Vanilla Soft Serve Cone for 50 cents at Burger King Until August 5th

As a summertime promo, Burger King is selling its Vanilla Soft Serve Cone for 50 cents.  Promotion ends on August 5th.  Burger King 50 cent cone

7 comments on “Vanilla Soft Serve Cone for 50 cents at Burger King Until August 5th

  1. Chris says:

    Had one this afternoon. Tastes much like McD’s or Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft serve. Can’t beat it for 50 cents!

  2. Sandy says:

    Well, if it’s anything like their coke, cherry slushies, sorry cannot remember the exact name, they will tell you “Oh sorry, that machine is down.” That happens to me all the time. McDonald’s has the same promo in the midwest, .49 soft serve ice cream cones. Poor BK, they keep coming up with new promotions but it seems like they all fail.

  3. Liv says:

    McDonald’s has this also I saw over here in fl just today. Interesting back in 04 when I was in Singapore they had 25 cent cones that was amazingly cheap!! Ah do I miss Singapore.

  4. jrdunn says:

    kills me that they can do this and the icecream shops charge $4 for a cone

    • jules says:

      BBKings isn’t real ice cream. They couldn’t say ice cream in their ads because it’s not. If it is …it’s the lowest amount of milk(if any) and lowest amount of cream. Dairy Queen is 3% milk fat. Hersheys ice cream can be bought in fat free, 3%, 10%, or 16% milk fat.

  5. Taylor says:

    Burger King seems so desperate, always having specials to drive in customers

  6. Jokacoka ham says:

    Bks soft serve machine is always “broken” since this promotion started. At several different locations in NC. LAME.

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