Arby’s Gift Cards: Who’s Hungry?

I’ve got five Arby’s gift cards worth $5.00 a piece to unload.  Who wants one?

Smokehouse Briskey Arby'sFor an entry leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite Arby’s menu item or what you liked the best from the 2013 new offerings.  Here’s a refresher of the new Arby’s stuff we reviewed on GrubGrade:

Have at it in the comments.  I’ll draw winners on Saturday.  Good luck!

192 comments on “Arby’s Gift Cards: Who’s Hungry?

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Triple Cheese Angus sandwich is awesome!

  2. shay says:

    my vote is for the smokehouse brisket but only WITHOUT the mayo…
    can’t go wrong with smoked gouda;)

  3. barry says:

    Smokehouse brisket is a darn fine sandwich

  4. Brandon says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss for sure.

  5. Bekah says:

    I love just a regular roast beef sandwich. LOTS of Arby”s sauce! The new roast beef and swiss is also yummy.

  6. Lauren says:

    Definitely the King’s Hawaiian roast beef sandwich for sure! The sweetness of the roll with the roast beef was amazing

  7. Tyler M says:

    Being a brisket guy, gotta go for the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich.

  8. Brian Pierson says:

    My favorite sandwich from Arby’s is the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich

  9. Brandon says:

    Nothing like a Beef N Cheddar sandwich. I’m a sucker for anything with warm processed cheese and the kicker is the onion roll they put it on!

  10. Pilar says:

    My favorite item is their Chocolate turnover.

  11. Brandon says:

    Nothing like a Beef N Cheddar sandwich. I’m a sucker for anything with warm processed cheese in it and they put lots in this. The kicker is they give you an onion roll with it!!

  12. Jon Humphrey says:

    Mighty mini onions!

  13. Shemp says:

    Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich is great!

  14. Alex R says:

    The homemade chips I had there were pretty great.

  15. Echo710 says:

    My favorite “new” thing at Arby’s this year was the triple berry shake… lately I’ve been addicted to their chocolate swirl shakes as well. (I need this gift card to support my addiction…)

  16. Rob says:

    Mighty Minis Onion

  17. Jordan says:

    Smokehouse brisket!

  18. Nick says:

    Beef and cheddar 4 evah

  19. Ryan N says:

    I enjoy the classic!! Horsey sauce!! 🙂 but to twist it up the angus three cheese w/ bacon is good!

  20. scott says:

    I am on team King’s Hawaiian roast beef sandwich

  21. Ryan (not Grubgrade Ryan) says:

    Chicken Bacon Swiss!

  22. Ryandog says:

    Roast beef sandwhich with some Horsey sauce up on there! LOL Good luck to all!

  23. Kelly D says:

    Love the Mighty Minis, best thing for the price on their menu at the moment.

  24. Forte says:

    The King’s Hawaiian wins for me, for sure. Love that they finally started using pickles, too

  25. Robert says:

    Been looking for an excuse to get the brisket but, my closest Arbys closed so I keep forgetting to hit the next closest one to try it.

  26. nick says:

    love the smokehouse brisket. kings Hawaiian was alright. it introduced me to kings Hawaiian bread which I’m buying all the time now. but, overall the market fresh turkey bacon ranch is my go to.

  27. BigBelly says:

    the three cheese and bacon sounds delicious, if not that, then the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss, with some onion rings to ROUND it out LOLz
    thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Sheila T. says:

    I actually really like the Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon Market Fresh Sandwich! I also loved the Market Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwich, but I guess that is no longer available unfortunately! Out of the new offerings, I did enjoy the Onion Mighty Minis, although I’m cheap so I guess I would have liked the price to be a bit lower! 😀

  29. Patrick Bateman says:

    I’d have to go with the roast beef, because that’s all I’ve ever eaten there.

  30. Jennifer Bakka says:

    I like the smoke house brisket…but without the BBQ sauce. yum yum yummy!!!

  31. David Webber says:

    Smokehouse Brisket FTW. Awesome sandwich!

  32. J.J. says:

    Haven’t tried yet, but want to munch on that Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich

  33. CoreyA says:

    The brisket sandwich! Wish it had more meat on it, but the quality is surprising for a fast food sandwich.

  34. Josh says:

    The Smokehouse was the BEST!

  35. Holly says:

    I loved the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, those onion straws are so good!

