilpatrick says:

    Spicy sandwich meal with a lemonade. Sauces: 2 Chick-fil-a, 2 buffalo, 2 ketchup

  217. Cecil says:

    Spicy Chicken Sammitch, waffle fries and sweet tea 😀

  218. kevin says:

    spicy chicken sandwich, large waffle fries, large dr. pepper, put tons of texas pete on it

  219. Atleyenal says:

    A chicken biscuit with strawberry jam on it for breakfast and an original chicken sandwich with mayo, pickles, and a side of slaw. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  220. Johnathon says:

    A five-piece nuggets meal, make it a large, and one Original Chicken Sandwich. With a Sweet Tea. and Chic-Fil-A Sauce!

  221. Jamie says:

    A 12-piece nuggets meal. Make it a large with a Coke. Add Chic-Fil-A Sauce.

  222. Johnathon says:

    A five-piece nuggets meal. Make it large with a sweet tea. Chic-Fil-A Sauce. And add one Original Chicken Sandwich.

  223. Amy says:

    Am I too late to make a spicy wish for the trifecta of Chickluttony? My go-to is the Chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with diet lemonade. Wheat bun and diet lemonade to balance my conscious for the fact that I will eat every last waffle fry nubbin and chicken breading crunch that dares to remain on an edible surface.

  224. Jennifer says:

    Chargrilled chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a chocolate milkshake.

  225. Christopher Steele says:

    Spicy Chicken Deluxe, Pepperjack/Waffle Fries/Lemonade!

  226. lochlain says:

    I like the regular chicken sandwich, no pickles, no condiments. The nuggets are good too. I usually avoid fries and drinks since I’m cheap!

  227. pickles says:

    I have never been to cfa! For some reason i have never bothered to stop in. Maybe this can be some kind of incentive…

  228. Mr.Gnarly says:

    Spicy chicken deluxe sandwich,waffle fries,Coca cola.Ahhh bliss.

  229. Justin H says:

    I always get a #5 12-count with bbq sauce and a lemonade. I use the bbq sauce for my fries.

  230. Helga says:

    The chicken tortilla soup, so glad it’s back, could eat it 3X a day, everyday.

  231. Because_racecar says:

    Chicken sandwich, no pickles
    Waffle fries
    Dr Pepper
    A brownie for my inner fattie loll

  232. Jordan says:

    Char-grilled Chicken Salad w/ A side of 4-piece chicken strips for some added protein! Yummmm!

  233. Sydney says:

    I usually always get the original chicken nuggets, waffles fries, and BBQ sauce! Mmmmm…

  234. Mark says:

    Spicy chicken (with a biscuit for breakfast), or as a sandwich at dinner. Diet lemonade.

  235. Lena says:

    Just a chicken sandwich with pickles, waffle fries, and a coke!

  236. Hrothgar says:

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich, no pickles, Fries, and a Barq’s. Add in some Sweet and Sour for dipping. Boom.

  237. Sam says:

    Original chicken sandwich, fries, Polynesian sauce, Dr Pepper

  238. Kat29 says:

    I’d like to give the chicken tortilla soup a try and also add a chargrilled chicken sandwich.

  239. Tyler M. says:

    Eat Mor Chikin

  240. BocaWave says:

    spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries

  241. Jen says:

    Definitely the breakfast bagel, I mean, fried chicken on a bagel? YUM.. throw some Chik-Fil-A sauce on there and you have a winner!

  242. ROBERT P. says:


  243. David says:

    Plain chicken sandwich and large waffle fries, yum.

  244. Sam says:

    Chicken tenders dipped in Chick-Fil-A sauce and a lemonade.

  245. Ike says:

    Spicy Chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, fries and an Arnold Palmer. The perfect order.

  246. Rebeka says:

    Chargrilled with extra lettuce, tomato, and pickles with diet dr pepper to drink

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