The Nosh Show Episode 12: What’s Your Favorite Fall Grub?

In episode 12 of The Nosh Show, we talk McDonald’s Mighty Wings, Campbell’s Soup K-Cups, seasonal treats for the fall season and a whole lot more.  I can’t seem to come up with much of anything that I really want to nosh on that only becomes available this time of year.  What seasonal grub are you most fond of when the season changes to fall?  Anything without pumpkin in it?  What’s your favorite monster cereal

Monster Cereals

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2 comments on “The Nosh Show Episode 12: What’s Your Favorite Fall Grub?

  1. Julie T says:

    I love Count Chocula but this year’s box didn’t taste quite right to me. It’s not very sweet, not very chocolatey. I don’t recall the cereal pieces being so large and damaging to the roof of my mouth. I am intrigued yet afraid to commit to a whole box of some of these other “throwback” flavors.

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