  36. Kendall says:

    I love me a classic mid roast beef sammich with curlies. I’d love to the Hawaiian roll bun though, so…gimme a gift card!

  37. Todd says:

    Loved the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss.

  38. Shane says:

    Classic beef and cheddar…. boy how it brings back memories.

  39. Roger C. says:

    Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket.

  40. Stephanie says:

    The Smokehouse Brisket restored my faith in Arby’s!

  41. Andre says:

    I like the new roast beef onion mighty minis. They are salty, juicy, and full of flavor.

  42. Sharon says:

    I love the regular Arby’s roast beef sandwich with their Horsey sauce! De-Lish!!!

  43. Brian Grumblatt says:

    Kings Hawaiian was the best! I’m glad to see they’ve returned! And this would be a great way to use the gift card!

  44. Sean says:

    Love that King’s Hawaiian sandwich! Just got some Arby’s coupons in the mail, would love to utilize those with a gift card! Thanks for all the reviews!

  45. Jenny says:

    Beef n cheddar with ranch/hot sauce combo for dipping. Curly fries. Chocolate shake. Done and done.

  46. Devin says:

    I’ll have to go with the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, if only because it’s the only thing I tried from Arby’s this year. It’s pretty good, though a bit expensive for what it is.

  47. Matt Yboy says:

    Gotta go with the classic Big Montana, or as it’s now known…. the Large Roast Beef Sandwich.

    Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

    Ooh, actually the Chicken Bacon Swiss might be my favorite.

    Wait, no, the french dip reboot is incredibly satisfying.

    Whatever, I’ll go with the apple turnover.

  48. David says:

    Screw the sandwiches, those curly fries rock. If it didn’t leave me feeling terrible afterwards, I’d happily chomp a large or two for lunch instead of anything else.

  49. Chad says:

    I always get a #11, turkey and swiss with curley fry and diet pepper. I will do so again, if I get one of these gift cards.

  50. Dante says:

    I usually just order dah double stack!

  51. Ken says:

    It’s all about the original roast beef and potato cakes.

  52. Marcus says:

    The classic Roast Beef with Horsey Sauce. Also like that they are now selling bottles of Horsey and Arby’s Sauce in stores

  53. Jonathan says:

    The chicken bacon Swiss burger is great. Comes with two of my favorite meats: chicken and bacon, and the honey mustard sauce on it adds a unique taste.

  54. matt says:

    Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich

  55. Dee says:

    The smokehouse brisket ftw but I also love their classic beef n cheddar!

  56. Fred says:

    Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich is my pick. Good stuff 🙂

  57. Diana says:

    Horsey sauce!!!

  58. Nick O says:

    2 Mighty minis for me!

  59. Daniel Szemenyei says:

    Smokehouse brisket is amazeballs. Instead of having gross ass curly fries, though…Crispy Onion Mighty Minis!

  60. Jimmy James says:

    Haven’t had the brisket yet, although if I win I’ll definitely give it a shot. But my favorite menu item is probably the standard Beef and Cheddar or the awesome Jamocha Shake.

  61. karel says:

    I like the French Dip. I love Arby’s roast beef so much, that I could eat a mountain of it, no bun necessary, just give me a fork.

  62. Jeff says:

    Easily the smokehouse brisket

  63. Clarence Griffin says:

    Its all about the beef and cheddar! And the fresh mad tea is hella good! Yes, I said “hella.” LOL don’t judge me!. 😛

  64. jenne says:

    I actually love their fish sandwich the best…it’s HUGE and delicious.

  65. Michael Horne says:

    I have and always will love the classic beef n cheddar, covered in Arby’s and Horsey Sauces! Although, their Rubens ain’t half bad either!

  66. Kayla says:

    Their beef and cheddars are a huge guilty pleasure. I hate to love them.

  67. David says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss. Or the chips… All that and a bag of chips.

  68. JR says:

    im going with ole faithful chicken cordon bleu with some jalapeno poppers. that new bronco berry sauce is odd but good. wouldnt expect to mix a sweet sauce, almost like a jelly, with the poppers but it works well

  69. MR. Gnarly says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss.King’s Hawaiian makes everything better.

  70. Jay Melo says:

    The Kings Hawaiian, Beef and Swiss and house chips! Yummy!

  71. Brent says:

    Shake and fries.

  72. Marianne says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss … oh my!

  73. Nick says:

    The cheese sauce is so bad but oh so good.

  74. David says:

    Definitely enjoyed the smokehouse brisket!

  75. Drew says:

    The brisket was BY FAR the best thing they’ve come up with in a long time

  76. jjd_87 says:

    Bacon Beef and Cheddar!!

  77. Adam Bomb says:

    I love the chicken bacon swiss sandwich. I wish my local Arby’s still had onion petals and homestyle fries.

    • Tiffany says:

      What a toughy- Arby’s has put out two of my favorite fast food sandwiches this year! It’s a close race between the King’s Hawaiian (oh, those sweet, sweet rolls! What a glorious thing to be paired with their roast beef) and the Brisket (that CHEESE). Please bring me $5 closer to the sweet heavenly perfection that is those two sandwiches.

  78. Bmtyson says:

    Jamocha shake is the best item that Arby’s has, just sayin.

  79. Richard says:

    Arby’s has the best fast food Curly french fries I can get….

  80. Renee says:

    I always say I’ll try something new, but I inevitably stick to the classic roast beef sandwich with curly fries. I do particularly like the shakes as well.

  81. Aaron says:

    King’s Hawaiian!

  82. Koni says:

    Curly fries 🙂

  83. Mike N. says:

    Smokehouse brisket narrowly edges out the King’s Hawaiian for me.

  84. Tom says:

    Can’t go wrong with a regular roast beef with BBQ and horsey sauce!

  85. Sean Gilmour says:

    King’s Hawaiian Sandwich, probably. Though I wouldn’t mind giving the brisket a shot either…

  86. mindy says:

    Original Roast Beef is still my favorite!! I’ve tried the homemade chips and they were awesome. Used to get a jr. arby’s to share with my dog. (her fav too). They closed the one near me, so now I have to travel, but it’s WORTH THE TRIP!

  87. mjb says:

    Smokehouse brisket for me

  88. Dom says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss of course.

  89. David McClure says:

    Love me some Smokehouse Brisket!

  90. Lily Sheng says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss would interest me because I love the similar one at Firehouse Subs. And I hope Arby’s still offering special flavor shakes for me to indulge in. Loved the berry one in the summer!

  91. Josh says:

    I always have to get the roast beef and curly fries. Nothing like a classic.

  92. Missy B says:

    Smokehouse Brisket!

  93. Rich says:

    Smokehouse brisket for the win!

  94. Kate W. says:

    I love Hawaiian bread. Would love to try that!

  95. Erin says:

    The House Made Chips. Mmmm…..

  96. Steve L says:

    Man, I miss that southwest thing!

    But the brisket one is pretty darn good!

  97. Brent says:

    Old school chicken bacon swiss is my jam.

  98. Colby says:

    Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon Market Fresh Sandwich! Haven’t tried the Kings Hawaiian yet

  99. Chris w says:

    Classic roast beef

  100. Sofi says:

    King’s Hawaiian roast beef and swiss with a Jamocha shake! Nomnomnom!

  101. Jenny says:

    I used to love their italian subs but they don’t have them at my location anymore.

  102. Michael says:

    Haiwaan or brisket.

  103. Jessica says:

    The Smokehouse brisket sandwich was amazing, for arby’s food.

  104. G-Man says:

    Arby’s Super. They are a “special request” menu item, I’ve been chowing down on them for over 40 years. Yummy.

  105. Ken Dreiling says:

    Simple Beef & Cheddar please.

  106. Daniel says:

    The Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich has been my favorite this year, but the beef and cheddar reigns king!

  107. Sara says:

    Favorite of this year is a toss up between the onion mighty mini’s and the smokehouse brisket. LOVED the brisket sandwich (sans mayo) but the price is obscene, so the mighty mini’s are mighty fine 🙂

  108. Livlaugheat says:

    I always get the same thing – 2 regular roast beefs (double up the meat, discard 1 set of buns) and potato cakes. I’m a classic Arbys girl all the way. Oh and everything gets slathered in a coating of Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce mixed together.

  109. Amy J says:

    My usual has always been the beef and cheddar, but I might have to try the brisket.

  110. Christopher says:

    I want a Smokehouse Brisket so bad 🙁
    Make my Christmas wish come true 😀

  111. Melissa says:

    To me, their curly fries are the best things you can get from a drive thru window!

  112. Kris K says:

    I’ve always loved the potato cakes

  113. dallas says:

    a Ruben with curly fries and plenty of horsey sauce.

  114. CB says:

    Had the “new” french dip the other day and it was better! Wish they still had the spicy minis those werre my favorite.

  115. Rebecca says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef and Swiss..savory, sweet, awesome!

  116. Melissa Strich says:

    I usually get the classic roast beef and the fries and I enjoy both. They do have the best curly fries.

  117. Charles says:

    Arby’s Ultimate Angus Philly is fantastic

  118. Zack says:

    Loved the King’s Hawaiian roast beef. Best Fast food sandwich I’ve had in a while. Sure could use a gift card to get one for lunch!

  119. Jon says:

    I always just go with the biggest beef n cheddar option they have… I know the processed cheese sauce is horrible for me, but I must have it every time I go… and lots of Arby’s sauce!

  120. Whitney says:

    The brisket…hands down.

  121. Chris says:

    Potato cakes! Look at those cakes on Arby’s 🙂

  122. Linny says:

    Ooh, the turkey bacon florentine sandwich!

  123. Chad Boudjouk says:

    Can’t go wrong with the smokehouse! Please pick me!

  124. snuff says:

    I love the brisket sandwich and hope it stays. I also hope they bring back the Italian sub which disappeared in my area a while back

  125. Johnny says:

    The King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss was a super King Kamehameha to the face. That sandwich was delicious and it changed me.

  126. Jessica says:

    I enjoy their cheese sticks, because it’s one of the only fast food places that sells them by me. I also like to nom on their hot ham and cheese.

  127. Ben says:

    Perfect Arby’s (actually anywhere) meal:
    the brisket sandwich with the chips on the side and that shake they had with the hawaiian salt in it. Arby’s scored this year with their new limited-time items.

  128. Annie says:

    Chicken cordon bleu with onions aaaand oodles of curly fries….regular fries. Condiments up the wazoo.

  129. Vanessa B says:

    I loveArbys!! I get the market fresh turkey sandwich and curly fries! Yum, yum! I hope I win!!! I really love Arby’s!

  130. Enrique L. says:

    The Turkey Bacon Florentine Sandwich was bomb.

  131. hortanz says:

    I’d love to get me some mighty mini onions and get some fries to top it off. maybe a ham and cheese value menu sandwich

  132. Mark says:

    I was a vegetarian for three years, but the smokehouse brisket sandwich looked just too good to resist!

  133. Griff says:

    I’ve always loved the Angus Three-Cheese and Bacon. Beef, bacon, cheese. I’m in. Also, Arby’s Jamocha shakes are delicious.

  134. JF says:

    I haven’t had Arby’s in ages, the last time I did, I think I got a couple of side items. The smokehouse brisket looks good (despite the mixed reviews) so would probably give that a try. Not really a fan of roast beef, but I am sure I can find a few items to get from them.

  135. thomas says:

    Brisket Sandwich.

    reason? real meat!

  136. Ryan says:

    The Super Roast Beef Sandwich. It’s not on the menu anymore, but the local Arby’s still makes it 🙂

  137. Todd says:

    right now…Kings Hawaiian roast beef!

  138. Katie M says:

    I enjoyed the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss. I love the sweetness of the Hawaiian bread paired with the saltiness of the roast beef.

  139. Natalie says:

    I love the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss

  140. Kari says:

    The regular roast beef with curly fries

  141. Stephen Z. says:

    Smokehouse brisket, but would like to try the kings Hawaiian.

  142. Jessica O. says:

    Smokehouse brisket – that sandwich was yummy!

  143. Jennifer l says:

    French dip and beef and cheddar are my favorites… Mmm. It’s been a while, Arby’s…

  144. van p says:

    Love the house made chips but they gotta be hot!

  145. Robert fontelera says:

    Love me some french dip

  146. Bobby V. Berry, Jr. says:

    I love the smokehouse brisket and the house made chips. So tasty.

  147. Mike says:

    The brisket, minis, and Kings Hawaiian we’re all enjoyable additions for me. However it was the house made chips that made the biggest impression. I devour that big of chips!

  148. Brent says:

    French Dip and curly fries is a perfect fast food meal!

  149. Kim says:

    I’m a fan of the regular roast beef but they’ve got a lot I like.

  150. Ray says:

    Arby’s Beef and Cheddar with Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce.

  151. Chris aka NamebranD says:

    Loved those house made chips. I wish they weren’t gone! I would totally keep overspending at Arbys to get that crunch back. I think I’ve been maybe once since they got rid of them.

  152. Claire says:

    I would like the king’s hawaiian

  153. James says:

    The best new thing I’ve had anywhere this year was the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket.

  154. Skye says:

    Love the chicken bacon swiss! And of course those curly fries!

  155. Chris says:

    Definitely gotta go with the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. A great take on brisket for a fast food restaurant!

  156. Chris says:

    Love the Roast Beef & Swiss on the King’s Hawaiian Roll

  157. Mark S. says:

    The classic Arby Melt with it’s creamy, bright orange crack-cheese is one of my favorites.

  158. JTF says:

    I like the smokehouse brisket

  159. Eric says:

    I’d more likely go with the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss, but the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich was surprisingly good. I am a big fan of both of those.

  160. Nikki D says:

    Beef and Cheddar will always be #1 with me!

  161. Anne Sutton says:

    For the kid at heart….curly fries! Love ’em. Recently found them in the freezer section of Wal-mart. But somehow baked in my oven is not as good as Arby’s.

  162. MP says:

    The Beef n Cheddar is still my favorite. Love that onion bun & the sweet red ranch sauce on the heel. Oh crap I forgot to try the Mighty Minis Onion sandwiches!

  163. Cherry says:

    Been craving the french dips but Arby’s is soo expensive (in Alaska and in general!)

  164. Devino says:

    I’ve always loved the Market Fresh sandwiches, calories and all.

  165. Bj says:

    Fries dipped in red ranch, yum.

  166. Dustin B says:

    The best new thing I’ve had at Arby’s this year was the Smoked Beef Brisket sandwich! And my all time favorite item there has to be the Chocolate Turnovers!! Simply THE BEST!

  167. Madeleine says:

    I love their chicken bacon & swiss sandwich and mozzarella sticks. So delicious!

  168. Thistle says:

    Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich (With extra BBQ sauce!)

  169. Ashley S says:

    My fave item is the curly fries of course!

  170. Raiders757 says:

    I didn’t try any of the special offerings. When I go to Arby’s, it’s mainly because I’m craving a Big Roast Beef or a French Dip.

  171. Beefonstick says:

    I love most all of Arby’s staple items, I go whenever I have a coupon or am terribly hungover. This year’s best LTO was the Smokehouse Brisket.

  172. SL says:

    curly fries, jamocha shakes! 🙂

  173. Kyle T. says:

    King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss, mhmm, so good

  174. ktkof08 says:

    My local Arby’s makes their chicken to order, so the Cravin’ sandwich is my go to, especially with 2 for $5 coupons. Apparently, I need to pay the $5+ and try the brisket though, given all the comments about it.

  175. BOB P. says:


  176. AnnieJW says:

    My go to for years is two French dips. I sub cheddar for Swiss (the Swiss tastes off to me) and add tomatoes and shredded lettuce. Then I squeeze on some horsey sauce when I get home. The potato cakes are my favorite; dip them in more horsey sauce and their original tangy BBQ. What a meal!

  177. Jason M says:

    I love their Beef & Cheddar, along with an order of curly fries.

  178. Mike C says:

    french dip and swiss!

  179. Robert says:

    The Mighty Minis (onion) are the best- pair that with a cup of cheddar sauce and fries… Awesome!

  180. Erik says:

    Kings Hawaiin best by far. Worst – those chips. Curly fries rule!

  181. Amy says:

    I could drink that Horsey sauce!

  182. tera says:

    large fries with a lot of Arby’s sauce and a Jamocha shake 🙂

  183. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite is the chicken bacon swiss. Yumm-o! Wish I had a chance to try those chips before they were gone 🙁

  184. Heidi says:

    I’ve always liked King’s Hawaiian bread – especially with spinach dip – but it went really well with their roast beef.

  185. Karin A says:

    I like the beef ‘n cheddar sandwich with a jamocha shake.

  186. andy w says:

    I think that kings Hawaiian roll is calling my name

  187. Alyssa says:

    I like the classics.. Beef n Cheddar and jalepeno bites!

  188. Cap'n D says:

    The mint swirl shake was great! Onion minis were kinda gross with the sauce.

  189. Helldog says:

    I’m down with the King!

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